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  1. Yeah, I'm a freelance character artist - so I'm used to working with "soft physics" in the line drawings. I definitely appreciate the reminder for modeling, though! (Not sure i would have remembered, given I'll be a rookie fighting against the medium here. Lol) These will be covered, partly due to me having nieces/ nephews over frequently. So that advice of not trying to do it all in one go is very applicable. :) And big thanks again!
  2. related note - is there a "best" 2part epoxy brand?
  3. That adds up. I bought a Chinese knock off a few years back when i initially started the hobby. I'll get some fresh green stuff and go from there. Thanks for the advice on how!
  4. Thanks all! - i didn't have basing materials on me at the time. I'll for sure do that. :) - can't really take credit for color scheme since that's sorta provided by FFG. Glad to hear the colors work, though!
  5. First painting in a few years. Yay. Ursula Downs from the Arkham Files games (this sculpt from one of the Mansions of Madness boxes)
  6. Apologies upfront for the topic, but I'm wondering if y'all have advice for adding a 2nd breast to the Slaanesh daemonette figures from GW. I'll pass on explaining context. Short sum, though, is i have some 17 daemonette figurines from Games Workshop Warhammer Age of Sigmar (they're the twisted single-breast claw-arm foot soldiers for the Slaanesh chaos god faction). And i would like to add a 2nd breast so they fit in with proxy models. I'm fairly new to the hobby, hence inexperienced with model conversion. So yeah, outside of sidestep solutions like "just sell the figures", do all y'all have suggestions on how to approach this? - i.e. objects that could work? - or am i stuck using 2 part poxy? (The bunch i have went hard and is near impossible to fine sculpt with) Thanks in advance
  7. I suspect you're lying. that's really good for your first mini. ;)
  8. solid job with the fabric designs ^^
  9. I picked up some better (stronger) nippers and just took a little more time getting it together. But yeah, thanks again, everyone!
  10. where did you buy this guy? I could actually use a figure like him. lol
  11. this. I do have slotted bases. that's not the issue (fortunately) The issue is that I can't get my current (limited) cutting tools between the base-slot and the long-bar that's the basis of the spru (the one with the part number stamped in it)
  12. So, I'm expanding my horizons, and I got a sprue model. yay. Unfortunately these spanish inquisition boys have slotted bases that run flush with the sprue holder. It's a fairly hard resin, and I can't make any dents with my hobby knife. ... so ... what tool do I need in order to get these slotted bases to disconnect from the core sprue? :c Thanks in advance
  13. Found this painted picture of the Reaper model. That one looks like it's close enough to what I need. May just elevate him a little so other figures can stand behind where the tail is is all. ^^ thanks! Funny you say that! The whole point is I'm making a villain for Descent, namely that white dragon that appears on the box cover art and nowhere else in the game. lol So yeah, Valyndra's a great model, but sadly won't work for my intentions. ^^;;;
  14. something I've found to be super frustrating is that a lot of the Amazon listings state the product dimensions in terms of PACKAGE dimensions. There's a lot of instances where that differs from the actual model itself. Being said, the Nolzur one looks like it fits the bill close enough. =) thanks for the heads up. and yeah, I'll check the others as well. Overhang's fine as long as the overhang isn't ground level (i.e. I can still get minis in on the adjacent spaces).
  15. yeah, that's the other size of dragons I kept bumping into: 2x2 or 3x3. 8\ ... but none 3x2
  16. Specifically looking for a dragon that would fit on a 75x50 mm base. I specified plastic because metallic minis of that scale get pricey. :c So yeah, it's kinda hard since companies are really horrible about giving any sense of how big their minis are (I mean, an unflattering picture of the mini standing on a 25mm grid paper would genuinely help tremondously) ... and dragons tend to either be tiny or table filling. ^^;
  17. soooooo... here's the beginner-level question. I do want to use more of the cheaty-technical paints like gloss paints, irridescent, metallics, etc. buuuuuuuuut ... water doesn't behave ideally with them like other paints. (lost some detail one one model I painted) ... would paint-grade thinners like llamia medium work? or will i need other stuff for the special effects thick paints. Thanks in advance
  18. what company is this from? not seeing the SKU in reaper's store
  19. general quick question my brother's getting into the hobby (painting things down separately at his house), he's doing pretty good over all, but he's running into an issue with Nuln Oil. Basically, any time he uses it, there's a bit of a shine that results from it. For metallic/armored figures (like an imperial probe droid or storm troopers), this is fine. But for other organic figures (like a wookie) it's basically resulting in them looking like they're in the middle of a rain storm. So, I'm not there painting with him - I don't know if this is user error - but I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions ... A) is there a technique that would cause more "oil" shine from Nuln Oil, or less of it? (i.e. how do you get a more matte finish without having to rely on heavy matte spray-on-varnish) B) is there an alternative black shade to Nuln Oil that doesn't leave as shiny of a texture? Thanks in advance!
  20. What size base did you use for this? That looks like a 75x50 mm, but I can't really tell ^^;
  21. hmmmm... she didn't seem to mind the spiders that I painted previously from my descent collection as much. (those I actually painted ghost-white/gray and she could stand them rather than looking away). So maybe if I painted some spiders up non-spider-like she'd be able to handle it better.
  22. So this is a narrow-focus type of question ... Is there a fantasy miniatures game that DOESN'T have spiders in it? A player in the house is open to the idea of minis board games ... but is also an arachnophobe. So ... that eliminates some games like Mice and Mystics (where spiders are common threats). If anyone has other ideas to try out, would be appreciated. Thanks!
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