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  1. Search Ebay and/or Amazon for 1/144 ground crew or some variation on that. Also N scale ground crew.
  2. In case you want more of these, they are actually Fenrisian Wolves from the 40K Space Marine faction Space Wolves.
  3. Oooooh, where are those from?? Are they purchased or did you 3D print them?? Thanks !!
  4. It is pretty much the norm for older battletech art to be inconsistent like that. For some units it's really bad, like this one. The Locust or Cicada might work better. https://www.sarna.net/wiki/File:Locust_LCT-1V_FSW.jpg https://www.sarna.net/wiki/File:Cicada_RGilClan_v28.jpg
  5. How about 44011 Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut (would require at least painting the skull like a helmet) or 77566 Ogre Chieftain?
  6. Would a weapon swapped Mangu Timur work? Just don't use 02483, that's normal human size.
  7. I ain't takin' no Turning Test !!!!! I am a biological, meat machine with bad knees. I don't turn so good no more !!
  8. In response to kristof65: But is this modern day, but with giant robots OR is this science fiction-y futuristic with giant robots? I ask because maybe have Holo projector walls that disrupt things visually. I've seen somewhere on these forums a wall made with fancy duct tape from a dollar store to make a holographic wall.
  9. *The Deluxe version of The Gereg from The HU (it has extra songs). *Ten more assorted 1/400 Gundam gashapons. *The larger scale Zurg Hyperspeed Series Fighter. It is roughly 28mm scale.
  10. I just got the bigger version of the purple fighter, the pilot figure is roughly 28mm scale. I got it for $15 on Walmart dot com.
  11. I believe your Herd Dinos could be Iguanidons, and your unknown Witch Hunter looks like a Warhammer Quest mini I had decades ago.
  12. I just bought it (the $25 level), made my paizo account, but did not get everything on the downloads page. I just had a silly thought. do I have to get the redemption codes for the $5 and $15 tiers as well as the $25 one? And now I cant find where I'm supposed to put the redemption codes....,,. I am screaming, you just can't hear me. EDIT: I figured it out. Sorry for the Psychic screaming.
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