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  1. Ended at $62 259! That's pretty awesome! Even if the last stretch goal hadn't been two in one, we'd still have reached the last crumbled statue! 😄
  2. Only 5 hours left to back this KS! We're only about $100 away from the final, $60k stretch goal of TWO freebie crumbled statues! 😄 I'm sorry to hear that! That really sucks. 😞
  3. Less than 24 hours to go! I threw in another $20! Hoping we get to the $60k mark! Here are the current stretch goals: Those fountains look great, and I hope we get all the remaining three crumbled statues! 😄 Currently, these are all the freebies: Those thorn walls look absolutely amazing! I've got a bunch of the Bones 5 thorn walls, but I think these are just overall much better looking. (I can imagine using them for different things, though!) Also, these aren't resin, but SiOcast plastic. So basically the same plastic as Bones USA. 😄 You and me both! Also, yes! I hope they make the command tents available either in the PM or after the KS. Would be really nice!
  4. Huh, nice! I can definitely see what you mean! 😄 We're less than $500 away from the final statue! Next after that is the broken palisade wall addon, and then the (FREE!) crumbled dwarf statue!
  5. Kind of hard to say. Unlike previous Bones kickstarters, we won't really know what the shipping price will be until they're ready to ship your stuff specifically. Though apparently, we'll be getting a couple of options to choose from, if available.
  6. I ended up at the $10 level for this one, and decided to throw most of my Bones 6 money into the Galladoria KS instead. Bones 6 ended up with some cool stuff, but I'm generally underwhelmed and disappointed this time. I'll be adding the Anniversary Dragon and the Lighthouse in the PM for sure. Probably a couple of the Extras. Beyond that? My considerations: CORE & EXPANSIONS Core Set: Extremely disappointing in many ways, from my perspective. Some things there that aren't extras I'd like to see, though(familiars/almiraj especially). Green Griffin: Very maybe. Would have to do some resculpting on some of the minis. If that orc patron was part of it, I'd be more likely to. Sullenhall: Maybe. I want the terrain pieces and the giant skeleton. I care little for the rest of this set. Briarwood: Nope. I'd mainly like the fairy dragons(including the big one). Denizens: Slight maybe. Good set, but for me there's only like a handful of minis I actually want. Hakir: Maybe. I want half the terrain pieces, half the gods, half the creatures, half the NPCs... OPTIONS Blackmane Gnolls: Great sculpts. Might get them, as I need more gnolls. Men-at-arms: Absolutely zero interest. Orcs: Nah. I have so many orcs already. Chaarondar: Probably, but not too high on the list. Owlbears: Maybe. I like the two terrain pieces, but don't care about the dwarf. I already have a ton of owlbears, including baby ones. Hellborn: I like the sculpts, but I'm not sure I like them enough to pay $2.30 a piece in a package deal. Kind of feels like retail package deal price. Bugbears: Maybe. Really like Tonk. And I could use more bugbears. Price feels a bit steep though. Anniversary Dragon: Yes, of course! Love that they also added that front membrane on the wings! The added mounted/unmounted Death Knight is a nice addition. Phoenix Egg: Very unlikely. Not feeling this one at all. Lizardfolk: A couple of cool sculpts, but I have a ton of Reaper lizardfolk already. So no. Lighthouse: Absolutely! Love that they turned the meme into an amazing piece of terrain! With the lighthouse keeper and walrus, this also feels like the closest we got to a Bones 5 style Encounter Set this time. Storm Giant: Maybe. Might get this one, now that they removed the ridiculous nipples. Rotstump: I really just want the fallen hero piece, so probably not. Any chibis: Not really interested. Any paints: Maybe, but unlikely. EXTRAS Extra Ants: Yes. Maybe even two. Extra Townguard: Probably, as they'd fill out the ones I have from Bones 4. Extra Mudmen: Probably not. Just don't care for them, and I have other minis already I could use for whatever I'd want to use these for. Extra Wolves: Highly unlikely. Extra Lancers: Might've gotten this if I got Briarwood, but alas. Extra Newts: They're nice, but unlikely for me.
  7. Well, the campaign is over. With $900k less than the previously worst Reaper Bones KS(Bones III), it's absolutely a dud of a Bones KS. There seems to be a dozen different reasons for why it turned out this way. But even as the worst performing Bones KS, it did end up at ~$1.84 million - which is still quite the success! I imagine the remaining, revealed stretch goals will be unlocked during the PM - this is something Reaper's done before. They might also choose to just unlock stuff in the campaign end update, which is probably just around the corner. And then there will likely also be extra stuff to add in the PM that we've not seen during the KS. (Like the Power Ups in Bones 5, or potentially even old stuff like in Bones 5.5.)
  8. And "Human Statue" is unlocked! Next up is the Elf Statue, and then an Orc Statue(not yet on map) will come after that! Huh, I don't think I've seen that artwork. I've seen other, very different Aasimar artwork for 3e. Remember which book it was in? 🙂
  9. We've already unlocked the Dwarf Statue. Human Statue next, and then Elf Statue according to Kevin of Galladoria Games(though it's not on the stretch goal roadmap yet)! Can only assume Orc Statue comes after that!
  10. Stretch goal: Unlock one extra wizard at £4500(~$5650 USD), free with each full set(or available as an extra option for other pledge tiers).
  11. Those are some nice ramparts! And I can also imagine using them for other means than just the palisade! Also, we unlocked the "Human Cannon" for the list of freebies, as well as the Elf Barricade(awesome thorn vines) for one of the accessory sets! Next up are Dwarf and Human statues.
  12. Love that they made the lighthouse! That's going to be one I'll be getting, at least. I also like the Raptorkin!
  13. The Egg of the Phoenix set is okay. The individual minis are cool, but I feel that it suffers as a set. It's not really an "encounter" set as we know them from Bones 5, having only a single, small(albeit decently cool) terrain piece. Overall, it just feels as though these are a bunch of minis thrown together for the sole purpose of having a "set", but I feel it just doesn't work. There's just nothing tying them together. This is just my personal opinion of course, but I really feel that it should've just been a set of salamanders, and then the others distributed differently as well. As a whole, I'm likely to not get this set. Some of these separated from each other, and I'd be likely to get them.
  14. Hehe, nice! 😂 Yeah, I've heard of them, and seen some of their minis. But never backed a campaign of theirs before now. I actually have their website bookmarked. 😆
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