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  1. Excellent! Have you typed up this checklist somewhere?
  2. I love this mini. I hadn't originally intended to join the Bones 5 Kickstarter, but this one broke me. It's by far the best Green Dragon I've seen, and I had to get all the other chromatics in the collection as well. You really captured the personality of the sculpt, too! I love the wicked smirk and the chunky toad/alligator feel of it. I can't wait to paint mine...but Marthrangul is taking me a few weeks to finish.
  3. If y'all couldn't tell, I'm trying to catalog my collection...and I have way more vintage figs than I thought. Anyone know the manufacturer of these?
  4. What about the orange mold??? My vast collection is plagued with occasional lead rot and metal sprouting unexpected crystals that totally ruin a paint job...and I'm sure mold is not far behind, having just left the tropics after living there 13 years. Anyone else encounter mold? If so, ways to prevent it? (Nice goblins, too.)
  5. I'd love to see an old school cutworm-type carrion crawler! Demon lords/Archdevils to go with the excellent Demogorgon from Bones V (Orcus, Asmodeus, Juiblex) 1920s investigators/ Universal Horror protagonists (maybe could be used for characters in Horrified) More Mythos! Great Old One, Great Race of Yith, Tsathoggua, Nightgaunts... Not-AD&D Ist Edition--not-flumph, not-modrons, not-beholderkin, not-sons-of-Kyuss, not-wemics, not-aspis, not-daemons, not-acherai, not-gorbel Flying heads! Penanggalan, vargouille, chonchon, etc. etc. Any giant insects! Dragonflies with clear wings, mantises, beetles... Metallic dragons like the great chromatics from Bones V! I'd love to see a Gold or Brass Dragon really done right.
  6. Anyone know what this is? This one is super weird...kind of a blind flying centipede shark dolphin? With pecs? It came with a base-and-wire flight stand too, but no pre-formed hole for gluing it. Maybe it's supposed to be aquatic?
  7. You rock. Thanks. I knew there was water in the name somehow... Cheers
  8. Dunno why I always thought these guys had blue fur. This is the first mini I've finished in years. It felt good to get back into it.
  9. I bought these in a single blister pack some time back in the '00s at a shop in Virginia. No markings on the circular bases. (Forgive the garbage paint job too!) Anyone have any idea what they are, or the manufacturer?
  10. 1. Tsathoggua 2. More Nightgaunts, esp carrying a "tickle" victim 3. Not-Carrion crawlers 4. Gnomes (PCs and NPCs, various classes) 5. Deep Gnomes/Svirfneblin 6. Various sized elementals (small, humanoid-sized) and para-elementals (dust, smoke, steam, magma, etc) 7. Magical weapons sprue (clear Bones material) 8. Modern day zombies 9. Not-Blink dogs (opaque and clear) 10. Traditional faerie monsters like kelpies, redcaps, Jenny Greenteeth, nuckelavee, phookas, Jack-In-Irons, etc. 11. More gnolls/flinds in various poses/levels 12. Demogorgon old-style 13. Great Race of Yith 14. Great Old Ones 15. A giant crawling eyeball
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