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  1. Those are all really awesome !!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!! Do you have any shots of the scorpion things next to a marine so I can get an idea on how big they are ?? And what are the scorpion things called ?? Thanks !!!!!
  2. Wow, if one of my friends passengers threw something out of my car that was mine, especially that I liked, they'd be walking home.
  3. Finally got that package from Japan that I've been waiting for since 07 Apr 20. And 1 of my 1/400 Mobile Suits wasn't in it, but the envelope didn't look beat up at all. Contacted the seller and had a partial refund in a few hours.
  4. Got the small package on Wed, 15 Jul 20. It was missing one of my items. I contacted the seller and had a refund in a few hours.
  5. Dry fitting the Challenger is.....very challenging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it is approximately 60mm tall, not including the separate hex base. But that does include the "hex" that has tabs for the feet.
  6. 1 out of 4 is all I can measure for you. Let me dig out a Challenger and measure it.
  7. You could also mention which models you're interested in and I'm sure the community here can give you measurements.
  8. I believe those Beastmen are Reaper's.
  9. The attack wing stuff are the exact same models as the fleet captains game. There is NO exact scale, they're made to fit in a package. But the Prometheus class was "close enough" to 1/7000 for me to be happy with. The Galaxy class is perfect for an Ambassador class at 1/7000 (I ignore that it doesn't look quite right).
  10. I just want to get some sort of hobbying done. 1] Prep some 1/400 mobile suits. 2] Work on some CAV, possibly tanks to use with 1 above. 3] Do something with the small horde of bones bugbears I have. 4] Something else.
  11. I tried to watch The Velocipastor, but could only force myself to watch the first 15 minutes or so before shutting it off. I then watched Booksmart and really liked it.
  12. I just finished The Banana Splits Movie which was ok, I guess.
  13. Still waiting on the small package from Japan that I ordered on 07 Apr, shipped on 09 Apr. The big package with much more expensive shipping I ordered on 16 May, shipped on 20 May and received on 26 May. Both from the same seller.
  14. I had to cook dinner for the Shelter tonight [as I always have to on Sunday] and the only thing on the calendar was "Pork". But there wasn't enough to feed 19 people in the freezer. So I went with a goulash made with pork, ground beef, corn, several types of beans, crushed tomatoes, tomato soup and a multitude of spices. Will see about editing in a picture later.
  15. Throwing in my two cents to agree with TGP that the objects in the picture need numbered.
  16. Yesterday I got an order from Litko. 45mm flat to flat, 1.5mm thick clear acrylic hex bases with a 3mm flight peg hole....100 count. 1 inch long 3mm diameter clear acrylic flight pegs....10 count. Got these for my 1/400 Gundam gashapons, and maybe for some of the big CAVs and BattleMechs as well.
  17. That's WZK73842 D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Iron Golem (1)
  18. I have received a seam scraper from ToolUSA today. Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
  19. Got it today. Have had no time to try it on anything, maybe tomorrow or Saturday.
  20. I have gotten several orders on eBay that have me now owning the following: Heroclix.................x19 Star Wars Minis....x02 D&D minis.............x05 GW Primaris.........x05 [Brings me to 08 total. All Intercessors.] various Primaris bits. Tau backpack bits..x10 [These are actually for some Warzone minis missing theirs.] Necron Warriors.....x03 [Brings me to 15 total.] At the Post Office waiting to be picked up: Heroclix................x04 A belt case for my phone. Still in the International Mail System since 07Apr20: <Does anyone know how long I can wait before Paypal will give me my $$$$ back??> 1/400 Gundam Gashapon.......x03. EDIT: Ooops, I forgot one!! I also have a seam scraper from ToolUSA on the way.
  21. How many Wolverines are in a blister?? One or two?? Thanks.
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