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  1. ewalt895

    Ari Birdman from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Fixed it, hopefully at least
  2. Got this mini to be my Kenku druid in an upcoming d&d campaign, really happy with the results even though it took me about 4 tries due to the humidity outside causing my sealant to melt/strip the paint.
  3. ewalt895

    Graveyard Golem - first attempt at weathering

    Updated it with a few drybrush layers and a dark wash on the grave markers
  4. ewalt895

    Graveyard Golem - first attempt at weathering

    Aww you're too kind. I applied a brown wash to the angel shield and all of the other grave markers, made it look dirty which is what I was going for in the first place. I can't take all of the credit though, my partner is an artist and taught me a bunch of tricks.
  5. Tried my hand at weathering today, needed more color so I decided screw it and dived in. Intended to make it look like grime collecting on the gravestones. Comments and criticism is welcome since this was my first attempt.
  6. ewalt895

    Bones 4 Armored Goblin Boss

    Great blending on the armor
  7. ewalt895

    Who doesn't love the Owlbear? 44001

    Looks awesome, I've got mine sitting at my desk at work. I prefer your color scheme over the purple I did for mine, looks like a real owl if that makes sense.
  8. Took my own spin on this model. I saw him more as an elder forest god. I decided to take it in a very depressing direction by making him suffer from an invasive plant species, gradually slowing him down until he is nothing but a sentient immobile tree. Added the base to exaggerate the size. I'm going to throw in a detail shot of the base, because why not
  9. ewalt895

    Father Dagon

    I got Dagon as a gift after finishing Cthulhu. Was really excited since I love Lovecraftian monsters. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  10. ewalt895

    Shipwreck Revenant

    Oh! Thank you for the tip.
  11. ewalt895

    Cthulhu emerging from the ocean

    Sorry to post a second topic on the same day, but I'm just so proud of how this one I painted last week came out. I added the waterfalls to give the illusion of him emerging from water. CC is always welcome as usual.
  12. ewalt895

    Shipwreck Revenant

    Thank you! This hobby has helped me with my mood so much. Plus monsters are just too cool lol.
  13. ewalt895

    Shipwreck Revenant

    Just finished my favorite mini in the month and a half I've been painting. Any comments and/or criticism is welcome.