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  1. That's still available from Iron Wind Metals. Item 10-360. They sell it for $24.95 plus shipping, which is $10.00.
  2. Brother Jim

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I can only afford $1 right now, but it's pledged.
  3. I believe the "boar gribbly and rider" is a Dark Tusk Blood Totem and Keeper from Heartbreaker's Chronopia line. Edit: Yep, it is.
  4. Brother Jim

    77427 BONES Giant Centipedes (2) by Bob Ridolfi

    Sorry for the Necromancy, but how big are the bases?? I'm asking for someone on TMP. Thanks!!!
  5. Brother Jim

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    Which is why I has a sad, Bugbears have 3 fingers per hand....but #121 has 4 fingers per hand.
  6. Brother Jim

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    When I first saw the picture I thought #121 was an armored Bugbear. But I think it has 4 fingers per hand.
  7. Brother Jim

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    I'm pretty sure that's the Amber Dragon ( SKU: 02457 ) in Bonesium. https://www.reapermini.com/search/amber dragon/latest/02457
  8. Brother Jim

    Paint a giant robot! [Group WIP]

    I think that's a Clan Puma with T'au burst cannons for arms.
  9. Brother Jim

    The Blight Paranormal Investigators (No Megans)

    Are those pictures of minis? Who makes them and what are they called? Thanks!
  10. Brother Jim

    ID This Please!

    That's what the manticore used to look like.
  11. Brother Jim

    Female Drone Trooper (Sedition wars/ Custom)

    According to Google that's a metal Sedition Wars mini, it wasn't part of the Kickstarter.
  12. Brother Jim

    How game companies hurt themselves

    Have you looked at mj12games Defiance: Vital Ground? You can download the Demo Rules and Demo Army Lists inspired by 40K armies and see if it would interest you. The Demo Rules are the actual rules, the Demo Army Lists were created with the force creation rules in the full rules (which cost money). They can be found at: www dot mj12games dot com/defiance/ [remove spaces and replace the word dot with a period] The PDF is $19.97 while a printed copy is $29.95, not counting shipping.
  13. I can help with the two armored-up sci-fi dudes!!! The shorter one on the slotta base is a Tactical Androsynth from Void 1.1's Syntha faction. Still available from Scotia Grendel and Ebay. The taller one with the integral base is from Global Games Legions of Steel U.N.E. faction. I believe that's an Ironsides suit.
  14. Brother Jim

    Cobb the fighter

    I sees it with the link-a-ma-jig!!!! And in the next post!!! That's a cunning hat.
  15. Brother Jim

    Cobb the fighter

    That link requires me to have a facebook account, so all I can see is the facebook sign in page.