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    .5" Bases?

    I'd definitely like some ~15mm bases for the tiniest things. (Smallest base I've used was about 8mm, and that was the perfect size for the mini.)
  2. Being a web developer myself, this is likely just an effect from having to mass edit all the products in the database. Probably went something like this: Switching to new site, including setting up all the products from scratch(or mass edit). Set all products to be tagged as Bones material. Change metal minis to Metal material tag instead. Forget bases are a thing, so they are now tagged as Bones material.
  3. I really would love to see more creatures / monsters in general. Especially non humanoid.
  4. Just putting the previous comments into a list: Female goblins Modular mounts & riders More terrain Nothic! Feywild creatures (Complete expansion set?) Conversion heads (Male & female of different races) More monster groups, such as Bugbears or Beastmen (like with the Bones IV kobolds & goblins) "We be goblins" heroes & the druid's animal companion, Mitzi Big cat dragon (possibly sabre toothed)
  5. Bald female minis suited for player characters. As of right now, there are only two bald female sculpts in the store(that I see): "DEVA, ANGEL" and "THORA, NECROMANCER", neither of which are especially suited for player characters.
  6. Shardmind Barbarian Shardmind Druid Shardmind Fighter Shardmind Monk Shardmind Psionic Shardmind Ranger Shardmind Rogue Shardmind Sorcerer Shardmind Warlock Shardmind Wizard A set of crystal golem like, player character sized humanoids as different character classes. (From D&D 4e.)