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  1. general quick question my brother's getting into the hobby (painting things down separately at his house), he's doing pretty good over all, but he's running into an issue with Nuln Oil. Basically, any time he uses it, there's a bit of a shine that results from it. For metallic/armored figures (like an imperial probe droid or storm troopers), this is fine. But for other organic figures (like a wookie) it's basically resulting in them looking like they're in the middle of a rain storm. So, I'm not there painting with him - I don't know if this is user error - but I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions ... A) is there a technique that would cause more "oil" shine from Nuln Oil, or less of it? (i.e. how do you get a more matte finish without having to rely on heavy matte spray-on-varnish) B) is there an alternative black shade to Nuln Oil that doesn't leave as shiny of a texture? Thanks in advance!
  2. What size base did you use for this? That looks like a 75x50 mm, but I can't really tell ^^;
  3. hmmmm... she didn't seem to mind the spiders that I painted previously from my descent collection as much. (those I actually painted ghost-white/gray and she could stand them rather than looking away). So maybe if I painted some spiders up non-spider-like she'd be able to handle it better.
  4. So this is a narrow-focus type of question ... Is there a fantasy miniatures game that DOESN'T have spiders in it? A player in the house is open to the idea of minis board games ... but is also an arachnophobe. So ... that eliminates some games like Mice and Mystics (where spiders are common threats). If anyone has other ideas to try out, would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. shake's pretty bad. I have to zone out with noise-cancel headphones and rest my holding hand on the table to control the tremor down to where I can paint. (won't win any competitions, but I do a passable job for tabletop standard). the deal with airbrushing is really both the cost vs potential benefits ... - the core reason I see everyone loving airbrushes is faster/smoother coverage while doing regular paints and blending - with my tremor how it is, I wouldn't be able to airbrush an even blend while working with the actual base paints. - ... so that kinda leaves the only advantageous use for airbrushes being speed during priming, which isn't that significant in comparison to rattle-cans (I use army painter mostly, happy with those) - and there's the cost associated with it for me, it really is just an edgecase where airbrushing isn't that valid for me. ^^;
  6. the kicker is that some of these are from the Runewars Miniatures game = so it's the issue of getting the primer on some of the overlapping parts. So a piece that just has a head and a cape isn't exactly easy to poster tack for the rattlecan usage. Hence - brush-on primers. Thanks for pointing me in the direction! :D
  7. Upfront - I don't have an airbrush. hand tremors would prohibit any form of even coverage using one of those. Just bear that in mind regarding replies ... I normally do priming with a rattlecan (black, gray, or white). I got a couple of super light weight minis in the queue, though, and I feel the rattlecan might not work for the scenario. Does anyone have suggestions on which paint-on primers to go with? (I don't have a singular main army to paint, so it'd have to be black/gray/white for flexibility) THANKS!
  8. turned out sweet, what are these boys from?
  9. So I picked up the board game Horrified, and I really enjoy it. In short = it's a licensed Universal Monsters co-op game, where you tackle a small handful of the various villains. Mechanics are decent, the thematic care make it really fun. Anyhoo... the game comes with 25mm minis for the main villains, plus little standees for everyone else. These standees include both archetypal hero characters (the professor, the female explorer) or named side-characters from the classic Universal films (Renfield, Fritz, Lucy, etc). Naturally, I feel the urge to buy figures to replace all the standees. Most of the figures will be easy to find surrogates for, as they're either based on archetypes or are the foundation of archetypes. There are 2, however, that I know I'll have issues with... - The player character known as "The Mayor" is a graceful old woman in a wheelchair. I know off the bat that will be hard to find. - Wilbur and Chick (Abbot and Costello's character from Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein) are a single standee as civilians. That's 2 oddly recognizable delivery men on the same stand. lol So yeah, if you have any suggestions on what I could use for these characters - it would be greatly appreciated. =) thanks
  10. I'm in the opinion that slightly exaggerated shades/highlights are great for miniatures (it helps the visibility/legibility factor from across the table). So ... yeah, I think this one's good. ^^
  11. very creative! the mightiest of warriors
  12. imo - unless you're doing super historically accurate ... qualms of figure proportions feel out-of-place/hollow when you're excusing lighthearted swashbuckling murder hobos. But, that's just me. But yeah, young kids (neices, nephews, alongside my siblings/families) are over at my place during family events ... that's why I have to be a bit more judicious about sfw levels. Monster butts are usually ok, but beyond that caution's usually needed. Again - thanks for the input! Clarification's appreciated.
  13. smart use of the trees against the pose!
  14. great color scheme on these. vaguely - reminds me of those horrible creatures in the old game Out of This World (or whatever other titles it had in regions). definite menace ^^
  15. I figured that was the case given the level of detail on the male statue, but doesn't hurt to verify. Thanks for taking the time to answer the question!
  16. guessing you mean nipples? If that's the case, then yeah. the figures are clearly nude, but the level of detail on the female is harder to tell from preview images. Some statue minis will gloss over the inclusion of a nipple, others don't. - hence the question
  17. I missed out on the KS (kinda new to reaper scene). I'm wondering (for when these hit reprints) - is this detailed nudity on the statue? The male statue is detailed, but I can't tell from the photos online if the women are as well. 8\ (asking since I need to keep minis in my house sfw)
  18. yeah, it's always surprising how much an slight color hue to black adds character.
  19. A) amazing work! the textures you put on all the different materials really paid off B) how big is this boy? Would he fit on a 50x75mm base?
  20. sorry to necro this thread - but I'm curious how big these minis are (been trying to find a for-scale picture). It looks like you put them on calvary bases? (25x50mm) or are those 50mm squares?
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