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  1. I'm in for a "pick 'n mix" pledge. Loving those ghouls, the vampire lady, and the ogre. :D
  2. Very hard to choose for me. But it would have to be one of the three terrain sets, and Land of the Giants is probably in third place of those - but still pretty good! I'm going to say Elven Woods and Swamp are equally good, but they give you very different things.
  3. Well, the update's here! Pledge manager extended a bit. STL packs added to pledge manager. STL files will be available before pledge manager closes.
  4. Those are from the stretch goals. ;) I believe it's what this illustration turned into:
  5. First stuff I've finished painting. Mainly because it was just priming and wash on each piece(and a dab of off white on the middle thing of the flower). I'm also doing that with some other plants. ;)
  6. Did the entire Land of the Giants today. Certainly the easiest to clean up and build of the terrain sets. Almost entirely big pieces, and not too many sprue connection points. And almost all of those points are on very flat surfaces. I will mention that I couldn't get the pieces of the Chapel to fit well together, so I had to do some cutting. It might've been because I'm not following the instructions at all though, so this might be one that's best to do exactly the way the instructions tell you to. For the fallen "Atlas" statue, I cut the arm pieces a bit and glued them onto it as well. I don't need those to be separate pieces. Oh, and I noticed that the large head with the vulture on it has an extra connection point that isn't used for anything. So don't let that fool you into thinking you've lost a piece somewhere, like I did!
  7. Well, they're still functional. But I'd definitely use them more often than I will now, if only they were like 20-30% larger. Congrats on getting yours, btw! :D I'm also sitting here, getting as much as possible ready for priming. But it's a lot! Gonna take at least a couple of weeks to go through it all, I think.
  8. Another comparison shot: The D&L viking inspired boat next to the Wizkids Skycoach(the deck design is my own).
  9. I just put together the four entrances in the Entrances Pack, and honestly, they're disappointingly small. They certainly can be used, but their usefulness is definitely lower than I had expected: The mine entrance is the only one I'm happy with the scale of. (Also, why does the greek inspired entrance's pediment have "XOXO" across the whole thing? :P )
  10. Well, I just received my second order, early in the morning!
  11. I put together the swamp trees yesterday. I like that three of the branches can be placed in any of the three holes for them, makes it possible to have some variation. However, the fourth loose branch can only be placed in one position, and is perhaps the most visible of the loose branches. The main stem/trunk pieces also have two different skulls hanging from them which are not optional. (I'll be cutting those off from some of the trees.) The trunk also connects to a stump, and the stump can definitely be used on its own. But the trunk doesn't stay on unless you glue it. And there's no easy way to attach magnets on these without them being visible. Oh, and it took me around 5 hours to clean and glue together these trees. That was a lot of work! Overall they do look great though! (There are a total of 7 pieces per tree, and though I haven't actually counted, I think the average amount of sprue connection points for each piece is about 6. So that's 242 connection points that has to be cleaned. On top of mold lines, though I skipped most of those.)
  12. Here's another comparison shot. The Drider is similar in scale to the DDM "Desert of Desolation" Drider, but out of scale with the DDM "Archfiends" Aspect of Lolth(which is more in line with Reaper minis and most other 28-32mm scale miniatures). Maybe I'll keep it as is. Not sure yet. I didn't want her to drag the web covered body around, so I cut it off. (I'll just be using that as its own piece of scenery.) I also changed the arm that dragged the body to be bent instead of straight.
  13. Since the Drider mini ended up being so tiny, I decided I could rather use its scenic rock base for something else. Like one of the plants that'll have a hard time standing on its own: No GreenStuff needed for this. Only cut the roots bit by bit to fit in between the rocks. (Also cut the rocks too a tiny bit.) Then loads of plastic glue to melt the polystyrene so I could even so slightly shape the roots the final .5mm or so that was needed, and fill some gaps. ;) Now this piece of terrain will be possible to actually use. :)
  14. I was asked for a couple of comparison shots of the Tarrasque mini in a Discord server, so I spent some hours putting that big boi together and took some pictures, and figured I might as well also share them here: It's almost perfectly the same size as DCM's Behemoth, which means it'll work great for a campaign idea I've had for some time based on Final Fantasy 7's "Weapons". ;)
  15. Just received the first of my orders, the smaller of the two. It's a lot of stuff! And this is all for just €99 + shipping.
  16. Looks great! Fantastic patina! :D
  17. Those all look fantastic!
  18. Very cool! Well painted, and it feels sort of like a blend between a D&D troll and a classic Scandinavian troll.
  19. Thank you! I tried to give make his clothes colourful, but not too bright. Really wanted to go with purple for his overalls, but a regular purple would've been too much. Found a very muted purple that worked quite well. :D
  20. Thanks! Hehe, yeah. I regret not getting into Midlam earlier! The girl in black turned out surprisingly well, despite being the one with the least amount of paint work on her.
  21. Thank you! Haha! Never thought of that, but he does! And yeah, one of the big reasons why I love Dunkeldorf minis is because of how much character their minis have! Thank you! Yes, his right hand is an actual war injury(along with the right side of his head there), and he's switched out the hand for mechanical clamps/tongs.
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