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  1. An old Grenadier Barbarian from the Command Group pack. Still sold by Mirliton. EDIT: Gaaaaaaaahhh!!! I've been Ninja'd !!!!!
  2. Except for the colors that looks an awful lot like the bug things from Monster Hunter. Milla Jovovich's latest movie.
  3. I have acquired three things recently, 2 from the bay of E and 1 from Walmart online. 1] Heroclix Incredible Hulk set Ghost Rider #037 Super Rare figure w/card This was for the awesome price of 99 cents plus shipping. 2] HULK 005 The Mighty Thor Marvel Heroclix. 3] Alien - Xenomorph Attack - Advanced-APC Vehicle This was $17 delivered from Walmart. Cheapest way for my Colonial Marines to get a ride.
  4. That model has way too much metal for Dark Sun. But it does look awesome.
  5. I am unsure what geckomageddon means, even after Googling it. But I would like to know more!
  6. P65 was a line that had more lead content so the minis would be cheaper. Discontinued a while ago.
  7. The GW US store says that it's In Stock.
  8. Legionnaires of various fantasy species would be cool, especially Bugbears and Lizard People.
  9. Actually, that model is split between both sprues. The other half is second from the top on the right side of the right sprue. I don't remember ever seeing that set parted out for bits and I regularly trawl the bits sellers for weapon bits. Also, since the entire set is $25 it might just be easier to buy the set then sell the other models to a bit seller (or noble knight).
  10. I don't see a hilt on that? But it does look like a scabbard. I'm gonna have to get this guy to convert into a Sith. EDIT: And a Gloom Wraith as a heroic force user.
  11. I have two sets of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster. GF9's Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps and the expansion Get Away From Her, You B***h! each have 4 double sided tiles. And I have a Starfinder tiles set somewhere around here, but I don't remember what it is. I also have many maps from DriveThruRPG that would need printed. Many tile sets from Global Games Legions of Steel and the print and play for the new version.
  12. I don't have enough flamethrowers. .. .. .. .. Command.... Target my location with FAE. Immediately!!!! .. Then napalm....then more napalm. Then FAE twice more. .. Purge the Unclean!!!! .. For The Cardinal!!!
  13. I haz acquired a covid FREE test result. Tomorrow I intend to acquire another year of registration for my car.
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