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  1. New update today! List of materials used in each set: Core Set - Bones Black The Green Griffin - Bones Black Shadows of Sullenhall - Bones Black (Forlorn Crypt will be ABS) Briarwood Vale - Bones Black (Shimmerscale Bones Classic) Denizens of the Dungeon - Bones Black Lost Tombs of Hakir - Bones Black (terrain in ABS and/or Bones Classic) Blackmane Gnolls - Bones USA Injection Men At Arms - Bones Black Officially Licensed Pathfinder Chibi Heroes - Bones Black Orcs of the Ragged Wound - Bones USA RMPrint Officially Licensed Pathfinder Chibi Goblins - Bones Black Chaarondar the Cruel - Bones Classic Legendary Tales: Talons of Winterfall - Bones Black Hellborn Heroes - Bones USA Injection Bloodclub Bugbears - Bones USA RMPrint 30th Anniversary Dragon - Bones Classic Blacktallow Lighthouse - Bones Black/Bones Classic Legendary Tales: The Egg of the Phoenix - Bones Black Waspnettle Lizardmen - Bones USA RMPrint Storm Giant Queen - Bones Black Legendary Tales: The Goblins of Rotstump Bog - Bones USA Injection/RMPrint Guard Tower Conversion Kit - Bones Black/Bones Classic Archons of Justice - Bones Black Brinewind Pirates #2 - Bones Black The Apprentice - Bones Black/Bones Classic Horror of the Slaughterwaller - Bones USA Injection/RMPrint Pathfinder Chibi Red Dragon - Bones Black Encounter: Lost Temple of the Deep Ones - Bones Black Dead Men Tell No Tales - Bones Black Extra Ants! - Bones Black Extra Town Guard - Bones Black Extra Wolf Pack - Bones Black Extra Honeythorn Lancers - Bones Black Extra Mudmen - Bones Black Extra Fire Newts - Bones Black Extra Stirge Swarm - Bones USA Injection (They note that these might change, but that's what is set at the moment!) The gods in Lost Tombs of Hakir will come with separate, plinth like bases. Blacktallow Lighthouse has increased slightly in size to work with most of their miniatures.
  2. Production is starting, and the project is on schedule! :D Today's update included some fun pics from the factory:
  3. Most likely they've not started casting the actual minis, but started making the molds. That's probably the part that takes the longest time. Casting the minis is relatively quick, taking only a handful of seconds per mold. (And with each mold usually having multiple copies of a mini, if the minis are smaller, while the largest minis could need more than one mold alone.) Of course, on the scale of Reaper Bones orders, it's going to be a lot of minis per backer, and there are probably way over 10k backers if you include late pledges. Even with probably several thousand minis produced per day at the factory once they start, it'll still be millions of miniatures being produced in total, so it's still gonna take some time. Some minis will be produced at Reaper HQ though. The minis that will be high quality 3D prints or SiOCast("Bones USA") will be made there, though the majority will probably be Bones Classic and Bones Black minis produced by the factory in China. But I would not be surprised if they had already started casting the Bones USA minis and printing the 3D printed minis.
  4. The pledge manager is live, which means you should also be able to late pledge if you want in on this. I've not yet decided if I will get anything at all from this, but there are two addons I do consider: 1. Extra Heroes: There are some interesting hero minis in this set, particularly the rogue, archer, cleric, and monk. The rest are also quite nice. 2. Extra Undead Pack: Having had a closer look at it, I'm actually kind of interested in this set as well. While I don't need more human skeletons at all, I don't have anywhere near as many human zombies. And this set also comes with two different undead dwarves, and two different undead ogres! The spectres are also interesting.
  5. I have the original resin version of the center piece, myself. And it's a really, really cool piece! Probably one of the coolest and best sculpted pieces of terrain I've personally seen Reaper make. And also personally, I think this power up would be worth it at $14 due to how good that piece is, if the two extra pieces didn't come on circular bases. It's like, why? They're not creatures? I know this is just a pet peeve of mine, though. So if that's not something that bothers you, I say it's worth considering. I'd likely buy it at $14 if I didn't already have the main piece, despite my little pet peeve about the two extra pieces. :) Still need to finish painting mine up, though. Barely started it!
  6. New update today mentions addresses getting locked in on Sunday, May 7th! So make sure your address is correct! :D We also got to see two trays filled with the resin casts of the Moonument: And these nice art prints: All minis for The Streets of Dunkeldorf are ready, and they're only missing some of the minis from previous kickstarters for those that ordered some of those, as well as another batch of Moonuments. Fulfillment will start in May, once the shipping addresses have been locked! :D
  7. Yeah, could definitely do with more of the actual fish people/Deep Ones/Kuo Toa there. But not buying multiples of the set, personally. Would be nice if they alone was also released separately. Like, all three for $6, or something. Then I might consider getting 2-3 extras copies of them. ;)
  8. Project funds successfully 5,810 backers pledged €1,038,431
  9. Yeah, euros. xD Speaking of, it's now 5 hours left, and less than €20k until we hit the €1m mark. Which means we've also gotten €20k in the last 5 hours.
  10. 10 hours left and less than €40k away from the Dragon Turtle!
  11. The Deep Ones/Kuo Toa is a guaranteed buy for me. In my opinion, this might be the most interesting part of Bones 6 thus far. Love it, and the price is good!
  12. I've not quite yet decided on what to get, though I've concluded that I'm not getting everything. I'm mainly interested in the set of dwarves, and a bit interested in the player characters. As for the other stuff, I just don't need them, and they're not unique enough for me to see any value in having them in addition to what I already have. They all look great, but I just have way too many skeletons, goblins, ghosts, and elf like fighters already.
  13. I like both those minis, but would've probably voted for Sleipnir. The Roblin mini is nice, but needs some kitbashing: Change out the head and arms, mainly. Shouldn't be difficult. ;) For those interested in the origins of Sleipnir, the Norse trickster god Loki once transformed into a mare to distract a stallion. The distraction succeeded perhaps a bit too well, as Loki became pregnant and gave birth to Sleipnir. Sleipnir was then given to Odin, the highest ranking deity in Norse mythology, and is most commonly known as his steed. Sleipnir is considered to be the best and fastest of all horses, and is usually depicted as being larger than a regular horse - though how large varies greatly.
  14. Man, that's super weird. Try and take pictures of it and ask the NLM people?
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