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  1. Alternate Arms for 49029  IMEF Bulldog I in Bones.

    They come with:

    Right arm with a sword, right arm with cannon of some sort.

    Left arm with a "Power Fist", left arm with a flamethrower.

    I would like:

    Right arm with a "Power Fist".

    Left arm with a melee weapon.

    Left arm with a ranged weapon.

    Right and Left arms with shields (or just separate high tech looking shields).


    I would also like an alternate set of legs that look like a human is actually wearing them.

    Don't get me wrong I like the current legs, they just don't look like they're made for a human to wear.

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  2. I just got in a Reaper order.

    01674  ReaperCon Mini Magnet Light  $6.00  x1

    49029  IMEF Bulldog I                             $5.99  x4

    72611  CAV Power Generator                $3.99  x1

    77127  Vermin: Beetles                          $2.99  x1

    77130  Vermin: Beetle Swarm (2)         $2.99  x2

    04014  Jada Twinsuns, Fem Paladin    FREE  x1


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  3. On 12/29/2020 at 11:33 AM, Brother Jim said:

    OR when I get the stimulus check I can get TWO boxes.....plus some other stuff they have. :rolleyes:

    I didn't get 2 boxes of aliens, but I did order the following:

    Star Trek Ascendancy Expansion: Dice (x9) - Federation....1          USD 10.00

    Star Trek: Ascendancy Federation Starbases......................1          USD 12.00

    Aliens: Assets and Hazards..................................................1          USD 15.00

    Aliens: Alien Warriors............................................................1          USD 25.00

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  4. On 12/20/2020 at 7:55 PM, Brother Jim said:

    Well, I just won an auction on eBay for the whole lot. The GF9 Aliens game with all 3 supplements.
    I was expecting to be outbid.
    Now I have to shuffle monies around to pay for it.


    EDIT: It's been Paid.

    I got them on 23Dec20....now I want another base game box (for the 16 Xenomorphs).

    I also bought a Heroclix Hulkbuster #017 that I got on 24Dec20, but Tracking still says I have to pick it up?


    I also purchased a box of Necron Warriors from Noble Knight, the older style with the green rods.


    EDIT: And Noble Knight sent me the 2020 box of Necron Warriors instead, I've let them know. I'm not upset because I was going to use them as Nightmares from the Legions of Steel and this just means I don't have to convert models for the variants.

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  5. I picked up 4 "Colored Toy Army Tanks" from Dollar Tree today, SKU: 313842 .

    Two Tan and two Brown. I may go back and pick up two Blue and two Green later.

    They are a little small for 32mm scale humans, but would work for 25mm scale.

    I got them for 15mm scale human size beings wearing power armor.


    I can't figure out how to link a picture that doesn't also link to their webstore, so ya'll will have to search with the info inside the quotation marks and the SKU.


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  6. On 9/2/2020 at 1:04 PM, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    The game was Arcana Unearthed and the mini manufacturer was Iron Wind Metals.  The race was called Litorians and there seem to have been at least 5 sculpts (3 male and 2 female).  They don't seem to be in production anymore but there are some low quality pictures on Noble Knight.

    Good news! Iron Wind still sells the Litorians and they have 6 of them!! 4 male and 2 female.

    Just search for Litorian.

    They also have the following, which I found by searching for cat.

    DF-444 Cat Burglar (which looks like an anthropomorphic cat).

    DF-597 Greater Cat Lord with Sword (which looks like a Lion man in plate).

    I searched for lion and found:

    01-039 Lion Centaurs (2)

    I searched for tiger and found:

    01-003 Weretiger

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  7. On 8/1/2020 at 10:04 PM, Brother Jim said:

    IIRC that came in a mounted version as well.

    Can't verify right now as IWM has pulled all the Chaos Wars minis from their site.

    They will supposedly be available from a different website sometime in the future (as of 01 July 20).

    But no word as of this typing.  :down:

    Still no word as of 28 Aug 20.

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