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  1. Maybe she uses it as a two handed mace when things get too close. Especially if she wants them to feel like they've had a building dropped on them.
  2. Good news! Iron Wind still sells the Litorians and they have 6 of them!! 4 male and 2 female. Just search for Litorian. They also have the following, which I found by searching for cat. DF-444 Cat Burglar (which looks like an anthropomorphic cat). DF-597 Greater Cat Lord with Sword (which looks like a Lion man in plate). I searched for lion and found: 01-039 Lion Centaurs (2) I searched for tiger and found: 01-003 Weretiger
  3. The minotaur is Iron Wind DF-165 Armored Minotaur and sells for $5.00. Which one are you referring to as the cyclops?
  4. I have plans to use that style of cupcake holder as power generators.
  5. You do realize this is a 16 year necro?? That does fit with your avatar though.
  6. I think I found it. Iron Wind Metals DF-210 Sorceress casting spell. https://store.ironwindmetals.com/store/images/fantasy/DF-210.JPG
  7. IIRC that came in a mounted version as well. Can't verify right now as IWM has pulled all the Chaos Wars minis from their site. They will supposedly be available from a different website sometime in the future (as of 01 July 20). But no word as of this typing.
  8. And I completely forgot to even ask about the test to see if I have The Trumps...I mean Covid. I blame that on the approximately 2 hours of sleep I got on Sunday night.
  9. The 4th season of Wynonna Earp premiered tonight on SyFy at 2200/10PM.
  10. I got tested a couple of weeks ago and it was not a giant q-tip way up in my sinus cavity. It was a normal-ish sized q-tip only pushed slightly uncomfortably far up my nose. I have to go to the VA on Mon for fasting blood work, I think I'll ask about getting one there. I'm not confident about the test I had before. They were supposed to contact us with our results and nobody got nothing sent to them.
  11. Iron Wind Metals still has this figure available. DF-621 Female Captive II for $4.25, but they don't list the sculptor anywhere I can find.
  12. Those are all really awesome !!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!! Do you have any shots of the scorpion things next to a marine so I can get an idea on how big they are ?? And what are the scorpion things called ?? Thanks !!!!!
  13. Wow, if one of my friends passengers threw something out of my car that was mine, especially that I liked, they'd be walking home.
  14. Finally got that package from Japan that I've been waiting for since 07 Apr 20. And 1 of my 1/400 Mobile Suits wasn't in it, but the envelope didn't look beat up at all. Contacted the seller and had a partial refund in a few hours.
  15. Got the small package on Wed, 15 Jul 20. It was missing one of my items. I contacted the seller and had a refund in a few hours.
  16. Dry fitting the Challenger is.....very challenging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is approximately 60mm tall, not including the separate hex base. But that does include the "hex" that has tabs for the feet.
  17. 1 out of 4 is all I can measure for you. Let me dig out a Challenger and measure it.
  18. You could also mention which models you're interested in and I'm sure the community here can give you measurements.
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