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  1. That is a cool color scheme for Thri-Kreen !! Thanks !! Saved the pic for reference for whenever I get around to painting my horde.
  2. As someone who really wants more Reaper Bugbears I NEED to point out there's only been 3 sets of them. 1] The initial singular Bugbear. 2] The set of 3. 3] And the set from Bones 6. And we still don't have any with missile weapons, not even slings or javelins. But I understand that not everyone feels that way.
  3. Hey, these Troglodytes aren't ugly, they're cool looking !! They are currently available from ral partha legacy dot com In accordance with board rules no direct links to other web stores, but remove the spaces and replace the word dot with a period in the bolded part.
  4. Just got in a small Noble Knight Games order. A Warzone Razide and 2 Keggs (Bugbears with axes). I had the Razide in my Want List and got an email when they got one in, I checked to see if it was the one I wanted, it was. It wasn't too outrageous so I bought it and threw the 2 Bugbears in.
  5. Hey ya'll I'm wondering if anyone can measure some models for me? millimeters would be preferred, but I can figure out inches. 1) How long is the Charger (SKU: 72294)? 2) How wide is the Charger? 3) How long is the Naginata hull not including the barrels (SKU: 72236)? 4) How wide is the Naginata Hull? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Looks good!! The "harpy" is 02760 Jalinrix, Female Devil. Which does not have the tag 'devil' in the store, but does have 'demon'. 🤷‍♂️ I seem to remember her being sold as Jalinrix, Female Erinyes. I like the Bugbear too !!
  7. I have just acquired the Humble Bundle for almost all of the Soulbound books from Cubicle 7. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/warhammer-age-sigmar-soulbound-cubicle-7-books This Offer ends in 19 days : 15 hours : 29 minutes as of the time of posting.
  8. Well, I have some catching up to do. Here's a list of things I've acquired since my last post in this thread. Crimson Skies Squadron Pack: The Fortune Hunters. (Each is two pairs of planes). Crimson Skies Squadron Pack: The Hollywood Knights. No I don't play the game, they were way cheaper than getting the metal planes. Hot Wheels X-Men X-Jet x2. DDM Invisible Displacer Beast. ETB Necron Royal Warden. Mantic Warpath Enforcer Command set (5 Minis). CMON Sedition Wars Terrain Set. Hot Wheels GotG Milano x2. ETB Necron Plasmancer. 1/400 Gaplant and 1/400 Thunderbolt Gundam. 32mm plastic bases x100. Necron Immortals / Deathmark box (5 minis of either). Shakespear's Sister CD "Sacred Heart". Shakespear's Sister CD "Hormonally Yours". Shakespear's Sister CD "Singles Party (1988-2019) (2 CD set). Fiona CD "Heart Like a Gun" (Remastered). Queensryche CD "Operation Mindcrime" (German ReRelease). Necron Warriors Box (12 Warriors & 3 Scarabs) (Older style). Metal Grey Knights (4 in Power Armor & 3 Terminators). 1/400 Gundam Gashapons x15.
  9. That looks good !!! But that bow is making my brain hurt trying to figure it out. I used to be a pretty good archer back in the day and that bow makes no sense. But the mini is painted well !!! It's Age of Sigmar, it doesn't have to follow real world physics.
  10. There is also a Giant Gecko from the Pathfinder Bestiary Unleashed set, but it is only on a 25mm/1 inch base.
  11. I am partial to Dark Chocolate Oreos at the moment.
  12. It could also be excessive glue under the primer.
  13. How big is this mini? Could you provide a picture with any of the bones bugbears? Thank you !! Your excellent pictures sparked a thought. I'm looking for something to use as bugbear hounds. I was going to use some heroclix Lockjaws or some of the bones shadow hounds, but the dichotomy between the bugbears appearance and usual game fluff and the cuteness of the sabre toothed pug just tickles me....for some reason. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Today adds all over body aches, worse than the ones I normally have, a slight headache and a slightly more scratchy throat. Oh, and I'm coughing more.
  15. And I'm positive again, called the lab and they verified the results. But they can't tell me which variant it is, they don't check for that. Like last time just a little sinus drainage and a slightly scratchy throat. Vaccinated and Boostered, all Moderna.
  16. Werewolves Within.. Liked it, should have had more redacted action. SAS: Red Notice.. Also liked it.
  17. The description for the Warp Hounds almost sounds like a Hound of Tindalos or a Blink Dog too.
  18. I went to their website to search for this and either got "0" results or I got charm bracelets [email protected]!! So I guess they don't want my money. Insert "shrug" emoticon here. EDIT: I found it by scrolling through ALL of their model kits, it was on page 9 for me.
  19. La Brea starts tonight at 9PM on NBC.
  20. I believe it's an inventory control thing because their system takes whatever has been placed in a cart and removes it from their inventory. I don't remember how long it stays in the cart, but if not purchased within that time limit it gets returned to inventory and a wish list gets added with all the items from your cart. All you have to do is go to your wish lists and add to cart when ready to purchase.
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