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  1. Sweet! And yeah, I can imagine it is! I'll probably max it out eventually, as well. :)
  2. Well, I was supposed to be done, but ended up paying for some extra walls of stone. Thinking of using them as dungeon walls. Maybe drill som holes and put magnets in them for use with the Ettinstone KS dungeon tiles and such. Which means I might get more before we're done ... xD
  3. I absolutely agree with you. :) And the fact that it can be used in conjuction with other systems as well makes them extra useful. Really hoping for reaching that 18k mark, but not holding my breath. From what I understand though, this is pretty much just them starting their business, and there are concrete plans for future products in the Ettinstone line. :D
  4. Ending in 40 hours! At $13k at the moment. Production is starting, and they think at least US backers will have their tiles before the holidays. :) They've also added a leather dice cup for everyone. :)
  5. Received mine a couple of weeks ago or so. Didn't get much, though. Just the "Crystal Golum", "Santa's Best Friend", and the "Christmas Kobold". :)
  6. As a small, surprise, thank you reward for making the Ettinstone project a reality, all backers are getting this 1" pin. :)
  7. Nice update! Those painted models are amazing! :D Alright, my final order for Bones V is in! At least one of everything! Here's my final tally: Power Up: Full Moon Fever Option x1 Power Up: Dragonslayers x1 Rocky Brush Holder x1 Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x1 Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1 Glow in the Dark Ghost Pirate Ship x1 Bones 5 Core Set x1 Extra Monsters x1 Extra Armory x4 Extra Gem Dragon x1 Extra Walls of Thorns x3 Extra Walls of Stone x4 Power Up: Campground and Trailer Park Scenics Option x1 Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x1 Power Up: Beastmen Option x1 Henchwomen x1 Valfuryx x1 Dragon Folk x1 Option: Hammerfist Catapult x2 Option: Townsfolk x1 Dragon Bust x1 Fire Giant Hellbringer x1 Aganzarax x1 Option: Mouslings Fun-Size Scale x1 Troll Bridge Encounter x1 Mammoth x1 Option: Reptaur Adventurers x1 Option: Yokai of Okura x1 Option: Deathrattle Ballista x2 Goroloth x1 Option: Farflinger Trebuchet x2 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Storm Giant x1 The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1 Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1 Rune Wights x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Elemental Scions x1 Encounter at Gallowgard x1 Option: Bust Collection x1 The Dwarf King's Crypt x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1 Pirate Ship x1 Bones 5 Learn to Paint Kit x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x1 Sirens x1 Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1 Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Option: Demonic Temptation x1 Yog-Sothoth x1 Kalanzar the Wicked x1 Option: Brinewind Extras x1 Kaiju Chaos x1 Henchmen and Hirelings Option x1 Expansion: Daimyo x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 Base Boss 2" Round RPG Base x1 Base Boss 3" Round RPG Base x1 Power Up: Nathavarr the Ravenous, Dragon x1 Chronoscope Expansion x1 New MSP Paint Colors x1 MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1 Fan Favorites x1
  8. This KS has reached funding, and is climbing slowly towards the first stretch goal. A bit far away, but there's still 12 days to go! :)
  9. They're still going for the last two stretch goals. If they can get the funding for those during the pledge manager, we'll get another 17 miniatures. :)
  10. I can only say that I agree with your entire statement very much, ksb.
  11. Well, the KS is now over. It ended at $237,345. The stretch goal at 240k says it was unlocked, so I'm thinking some backers probably backed out.
  12. The campaign has now been successfully funded! Yeah, I absolutely agree it doesn't. That's why I linked to the Gallant Goblin video, as it does show them off quite well. :)
  13. That sounds like a great idea. :D Yeah, without a doubt. That's a good idea! Might actually do that, myself!
  14. I've mainly backed some smaller projects related to SFG: The Critical Role minis, as well as all three Animal Adventures. Smaller projects, but I've had no problem with them.
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