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  1. fredou

    02821 Ice Queen

    Hello, I want to show you this work in progress because I am not sure that the final result will live up to my expectations. I have buy this mini last summer but I was thinking that I had not the level to paint this wonderful model. I started last week. I have do the pre-shade and the background colour of the skin. I think that the face is almost done (for my level ) Today, the scarf. I will try to remove the white line that is go up in the shaded zone. today, the sword. I think I will add more white on the snowflake.
  2. fredou

    77047 Goldar male barbarian

    hello, This is one of the first minis I have ever painted. For playing at Heroquest with the dwarf the elf and the wizard of course !
  3. fredou

    77113 eldritch Demon

    Thank you Rigel, I have look at pictures of real octopus to take inspiration.
  4. fredou

    77074 Dain Deepaxe

    Hello, I have paint a bunch of hero to play Heroquest. Here it is the first one.
  5. fredou

    77049 Arthand nightblade Ranger

    I just finished him ( it is 2pm in France). On this one I have try the technique of successive wash. I had thin a lot my paint (1/5) with medium and after with water. (1/2). And then I do layers and layers more for the shades, less for the highlight. Its works with the robe and the hood. but not with the cloak. I have redo it canonical way. I have added the rope to the bow
  6. fredou

    77203 Alastriel

    Hello, Thanks for the tips. I'm not sure enough of my technique yet but I will try on my next mini ( 77049 ) to make more visible highlights. And remove definitely my orange background !
  7. fredou

    77113 eldritch Demon

    I am happy that the choice of colours please you. Before starting painting, I have re-read the Lovecraft's novels "the colours out of space" to find inspiration. And for me this unspeakable colour was a purple/grey. Good idea for the green dry brushing. I will try with the same green that I used for the warts !
  8. fredou

    77386 Andriessa, Female Wizard

    Hello, I do not want any misunderstanding on this figurine. My wife said that she is topless. This is not true. It's just a little transparent top. You can kill monsters in dungeons all day and still want to stay a little seductive ;) Fred.
  9. fredou

    77203 Alastriel

    hello everybody I am a new member on this forum, and new in the hobby to. this days I post a lot of pictures of my painting to have some tips and encouragements ! Fred.
  10. fredou

    77493 Brain in a jar

    Hello, Thank you for your comments. I will trying grey background and finishing the other light on the top. I fill the jar with real glycerine and let the bottom clear.
  11. fredou

    77158 Arrius Skeletal warrior

    Hello, On this figurine I have trying to do shades of orange on the cloak. I put This dirty base for playing heroquest ( all my skeletons have green bases for the colour code)
  12. fredou

    77550 Crusader champion

    hello every body. thanks a lot for your comments. I began painting minis last summer and I let it down for months this winter because I was changing my job. now I have much time and less stress. perfect mood for painting. Mutilatedlips, I will post my skeletal warrior 77158. I have paint it few month ago I tried on this mini to mix red and orange. tell me what do you think about it. Fred.
  13. fredou

    77550 Crusader champion

    Hello everybody. I am new on the forum and newbie in the hobby. And has you certainly guess, English is not my language ! For my first post I submit my last paint. suggestion and encouragement are welcome. sorry for my bad english ;) Fred.
  14. fredou

    77493 Brain in a jar

    Hello, I am new on this forum and in the hobby. this is my version of the brain in a jar I tried to do some light effect on the top. not very satisfying so I do only one light. Fred.
  15. fredou

    77261 Nabassu

    Hello what do you think about my painting of this daemon ? Fred.