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  1. Another couple of kickstarters have fulfilled: The Cyanide & Happiness adventure game, and the Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1 have both been delivered! 😄 Also putting skipped KS in its own list. Fulfilled projects Backed projects Backed for no reward / skipped
  2. These are pretty cool! I don't have a 3D printer, but sent it to a friend of mine, whom backed it. Some of the poses look a bit stiff though, would love to see that changed. 🙂
  3. These are now available for purchase from their online store. I made a video review of the tiles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5LmnoW6Wls
  4. Nice! Yeah, haven't counted those myself, but someone said it was 20 cannons. 🙂
  5. I just calculated that I've paid just below $2 per mini on average. $2 pirate ships. 😂
  6. Just an interesting side note: Between FS1 and FS2/Lasting Tales, we've filled out 87 sex/race/class PC combos from the 5e PHB. There should be 89 to go, meaning we've gotten half of all possible PHB combos. This also means that two more KS would be able to fill out the remaining combos! Of course, one can get PC miniature options anywhere. But I think there's a certain value in one company being able to provide for every option at a good price. 😄 Here's the list of the remaining combos: And then in the future, perhaps Blacklist could offer smaller package
  7. So we reached the final stretch goal(Cthulhu) today, with $1 million! Fantasy Series 2 final tally 28 five-packs of Small/Medium miniatures (140 miniatures combined, 1 translucent plastic) 62 single Small/Medium miniatures 11 Large miniatures (1 translucent plastic) 5 Huge miniatures 218 miniatures. 106 different sculpts. (Including 2 translucent plastic sculpts.)
  8. Just went through and counted, and I'm getting 785 minis from this KS. And that's counting each ship(both normal and GITD) as a single mini. (Would've counted the cannons separately, but I've no idea how many cannons we ended up getting for these.) Looks like I'll be painting a lot this year!
  9. Does anyone have an Google Docs sheet or something of how many miniatures comes with each set/option/powerup/etc.?
  10. Alright, we've just unlocked a cool necromancer, and the next is 5 Death Knights. Fantasy Series 2 current tally 26 five-packs of Small/Medium miniatures (130 miniatures combined, 1 translucent plastic) 59 single Small/Medium miniatures 10 Large miniatures 4 Huge miniatures 203 miniatures. 99 different sculpts. (Including 1 translucent plastic sculpt.) So while this set costs $10 more than the first set, it's currently at two more miniatures than where that set reached its limit(201 miniatures). The str
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