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  1. Just got this guy as my freebie. Not sure what I'm going to do with him yet. I found your picture while doing a Google Image search to see a size comparison after I placed my order. I might end-up using him as a bogeyman that keeps coming back from the dead and hounds the party. Really depends on whether I decide to treat him as a Medium or Large creature when I compare him to some of my others, as that particular reoccurring villain is Medium. I particularly like the red eyes on him in your pictures.
  2. Oh, man, finally got my money in the bank today and came here to order, only to find Krampus (2019) was no longer in my cart. I emailed customer support, but I see the promotion has ended. I guess I'm not placing my first order with reapermini.com just yet. I turned to other avenues since this one was exhausted. (I am aware that mentioning where is not allowed, so my lips are sealed.) Anyway, there's still a lot of stuff I want at reapermini.com, but it's not so strictly time-limited, so it will have to wait. But anyway, thanks again for your help with the size de
  3. All of this is good information. Thanks again, guys. Haldir, that is, of course, exactly what I needed. And yeah, Pathfinder uses the same sizes as D&D, but I don't know if there are Krampus stats in D&D (I assume they're in there somewhere) so don't know if his size category is Large in both systems. In D&D and Pathfinder, 2-inch cubes are Large, with 1-inch cubes being Medium (human-sized). I asked eye-height because it's my understanding that miniatures are measured to the eyes rather than the extremes since things like horns or big weapons or raised arms will c
  4. As subject says. How big is Krampus (2019) (sku 01646)? The Chronoscope Krampus (sku 50207) looked standard ~25mm humanoid scale to me, but this new 2019 one looks "bigger" to me, perhaps based on the $16 price tag, and I'm hoping it is actually bigger and not just my wishful thinking. (I play Pathfinder, which lists him as a Large creature so I'm hoping Reaper has him in a ballpark that suits that size.) I don't see any way to tell in the current preview picture. Can anyone give me an eye-height on the new Krampus? Apologies if this is in the wron
  5. -Redcap (short and spindly long-bearded man with metal-shod boots and regular-sized scythe, wearing Santa-style cap) -Bogeyman (Pathfinder-style preferred, meaning human-sized, unarmed but with claws, a large mouth full of sharp teeth, and possibly with subtle demonic spade tail. Dressed like a chimney sweep is a plus. Could even do it in the Pathfinder Miniatures line based on official Pathfinder art.) -ratfolk adventurers (small-sized rat humanoids) -More adventurers dual-wielding kukris, especially female humans with light armor or no armor -A vaguely xenomorph-like 2
  6. I've been looking for an unarmed slasher-type figure, like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, but unarmed (to represent a specific NPC in my campaign). Unarmed with prison jumpsuits would work for that too if painted differently (as jumpsuits but not prison jumpsuits) and the figure was a bruiser type.
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