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  1. According to a post by Reaper_Jon: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93698-new-releases-2021-updated-often/&tab=comments#comment-2012529 The Dragonfolk are Bones Black and this is how I found out the Reavers were going to be metal.
  2. Oh Fudge....just realized the Cyber Reavers are metal. I thought they were Bones of some sort.
  3. Thanks haldir!!! I'm gonna wait to see when the Cyber Reavers get released.
  4. 01 May: Moved once in the first 18 years of life, approximately 4 miles. But we got out of the valley where all the smoke just hung around and gave us all sinus problems to the top of a hill. 02 May: As an adult, 13 or 14 so far.
  5. Have they said what's being released on the 10th??
  6. My Reaper order came in today. I also picked up the Target Exclusive version of Evanescences new CD "The Bitter Truth" [it has 2 additional tracks on it] and a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine that is close to scale with 28-30mm minis. Yesterday I picked up another pack of Nolzur's Thri-kreen and a Carrion Worm.
  7. I finally got my shots scheduled, 16 Apr and 14 May.
  8. 30001 Lysette, Elven Mage............................$3.99 x1 $03.99 72278 Wolverine................................................$5.99 x3 $17.97 77127 Vermin: Beetles.....................................$2.99 x1 $02.99 77427 Dungeon Vermin - Centipede (2) $2.99 x4 $11.96 77668 Nemesra, Dancing Girl.......................$2.99 x1 $02.99 77732 Brazier Pillar Tops (10)........................$2.99 x1 $02.99 30004 Romag Davl, Thief.................................FREE x1 FREE 50016 Rosie, Chronotechnician.....................FREE x1
  9. What would I Google for the foam? Thanks. EDIT: Or do you just order foam from them and specify uncut? Thanks Again.
  10. The small Chessex case is only one layer of figs deep. If I remember right the 40, 56 and 80 are roughly twice as thick.
  11. And both microSD cards are defective so I'm going to send them back. I just have to figure out how to print the return labels when I don't have direct access to a printer. And no, ebay won't let me copy/paste it so I can put it on a thumb drive and print from that. Both were off brand, learned my lesson. Going to buy name brand at a local store so if they need returned I won't have to deal with shipping them back. I still need to acquire a belt holster for the new phone because of course it's longer than the old phone. 6.75" tall by 3.5" wide by 5/8" thick, including the case.
  12. Does Chessex still make an 80 figure case? If they do it's the same size as the 40 and 56 cases, just has smaller holes in the two layers of foam. I used to have several dozen of these. This was back before there were any other cases (other than the one GW made). I miss those cases, and all the minis that used to be in them...
  13. I think it's off-white as it does not sear my retinas with brightness. I just wish there was a way to hide the whatever it is on the right (or left, if toggled there) so there wouldn't be all that dead space to the side.
  14. The pink seems to have gone away.
  15. Thanks!!! I'm embarrassed to say that I never even thought about going to the product page to see if that info was there.
  16. Specifically, 72616 Turret: Gun and 72618 Turret: Rocket. Thanks.
  17. Let's see, I have either in hand or on the way. 3 Heroclix figures (I had to find something I could buy with the $5 virtual Visas I've gotten for filling out the Ohio Health Departments Covid surveys. They can't be used locally, they can't be transferred to Paypal and they can't be combined to purchase something more than $5.) A new phone. Samsung Galaxy A51. A one year service card for the phone. A 512GB MicroSD card for the new phone (has the 128GB that used to be in my old phone). A 1TB MicroSD card for my laptop. Both come with the adapters to use in SD card
  18. That looks awesome!! I really wish there were giant jumping spider minis in a couple of sizes. One that fits on a 25mm base, and on a 40mm base, and on a 60mm base and maybe one more on an even bigger base.
  19. Siege of the Citadel 2....I really love the Warzone/Mutant Chronicles setting. Even though it still hasn't fulfilled yet, I don't think it will be available at retail either. The Chaos Wars one where they rereleased the Troglodytes. I had to back out of that one and haven't been able to buy them at retail yet.
  20. Second part of Season 4 of Wynonna Earp is starting tonight, unless the TV Listings site is wrong.
  21. An old Grenadier Barbarian from the Command Group pack. Still sold by Mirliton. EDIT: Gaaaaaaaahhh!!! I've been Ninja'd !!!!!
  22. Except for the colors that looks an awful lot like the bug things from Monster Hunter. Milla Jovovich's latest movie.
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