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  1. Some of the other newer ones have dimensions too. I like how they now sometimes also have a picture of the miniature in the blister pack. Sometimes seeing it in the package really helps visualize the size.
  2. I like Reaper a lot, but I like metal miniatures. The new stuff Reaper has been putting out this year has been plastic, and I don't go out for plastic. They "released" some new Dark Heaven Legends earlier this year, but most, if not all, of those were just the existing products that had been in the metal Dungeon Dwellers line before they changed it to an all-plastic line. I don't have the old metal Dungeon Dwellers yet, so they're still on my shopping list, but they're not really new, just rebranded/re-SKUed as Dark Heaven Legends now. My wishlist for existing metal Reaper minis is multiple hundreds of dollars long, and I'm whittling it down here and there. I haven't been shopping much directly on the Reaper site this year because, as the manufacturer, Reaper has to charge their own MSRP for their products or they're undercutting their own resellers, and the Reaper shop freebies this year have been Bones USA plastic minis. I'd rather get a discount on purchased metal products from a reseller than get plastic freebies so I'm mostly buying from a Reaper reseller that has a good discount on MSRP. I'm hoping Reaper still do some metal seasonal miniatures though, as I've got a few of those now. If they had some metal limited releases, I'd be looking to order direct again, at least for those purchases. (Nothing like a limited release to get me to actually buy something instead of just wishlisting it.) The bulk of my miniatures are Reaper Miniatures, followed by Dark Sword Miniatures, older metal Bombshell Miniatures, and some Otherworld Miniatures. I'm really into MSP/MSP-Bones paints. Planning to order a Reaper paint set this week when my money clears. Sorry to sound like I'm complaining. I am, but only because I love Reaper stuff and their product offerings and my product desires are moving further apart. I'm still hoping they put out some more metal miniatures in the future. I've posted a few suggestions on the metal miniatures suggestions thread on the forum.
  3. Reaper announced earlier this year that there were plans to combine the MSP and MSP-Bones paints into a single paint line called Core Colors, with colors still using their existing product IDs/SKUs. I haven't heard more about that since it was announced though. If they're combined into one range, it might make it a little less obvious which ones were traditionally MSP versus MSP-Bones, but I guess you can still tell by the SKUs. (That's probably why they're being combined into one line, because people were passing up one product line in preference for the other.) On the website presently, MSP paints are listed as Core Colors, but the video indicates Core Colors will include MSP and MSP-Bones. (That may have changed since the video was posted though.) The combination of the product lines is mentioned in the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8sz7OGZSQk Another problem with trying to get ALL the paints in the product lines is that there are limited edition/special occasion paints. Like the holiday colors and ReaperCon colors. Some colors are only released in a specific FastPalette set now too, I think. For example, the six paints in the 9908 Cybergangs FastPalette set and the six paints in 9911 Darkreach Colors FastPalette set. Also, the six paints in the 9912 Gloom and Grave Colors FastPalette set. (That set is still listed as in-stock as I post this). From what I can tell, any paints with SKU in the 29000 series only appear in the new FastPalette sets. It looks like they're being added to the website list of MSP Core Colors paints but all the 29000 paints are listed individually as out of stock. Of course that could change later--maybe they just haven't done any batches yet outside of the ones that went into the FastPalette sets but there are still plans to do so (since they are listed individually). I've got the 09970 Starter Set (which has a mix of MSP and MSP-Bones in it) and the 09973 MSP Holiday Colors set (which includes one Bones paint). I'm planning to order the 09967 Pathfinder Colors of Golarion #1 set this week as I want to get both the Pathfinder sets.
  4. Just noticed there are six new Dungeon Dwellers plastic miniatures at the top of the list of metal miniatures again. I wasn't sure exactly where to report it so just posting here again.
  5. Oh, OK. Is there a blog or something somewhere where this stuff is posted? I kind of feel like I'm out of a loop somewhere.
  6. I know they're being sold in a set and in triads, but are the holiday-exclusive colors going to be available individually? I ask because I have three bottles of coal black already but only one bottle of sparkling snow, so I'd rather not buy more coal black at this point if they'll be sold individually. I've realized I really really like sparkling snow.
  7. So no case because no foam? Is that a temporary thing or is it just planned that the product will be without a case?
  8. Does Core Colors 2021 Holiday Paint Set (09969) include a case? I know many of the sets do include cases, but the description doesn't say there's a case. I know it costs more than the old Christmas paint set, which did include a case, but that doesn't mean it does, since it also has two more colors than the old set. So, yeah, does it come with a case? (I mean it's entirely possible that removal of the case to reduce costs is part of the reason there's a new set.)
  9. I have a couple earlier suggestions in this thread, but I'd like to add... Gisele the Sorceress, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. She's in the Bones USA plastic line (30036). I'd love to see a metal version of her in Dark Heaven Legends.
  10. Huh. It's not listed on the New Releases page anymore, nor am I finding a listing for 09910 or when I search for it by name. I guess it wasn't supposed to be posted yet. Oh well, I guess I'll look forward to finding out what colors are included when it is released.
  11. The product listing for Reaper Fast Palette: Fantasy Flesh - Dark Skin (Dark Skintones) sku 09910 indicates it is out of stock. I'm guessing it's a repackage of a pair of existing triads, but I don't know that. Its product listing page doesn't list what paints are included in the set. I'd guess it includes the Dark Skin Tones triad (09714), but if that much is right, that's only half the set, so what's the other half?
  12. Update: I bent my Bat Demon's legs so he stands straighter. They crackled twice while I was bending them, and it was very concerning. I did not want to risk a third crackling as his ankles look pretty thin and I've had metal minis break at the ankle before. But he's straight enough now that I don't plan to base him at an angle to off-set.
  13. I wasn't suggesting that my Reaper miniatures have lead in them. I know they're lead-free. I was actually saying I wasn't sure if it was "lead-free pewter" because I don't know what exact metal composition qualifies as "lead-free pewter." I know Reaper miniatures are a lead-free white metal alloy, but their product listings do not specify the alloy. I was just being pedantic about the distinction of "lead-free pewter." I do sometimes buy Reaper miniatures through retailers, as I did in this case, but they're not P-65. 🙂 Anyway, I bent the axe into proper shape relatively easily while I washed the miniature under hot water as part of the general miniature pre-prime cleaning, so I was like, "Well, I didn't need to ask on the forum after all." But then I tried to bend the legs of Bat Demon (#03747) so he wasn't leaning back so much, and I heard that crackling noise so I stopped. If the crackling noise is normal, as @haldir said, I'll try again. My Bat Demon leans back so much on his built-in base that he looks like he's surfing. I'm planning on putting him on a round base anyway though, so if I get worried about breaking his legs while bending them, I'll just angle the base when I mount it so he's standing up-right instead. I'll try bending Bat Demon again before I chicken-out though.
  14. I just got Frulla Krung (02622) and her axe is bent. (I've seen her for sale in a shop years ago with the same condition so kind of expected it.) She's Reaper's white metal (which I know is mostly tin but I'm not sure if it's technically "lead-free pewter" or not), so is there any advice out there on how to bend this tin alloy back into shape while reducing the stress on the metal? Like boiling it or rubbing it or using a hair dryer, or anything like that? I want to reduce the chance of breaking as much as possible when I straighten it out. I've bent a few pieces back into shape in the past with general applied force, but I'm always worried about breaking. I wasn't quite sure where to put this question. It seemed general enough though, and seems like it would be a frequent question, but I didn't find a topic about it.
  15. I know Reaper already makes a "gug, eldritch horror" in the Chronoscope line (and it's duplicated in the bones line), but I'd like to request a Pathfinder-style gug in the Pathfinder Miniatures metal line based on the Pathfinder artwork for the gug. I can't look at the current Reaper gug without thinking it looks... well... a little vulgar.
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