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  1. Does Core Colors 2021 Holiday Paint Set (09969) include a case? 


    I know many of the sets do include cases, but the description doesn't say there's a case. 
    I know it costs more than the old Christmas paint set, which did include a case, but that doesn't mean it does, since it also has two more colors than the old set. 
    So, yeah, does it come with a case? 

    (I mean it's entirely possible that removal of the case to reduce costs is part of the reason there's a new set.) 

  2. The product listing for Reaper Fast Palette: Fantasy Flesh - Dark Skin (Dark Skintones) sku 09910 indicates it is out of stock. 

    I'm guessing it's a repackage of a pair of existing triads, but I don't know that.  Its product listing page doesn't list what paints are included in the set. 

    I'd guess it includes the Dark Skin Tones triad (09714), but if that much is right, that's only half the set, so what's the other half?  

  3. Update: I bent my Bat Demon's legs so he stands straighter.  They crackled twice while I was bending them, and it was very concerning.  I did not want to risk a third crackling as his ankles look pretty thin and I've had metal minis break at the ankle before.  But he's straight enough now that I don't plan to base him at an angle to off-set. 

  4. 31 minutes ago, ManvsMini said:

    All of the pewter Reaper uses now is lead-free, so no worries there (unless you find an older model from the P-65 line, but you'd only get that from a outside seller).


    Heating up the metal isn't going to help you reposition it, unlike with the Bones plastic. The temperature you'd need to heat it up to is too high (much higher than boiling water) and because a miniature is so small, using any type of heat (which I'd never recommend) is going to disperse the heat across the entire mini instead of just the part you want to bend. So, that option isn't going to work, and if you did get it to a temperature that would work, you might burn yourself badly.


    I'm not sure how the axe is bent for you, but for this model I would attempt this; get something like a popsicle stick and hold it at the position you want to bend the axe back to; this way, when you press on it, you have something to stop the axe from over-bending once you get it where you want it. From here, you can either slowly start gently pressing the axe at the area where it is least bent, and progressively press higher and higher up the warp until you get it into position. Or, you can gently press from the area of where it's most warped and slowly move it back until it hits your popsicle stick/position stopper. The second option, from my experience, is likely to help you pick up an additional warp in another direction, but sometimes it works out ok.


    Just remember to go slow, and take your time. You push too hard or go too quickly, especially where it may be thin, and you'll likely snap it off. And you can always use another popsicle stick or something else to push with, you don't have to use your finger.


    That's how I'd do it. Hope it helps.



    I wasn't suggesting that my Reaper miniatures have lead in them.  I know they're lead-free.  I was actually saying I wasn't sure if it was "lead-free pewter" because I don't know what exact metal composition qualifies as "lead-free pewter."  I know Reaper miniatures are a lead-free white metal alloy, but their product listings do not specify the alloy.  I was just being pedantic about the distinction of "lead-free pewter."  I do sometimes buy Reaper miniatures through retailers, as I did in this case, but they're not P-65.  🙂

    Anyway, I bent the axe into proper shape relatively easily while I washed the miniature under hot water as part of the general miniature pre-prime cleaning, so I was like, "Well, I didn't need to ask on the forum after all." 

    But then I tried to bend the legs of Bat Demon (#03747) so he wasn't leaning back so much, and I heard that crackling noise so I stopped.  If the crackling noise is normal, as @haldir said, I'll try again.  My Bat Demon leans back so much on his built-in base that he looks like he's surfing.  I'm planning on putting him on a round base anyway though, so if I get worried about breaking his legs while bending them, I'll just angle the base when I mount it so he's standing up-right instead.  I'll try bending Bat Demon again before I chicken-out though. 

  5. I just got Frulla Krung (02622) and her axe is bent.  (I've seen her for sale in a shop years ago with the same condition so kind of expected it.) 

    She's Reaper's white metal (which I know is mostly tin but I'm not sure if it's technically "lead-free pewter" or not), so is there any advice out there on how to bend this tin alloy back into shape while reducing the stress on the metal?  Like boiling it or rubbing it or using a hair dryer, or anything like that?  I want to reduce the chance of breaking as much as possible when I straighten it out.  I've bent a few pieces back into shape in the past with general applied force, but I'm always worried about breaking. 


    I wasn't quite sure where to put this question.  It seemed general enough though, and seems like it would be a frequent question, but I didn't find a topic about it. 

  6. I know Reaper already makes a "gug, eldritch horror" in the Chronoscope line (and it's duplicated in the bones line), but I'd like to request a Pathfinder-style gug in the Pathfinder Miniatures metal line based on the Pathfinder artwork for the gug. 

    I can't look at the current Reaper gug without thinking it looks... well...  a little vulgar. 

  7. So does that mean some of the sets had all white caps and some of them had a bigger mix of white/black caps, or would all of a color, such as frosty blue 09692...


    I just noticed the label on the frosty blue included in the set says it's a Bones paint.  It's the only one in the set labeled as a Bones paint.  Its number does follow the numbering sequence of all the other paints in the set though, which is weird as none of them are labeled as Bones paints.  

    OK, well apparently the one with the black cap is labeled as a Bones paint.  So that answers that.  

    Kind of weird that one of the paints in the set is a Bones paint, but it is labeled as such.  

  8. I have three bottles of Reaper paints with black caps, all the others have white caps.


    The first ones with black caps were a free sample (spruce green 29846 from the discontinued MSP-HD line) and a Pathfinder-branded adamantine 89556 metallic.

    So I thought "OK, the black caps are on the other product lines, not the main MSP line"  That made sense enough to me, and I don't have any other sample paints or Pathfinder-branded paints to contradict that theory. 


    But then I got the holiday paint set (09973) and of the ten colors in the set, one of them has a black cap.  It's Frosty Blue 09692.  It's a Master Series Paint that is like all the other paints in the set as far as I can tell, so why does it have a black cap while all the others in the set, and all my other MSP-branded paints have white caps? 


    Sorry if this has been asked before.  I tried searching "black caps" on the forum but just saw a bunch of results about black paints.  (Maybe I didn't look deep enough.)

  9. In the case of the plastic miniatures that are showing up when I searched for the metal as the material in the Figure Finder, the plastic figures literally have "metal" as one of their tags. 
    The Bones miniature Sansavar Chung, Viceroy (#30015) is not only tagged metal, but he's also tagged 54mm.  At $3.99 I doubt he's 54mm. 
    It's like someone got a bit overzealous with the tagging. 

    Using the Figure Finder to search "Metal" this week, I see all the same plastic figures are still showing up, but it appears three new metal catfolk miniatures have been added, so that's a nice bit of variety.  (No money budgeted for minis this month, but it doesn't matter since they're all listed as out-of-stock anyway.)

    Also, the new metal catfolk miniatures all have little tables indicating their sizes in three dimensions, but according to the tables they're all over 65mm tall, which doesn't track with their $8 prices.  So something is very off...?  Somebody bothered to put dimensions but none of those could be right...

    But, yeah, if there's a Kickstarter happening, and an upcoming Con, I can see how it might take awhile for corrections. 

  10. I'm not sure if Reaper has made any new metal miniatures this year.  Looking at the new product list, it looks like all Bones USA stuff now.  Is Reaper making any metal minis this year?


    When I select to browse metal miniatures or select metal material in the Figure Finder, with newest first selected, the top two rows are populated with Bones miniatures and a Reaper Virtual Expo mixing palette.  All of these miniatures are tagged 'metal' but noted as Bones miniatures. 

  11. Just got this guy as my freebie.  Not sure what I'm going to do with him yet.  I found your picture while doing a Google Image search to see a size comparison after I placed my order. 
    I might end-up using him as a bogeyman that keeps coming back from the dead and hounds the party.  Really depends on whether I decide to treat him as a Medium or Large creature when I compare him to some of my others, as that particular reoccurring villain is Medium. 


    I particularly like the red eyes on him in your pictures. 

  12. Oh, man, finally got my money in the bank today and came here to order, only to find Krampus (2019) was no longer in my cart.  I emailed customer support, but I see the promotion has ended.  

    I guess I'm not placing my first order with reapermini.com just yet.  I turned to other avenues since this one was exhausted.  (I am aware that mentioning where is not allowed, so my lips are sealed.) 


    Anyway, there's still a lot of stuff I want at reapermini.com, but it's not so strictly time-limited, so it will have to wait.  

    But anyway, thanks again for your help with the size details.  I just wanted to give a quick update on the saga of this purchase.   

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  13. All of this is good information.  Thanks again, guys.  Haldir, that is, of course, exactly what I needed. 


    And yeah, Pathfinder uses the same sizes as D&D, but I don't know if there are Krampus stats in D&D (I assume they're in there somewhere) so don't know if his size category is Large in both systems.  In D&D and Pathfinder, 2-inch cubes are Large, with 1-inch cubes being Medium (human-sized).  I asked eye-height because it's my understanding that miniatures are measured to the eyes rather than the extremes since things like horns or big weapons or raised arms will cause variance.  


    I am hoping to order Krampus some time next week (once I deposit some money in the bank).  I did just see on the reapermini.com front-page that the holiday miniatures are only available until 31 December, but he's still for sale presently so I'll see what's available when it comes time to order.  


    He's the right size and I already have one of the older Santa miniatures painted so looking forward to having the duo together too. 

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  14. As subject says.  How big is Krampus (2019) (sku 01646)? 


    The Chronoscope Krampus (sku 50207) looked standard ~25mm humanoid scale to me, but this new 2019 one looks "bigger" to me, perhaps based on the $16 price tag, and I'm hoping it is actually bigger and not just my wishful thinking.  (I play Pathfinder, which lists him as a Large creature so I'm hoping Reaper has him in a ballpark that suits that size.)

    I don't see any way to tell in the current preview picture. 


    Can anyone give me an eye-height on the new Krampus? 


    Apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum, I was having trouble figuring out which product line this Krampus was in.  (I'm assuming Dark Heaven Legends due to the built-in base.)

  15. -Redcap (short and spindly long-bearded man with metal-shod boots and regular-sized scythe, wearing Santa-style cap)

    -Bogeyman (Pathfinder-style preferred, meaning human-sized, unarmed but with claws, a large mouth full of sharp teeth, and possibly with subtle demonic spade tail.  Dressed like a chimney sweep is a plus.  Could even do it in the Pathfinder Miniatures line based on official Pathfinder art.)

    -ratfolk adventurers (small-sized rat humanoids) 

    -More adventurers dual-wielding kukris, especially female humans with light armor or no armor

    -A vaguely xenomorph-like 28mm miniature (but not similar enough to cause legal trouble, hopefully)


    Anyway, that's my wishlist. 


    I wanted Krampus too, but I see it's available now. :-)

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  16. On 7/11/2019 at 9:15 AM, Dr. Propaganda said:

    Prisoners.  People in handcuffs.  Guys, and for that matter gals, in prison jumpsuits.  Myriad of uses in dozens of campaigns.  Throw in a prison guard, with a shotgun and a key chain.  Rioting prisoners would also be a great way to expand the line (shiv, molotov, shotgun).

    I've been looking for an unarmed slasher-type figure, like Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, but unarmed (to represent a specific NPC in my campaign).  Unarmed with prison jumpsuits would work for that too if painted differently (as jumpsuits but not prison jumpsuits) and the figure was a bruiser type.   

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