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  1. I believe it's an inventory control thing because their system takes whatever has been placed in a cart and removes it from their inventory. I don't remember how long it stays in the cart, but if not purchased within that time limit it gets returned to inventory and a wish list gets added with all the items from your cart. All you have to do is go to your wish lists and add to cart when ready to purchase.
  2. I watched 3 movies today, all borrowed from the Library. The Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf. I haven't watched this since it first became available on VHS decades ago. I don't think I'll ever watch it again and I do not remember it having the subtitle back then. Blood Moon. A werewolf movie set during the wild west era. I enjoyed it and may re-watch it, especially if they make a sequel or prequel as they discussed in the special features. Robot Jox. Another one I haven't seen since those long ago VHS days. I don't think I'll watch it for another 30 or 40 years, but
  3. @ReaperJon, I searched through my old external hard drive and found I had these. Would it be OK to post them here? Or would you want them emailed to someone to "Officially" post them? Note: I'm going to PM him as well.
  4. The original Starscream toy, which was a 1/55 scale VF-1S Super Valkyrie (or was it a Strike Valkyrie?) with red & black accents. The 1/48 scale Dougram Jakt Type diecast and plastic toy. The 1/60 scale Gundam F-91 toy/model. The unkown scale, but approx. inline with 28mm figures Gundam MkII toy I picked up in Singapore. All of the Macross, Dougram and Gundam Gashapons I used to have. All the Warzone figures, DDM figures and Star Wars CMG figures I used to have. All the impossible to replace books I used to have. I don't pimp the laptop or the mouse pa
  5. Which dragon is with your bones 5 Rocky brush holder?? Thanks!
  6. I support the Bolded part in the above quote, especially for the Liners.
  7. I believe I got 5 of the small trees in an Adventure Force Jumbo Bucket of Dinosaurs at Walmart.
  8. I really like that werewolf mini. If I had the monies, I would back this.
  9. I don't recognize the brown werewolf at all, sorry. What is it made of? Metal, Resin or plastic? That might help narrow down the search. Did it have an integral base you removed, was it tabbed for a slotta-base or just free standing? And I really wish the other werewolf was available in Bones of some sort.
  10. A couple of days ago I bought the PDF of Five Parsecs From Home on DriveThruRPG.
  11. I did not have doughnuts yesterday, but I did some grocery shopping today and picked up a box of Kroger brand Cinnamon Sugar cake doughnuts to compensate, I will probably be stupid and eat several at once while flipping the bird at my Diabeetus(<<intentionally misspelled like the peeps around here pronounce it).
  12. I just purchased the following from Reaper: SKU.........Name........................................Quantity 02589....Gabriella, Warmaiden..........x1 29102....Plasma Blue Paint..................x1 72262....CAV Centipede APC..............x2 [These will be converted to Grav] 72278....CAV Wolverine MBT..............x1 [These will also be converted to Grav] 72281....CAV Mantis...............................x2 30005....Bhonk, Bugbear Chieftain..x1..FREE 02573....Yvonne, Warmaiden.............x1..FREE
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