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  1. I suspect you're lying. that's really good for your first mini. ;)
  2. solid job with the fabric designs ^^
  3. I picked up some better (stronger) nippers and just took a little more time getting it together. But yeah, thanks again, everyone!
  4. where did you buy this guy? I could actually use a figure like him. lol
  5. this. I do have slotted bases. that's not the issue (fortunately) The issue is that I can't get my current (limited) cutting tools between the base-slot and the long-bar that's the basis of the spru (the one with the part number stamped in it)
  6. So, I'm expanding my horizons, and I got a sprue model. yay. Unfortunately these spanish inquisition boys have slotted bases that run flush with the sprue holder. It's a fairly hard resin, and I can't make any dents with my hobby knife. ... so ... what tool do I need in order to get these slotted bases to disconnect from the core sprue? :c Thanks in advance
  7. Found this painted picture of the Reaper model. That one looks like it's close enough to what I need. May just elevate him a little so other figures can stand behind where the tail is is all. ^^ thanks! Funny you say that! The whole point is I'm making a villain for Descent, namely that white dragon that appears on the box cover art and nowhere else in the game. lol So yeah, Valyndra's a great model, but sadly won't work for my intentions. ^^;;;
  8. something I've found to be super frustrating is that a lot of the Amazon listings state the product dimensions in terms of PACKAGE dimensions. There's a lot of instances where that differs from the actual model itself. Being said, the Nolzur one looks like it fits the bill close enough. =) thanks for the heads up. and yeah, I'll check the others as well. Overhang's fine as long as the overhang isn't ground level (i.e. I can still get minis in on the adjacent spaces).
  9. yeah, that's the other size of dragons I kept bumping into: 2x2 or 3x3. 8\ ... but none 3x2
  10. Specifically looking for a dragon that would fit on a 75x50 mm base. I specified plastic because metallic minis of that scale get pricey. :c So yeah, it's kinda hard since companies are really horrible about giving any sense of how big their minis are (I mean, an unflattering picture of the mini standing on a 25mm grid paper would genuinely help tremondously) ... and dragons tend to either be tiny or table filling. ^^;
  11. soooooo... here's the beginner-level question. I do want to use more of the cheaty-technical paints like gloss paints, irridescent, metallics, etc. buuuuuuuuut ... water doesn't behave ideally with them like other paints. (lost some detail one one model I painted) ... would paint-grade thinners like llamia medium work? or will i need other stuff for the special effects thick paints. Thanks in advance
  12. what company is this from? not seeing the SKU in reaper's store
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