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  1. Thanks so much, @incubusgames. That really does set my mind at ease. I had wonderful time last year and managed to run through the "Bad Business in Parnast" and "Parnast Under Seige" adventures and had an absolute ball. Even dressed up as the half orc paladin I was playing. That will definitely be something I'm hoping I can repeat again this time with a new character.
  2. First post. This will be my second reapercon to actually go and play at, and last year's was pretty damn impressive. I'm hoping more AL adventures will be up, but the schedule on GrowTix doesn't have any yet. Anyone know if there will be any D&D AL adventures, or is it still too far out to make the list yet? With how things have been with AL, I fear less people are interested in DMing, but I certainly hope that's not the case for the con.
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