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  1. Internet? Yes, please!! But it's definitely more than I should be. St. Patrick's Day: My boss is Irish, I am not at all, but I look like I am. I don't drink anymore (26 years), so no green alcohol, but if they make some potato and cabbage type food I will partake.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's the Termie Captain, I believe the Librarian has an axe. But, yeah, crunchy snack either way.
  3. Do you maybe remember which kickstarter?? I looked on their webstore and couldn't find it. Thanks again !!
  4. Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus 4C Sugarfree Green Tea mix ( a lot cheaper than the premade stuff ) Diet Dr. Pepper ( occasionally Zero Sugar Cherry and Strawberries & Cream flavors ) Zero Sugar Canada Dry ( occasionally Zero Sugar A & W Root Beer ) Power Aid Zero in either Blue or Purple ( I never remember what the flavors are called )
  5. I can usually pick up individual grains of rice, but I fail at picking up multiple grains of rice at the same time (unless it's sticky rice).
  6. When I first scrolled down and saw the picture, I thought the books were high rise buildings.
  7. How big are those chests?? Millimeters are good if that's easier for you. I know they're easier for me with small stuff. Thanks !!
  8. Nice !!! Are these the Dungeon Decor: Wooden Chests (3) SKU 77626 that are currently out of stock at Reaper?? Thanks !!
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