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  1. Maybe she uses it as a two handed mace when things get too close. Especially if she wants them to feel like they've had a building dropped on them.
  2. Good news! Iron Wind still sells the Litorians and they have 6 of them!! 4 male and 2 female. Just search for Litorian. They also have the following, which I found by searching for cat. DF-444 Cat Burglar (which looks like an anthropomorphic cat). DF-597 Greater Cat Lord with Sword (which looks like a Lion man in plate). I searched for lion and found: 01-039 Lion Centaurs (2) I searched for tiger and found: 01-003 Weretiger
  3. The minotaur is Iron Wind DF-165 Armored Minotaur and sells for $5.00. Which one are you referring to as the cyclops?
  4. I have plans to use that style of cupcake holder as power generators.
  5. You do realize this is a 16 year necro?? That does fit with your avatar though.
  6. I think I found it. Iron Wind Metals DF-210 Sorceress casting spell. https://store.ironwindmetals.com/store/images/fantasy/DF-210.JPG
  7. IIRC that came in a mounted version as well. Can't verify right now as IWM has pulled all the Chaos Wars minis from their site. They will supposedly be available from a different website sometime in the future (as of 01 July 20). But no word as of this typing.
  8. And I completely forgot to even ask about the test to see if I have The Trumps...I mean Covid. I blame that on the approximately 2 hours of sleep I got on Sunday night.
  9. The 4th season of Wynonna Earp premiered tonight on SyFy at 2200/10PM.
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