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  1. It's been about 5 years since I've been here so I've been browsing and missing my old virtual gang. I got cancer and lots of other crummy life stuff happened. They got the tumor but took my voice box with it. Got a hole in my neck and Frankenstein scar now. I led a clean life so... yeah. Bitter. I take 10 pills per day and my memory and concentration is gone. I remember the days of obsessive forum checking and in retrospect, it seems I was probably addicted to this place! I'm going to look up all the old Halloween contests since 2012, and if you guys missed even one year I'll shake my fist at the monitor. Does Ben Siens still sculpt? Tom Meier? Jason Wiebe? Didn't there used to be a chat room with Shakandara and a bunch of other guys that played Reaper's tabletop games? I need to see if Sue W. is still in my state.
  2. That's the cool thing. G and I go way back. I met the first two guys that were in the suits. I employ a Godzilla consultant. When we watch the movies there's usually a discussion about what could have been done better, and comparisons to other films in the series. Usually it ends with the consensus that the yak yak scenes should have been cut and replaced with more fights. He's not good for much else and nobody really cares about the people who chase him around trying to assess his motivation. Final Wars is the realization of that dream--a G movie that's all fights. The Matrix "homage" sub-plot could have been dumped. What's the Japanese movie term for blatant borrowing? They have a polite way of saying it's "borrowed / influenced by" but legally distinct.
  3. The ghoul is so accurate. He is the epitome of ghoulish guys.
  4. You have attained another level of mastery! I visit your site but it logged me out so I can't comment there. I will send a message to get my password.
  5. Work's been keeping me busy, but this will inspire me to clean up my paint area at least.
  6. Open a brown paper bag and she'll shred it from the inside and exercise her paw muscles. A woven welcome-mat will serve as a scratching post. Cats enjoy being predators, so if you use mouse-like or bird-like toys on a string with her, she won't come after you. She'll get depressed without anything to attack.
  7. Have some more judgment. http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.ASP
  8. This is something out of my nightmares! Terrified of this fish since I saw it in a coloring book when I was a kid.
  9. The manual says to press any key to continue, but I can't find the "Any" key. Do I need a new keyboard?
  10. Happy Halloween! I thank everyone who entered for being in the spirit of the day.
  11. Which rules are you using? I want! :zombie: :zombie:
  12. I used to listen mostly on Halloween but they have good shows throughout the year. I'm craving new stuff. I should go to a haunted house.
  13. Anyone know of any good Halloween sites? I need some new entertainment!
  14. What about the basilisk? I don't know any mythology about it.
  15. Greek-style campaign or not: Say you like the idea of turning people to stone, but you don't want to make it obvious that it could happen. And you don't want to make it equal to instant-death. Whaddaya do? 1. The snakes-for-hair would be a dead-giveaway, so maybe that's optional. Or hidden by an illusion or disguise. 2. Is it at-will, triggered by a thought? Is eye-contact necessary? Or seeing any part of the body? Touch? 3. Being close enough to smell its breath or B.O. I think this idea is from an old Dragon magazine. 4. Triggered by an emotion. Uncontrollable on the part of the gorgon, who could be good at heart, but just misunderstood. Or a cursed woman who is in the thrall of someone who doesn't want her to fall in love. 5. If memory serves, the Gorgon sisters were demi-gods, or at least higher up on the organization chart than humans. Powers could vary with ranking. 6. Basilisk = very fearsome creature. Stoning or paralysis could be figurative, draining the morale and will to fight and increasing the will to soil the pants. 7. Eight-legged crocodile, come on--see #1. 8. Saliva from a bite could induce the effect. (Komodos are creepy.) 9. If statue is broken, it could bleed, and lose limbs. Hasta la vista, bay-bee. 10. Supernatural or biological effect. I lean toward the supernatural. 11. Old Hammer movie "The Gorgon" had it sapping the youth and vitality. 12. Surprise ending = two gorgons stone each other. Like the old sniper vs. sniper trope. Pow, right in the eye through the scope. But both ways. Old "Seeking Novelty" posts http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45864-golems-seeking-novelty-from-dm-types/ http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45643-mummys-seeking-novelty-from-dm-types/
  16. My work schedule is awful, so I can't run it. How about something simple like a single figure? No bases or diorams will be judged, but can be included for enjoyment--totally optional. I hate to see this tradition fall by the wayside, since we all love monsters and spooky stuff. Someone rescue this!
  17. Anyone going to run a Halloween contest? My new schedule doesn't permit me to do anyting fun, so I can't be the cheerleader this year.
  18. There was a lengthy post about this awhile back, try searching for one started by Arachne. Lots of good contributions in it.
  19. Ha! Thanks guys! When I was a kid my birthdays were summer-y. Now it seems like autumn. So add my anecodotal evidence to the "global warming/climate change" argument. I'll be drinking a root beer float instead of a Colt 45, but your wishes are appreciated. Much love!
  20. I enjoy being scared but it's not easy to do. I've wondered why this is so and haven't come up with a good reason. Maybe I'm at the age where I've read so much, and seen so many movies, that there are few ideas that are totally new and capable of scaring me. My review of the remake of Evil Dead is sort of on topic. The original is among the top 3 scary movies, but the remake didn't scare me at all. The acting wasn't bad, the makeup was ok, the gore was comical in its quantity, but nothing was scary. I listen to old time radio podcasts, and some of the stuff the came out decades prior to my birth is very creepy, so I figure those ideas are so old, they are new to me, and thus have the power to scare me.
  21. Caption? "I hate this job."
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