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  1. I haz acquired a covid FREE test result. Tomorrow I intend to acquire another year of registration for my car.
  2. That's in my sister's basement, so I can't check. But I'm pretty sure that was printed before Dreadmere was a thing.
  3. Yesterday I picked up my order of new on sprue Necron SKORPEKH DESTROYERS + Plasmacyte. This means I could play a small game of 40K with actual 40K models.....if I get them built.
  4. That card in the picture with the blue tank is 2 and 1/8th inches square [roughly 55mm square].
  5. But I'm pretty sure you can do it like this: https://gumroad [dot] com/wulfsheademiniatures ( remove spaces and brackets and replace the word dot with a . ) This lets you give the exact website without actually providing a direct link. The direct link is against forum rules.
  6. Kuroneko that does seem pretty essential....but you seem to be short 2 of the supplements. Get Away From Her You B***h! for more Missions, Power Loader rules, Rules to play as the Xenomorphs, etc. and Ultimate Badasses for more Marines!! Also, I got a sprue of 5 helmeted Primaris heads and 4 bases of Nu-cron style Scarabs today.
  7. Just got these. The dice looked white in the pictures, but they're more of a really light gray. The pips and Federation symbol that replaces the 6 are a dark purplish blue. I really like them and will probably get another set. They are about 14mm across. The Federation Starbases are going to need glued to the bases they come with. They are approximately 1 and 1/2 inches [39mm] tall and the upper saucer is about 1 and 3/16th inches [30mm] in diameter. I haven't opened the 2 Aliens boxes.
  8. That would be Jarvis #057 from the Secret Invasion set.
  9. Thanks!! "She looks delicious" said the bugbear version of me.
  10. I have acquired the results of my covid test. Unfortunately I've won. Luckily, it's, so far, just a mild winter head cold.... So far.......
  11. The tanks are 15cm / 5&7/8th inches long and 77mm / 3&1/8th inches wide. From bottom of treads to tip of tube sticking out of turret top is approximately 64mm / 2&9/16th inches tall.
  12. Make up your own unique unit that uses a non-standard color scheme. That way you do not have to paint all that white.
  13. Thanks Glitterwolf, I completely spaced doing that. Here's 2 images. I'll go get measurements for ya'll if anyone wants them.
  14. I have discovered that Amazon has not refunded me for the first Enforcers Starter Set that I bought, even though it was out of stock but the seller didn't know because their inventory system said they had it. I can't find a way to let them know this in their automated system, because it was never mailed. I may have to contest with Paypal. The set I received was purchased on eBay. EDIT: I should have my refund in my cold, dead bank account by the 18th according to the rep I chatted with. I already have the refund for the missing CD. Even though I have an email receipt for the GF9 order, it has not been taken from my account yet.
  15. Today I received Deadzone Enforcers Faction Starter Set. This has 23 figures in it. I also got an answer about the missing CD. They don't have it in stock, so I'm cancelling that part of the order. Just waiting on the Gale Force 9 order, but I haven't gotten an email that it was mailed yet, so gonna have to email them. It was ordered on the 1st of this month.
  16. Today I have received : ..40K Indomitus Necrons Warriors & Scarab Swarms Sprue ETB [This has 10 Nu-crons and 3 bases of scarabs]. ..40K Indomitus Necrons _Overlord Single Figure ETB. x2. ..4 of the 5 CDs I ordered. ....Nightwish - Oceanborn. ....Nightwish - Wishmaster. ....Nightwish - Century Child. ....Tarja - The Brightest Void. I did not receive Tarja - Colours in the Dark. And I will be sending off a message about that to the seller.
  17. Maybe it's the Tabaxi version of "Sting" and glows blue when there's a dog nearby.
  18. I got mine as a direct deposit on 04 Jan, going to get new tires.
  19. Alternate Arms for 49029 IMEF Bulldog I in Bones. They come with: Right arm with a sword, right arm with cannon of some sort. Left arm with a "Power Fist", left arm with a flamethrower. I would like: Right arm with a "Power Fist". Left arm with a melee weapon. Left arm with a ranged weapon. Right and Left arms with shields (or just separate high tech looking shields). I would also like an alternate set of legs that look like a human is actually wearing them. Don't get me wrong I like the current legs, they just don't look like they're made for a human to wear.
  20. I just got in a Reaper order. 01674 ReaperCon Mini Magnet Light $6.00 x1 49029 IMEF Bulldog I $5.99 x4 72611 CAV Power Generator $3.99 x1 77127 Vermin: Beetles $2.99 x1 77130 Vermin: Beetle Swarm (2) $2.99 x2 04014 Jada Twinsuns, Fem Paladin FREE x1
  21. I didn't get 2 boxes of aliens, but I did order the following: Star Trek Ascendancy Expansion: Dice (x9) - Federation....1 USD 10.00 Star Trek: Ascendancy Federation Starbases......................1 USD 12.00 Aliens: Assets and Hazards..................................................1 USD 15.00 Aliens: Alien Warriors............................................................1 USD 25.00
  22. OR when I get the stimulus check I can get TWO boxes.....plus some other stuff they have.
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