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  1. At a local comics store I picked up the following:

    x1 Nolzur's Umber Hulk.

    x2 Nolzur's Thri-Kreen (with the 1 I already had this gives me 6 Kreen).


    From Amazon I picked up one bag of 72 Giant Ants. They are approximately 1.5" long with a footprint of just less than 2" in diameter. They cost me about $7. This is what Amazon calls them, so ya'll can find them.:

    US Toy Mini Plastic Toy Ants Toy Figure (72 Piece), 1 1/2"


    From Reaper I made two orders (combined below):

    x5  Bones Blackstar Corsairs (x1 of each).

    x1 Bones Sascha Dubois.

    x4 Bones Burrowing Behemoths.

    x3 Bones Vermin Beetles.

    x3 Bones Vermin Beetle Swarms.

    x2 Bones Ogre Juggernauts. FREE.

    x1 Ghost of Christmas Past.

    x1 Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.


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  2. I've had a few acquisitions over the last few months and apparently I've failed to tell ya'll about them.

    So I'm gonna fix that with 2 or 3 items per post, starting with the latest.


    Mantic Enforcers Mega Force which has 59 miniatures (including 1 aircraft and 3 striders).

    Mantic Warpath/Firefight rules with a game background sourcebook.


    3 CDs from the J-Pop group Scandal. Honey, Yellow and Scandal(which is a 2 disc Best of from the last 10 years).

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  3. Going with the models I already have:

     x4 Commander II's and x2 Chieftains.

    That's all I can fit points wise and the FB said that I didn't have legal units when I tried to make 2 sections, so it's just one oversize section.


    I just realized I don't have any paints here....dang it.


    EDIT: More sections I could build.

    x2 Mantis, x2 Chieftains and x1 Concussion.

    x4 Mantis and x1 Chieftain.

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  4. Unless the rules have changed you can mention where. You could even give enough info to make finding it easier.

    But you most definitely can not put in a direct link to a non Reaper store commercial site.


    For example, someone asks where to find not- versions of the Scooby gang. I could say that Hasslefree miniatures makes  two sets of them, one like the cartoon and the other is post apocalyptic. But I can't put up a link to Hasslefree's webstore, or Noble Knight's or any other store that might have them.

      I can post the part/model numbers for them as that would make it easier to find them on the web. I can also tell people where on Hasslefree's website to find them, just can't direct link.


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