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  1. I want to actually assemble and paint some models this month. I haven't done that in a long time...2008 or 09. Sometime before the cataracts [they're gone now].
  2. Stargirl, and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesday. The 100 and the final season of Agents of SHIELD starts on Wednesday. Siren and Vagrant Queen on Thursday. Harley Quinn on Friday. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels on Sunday.
  3. And one of my orders of Gundam gashapons has arrived and been inventoried. x1 1/300ish Marasai with beam rifle [This was an Ooopsie on my part], all the rest are 1/400ish. x1 Kampfer with bazooka x1 Kampfer with shotgun x1 Hi-Zack with autocannon x4 Hi-Zack with bazooka x3 Hi-Zack with Heat Hawk [vibroaxe] x6 Hi-Zack with beam rifle x2 GM Cannon II with beam rifle x4 mass produced Guncannon x2 Char's Gelgoog with beam rifle and naginata x1 Messala x1 Gundam Mk II with hyper bazooka x1 Gerbera Tetra with beam sabre x2 Marasai with beam sabre x4 Marasai with beam rifle and Reentry chute [ I got these to give the guns to the ones with beam sabres]
  4. And the second one has been delivered and inventoried. And...Ooops, I got a 1/300 gashapon mixed in with my 1/400 gashapons. My fault, I saw a thumbnail and ordered without verifying scale.
  5. I just ordered the 3 pack. It was $8.35 with the cheapest shipping. Just a heads up, their search bar was giving me no results found for "seam scraper", but there was another "magnifying glass" off to the right and that worked.
  6. I've got two from Japan I'm waiting on. The first was paid on 07 Apr and did not include tracking as it was less than $18USD. The second was paid on 16 May, has tracking and is in a city near me as of this morning. Both are 1/400 Gundam gashapons [3 and 33, respectively].
  7. I received from the bay of E a box of Necron Warriors. Complete except for the box, the decals (if they have them) and any instructions. This is 12 Warriors and 12 Scarabs that are going to be used as proxies for Legions of Steel Machine units.
  8. In the previous thread I mentioned having a salad for breakfast. There were various questions and exclamations of dismay. No, it did not have eggs in it, but it did have bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. I had gotten up late enough that it was more of a brunch than a breakfast. Also, I ate nearly an entire large 4 meat pizza for dinner.
  9. I just got my latest Reaper order. 08507 5/0 Brush $5.99 x1 08906 Learn To Paint Kit: Core Skills $39.99 x1 09061 Linen White $3.69 x1 09063 Ghost White $3.69 x1 09064 Brown Liner $3.69 x1 09066 Blue Liner $3.69 x1 09106 Flow Improver $3.69 x1 09107 Brush-on Sealer $3.69 x1 09108 MSP Core Colors: Brush-on White Primer $3.69 x1 09117 Cyan Blue $3.69 x1 09126 Gunmetal Blue $3.69 x1 09157 Olive Shadow $3.69 x1 09158 Olive Drab $3.69 x1 09159 Worn Olive $3.69 x1 09238 Regal Purple $3.69 x1 09280 Nightmare Black $3.69 x1 09410 Dragon Green $3.69 x1 09411 Wilderness Green $3.69 x1 09412 Ancient Oak $3.69 x1 72303 PILLAGER $7.99 x1 72611 Power Generator $3.99 x1 02430 Rictur Diehn, Assassin FREE x1 02551 Monique Denoir FREE x1 04007 Lashana Larkmoor, Wizard FREE x1 And Holy Fork! removing the rich text forked the formatting bad enough it's just taken 10 minutes or so to edit the post.
  10. According to their website they are 28-32mm "scale". The hull looks an aweful lot like a 6mm grav tank I used to have a bunch of, I "think" it was GZG. But I'm pretty sure it did not have that box launcher on top. EDIT: It's a Gaia First faction tank, and according to the art, it's gigantic. There's a person pictured next to it in the art, it's roughly 8 people heights long i.e: 48ish feet.
  11. Looks great!! And it's currently available in the Reaper Store. SKU: 44138 for $5.99USD https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/bonesblack/latest/44138
  12. Got a response at 1044 [but hadn't woken up until recently] that says they are out of stock and don't know when they will get more. It also states they are not taking backorders for it.
  13. I have created an account and started a trouble ticket [or whatever they call it, I'm typing this at 0349 in the morning and should have been asleep hours ago.].
  14. That's what I have bookmarked. When I try to add it to the cart I get told: This item is backordered from our supplier. We will ship as soon as it is received. Your credit card will not be charged until shipped. Please Note: For shipments to locations outside the USA, backordered items must be placed on separate orders. It's frustrating. It also won't let me add it to my cart.
  15. You could Google the MSDS for Mean Green and compare it to locally available stuff?? Wierd, it says it's an adhesive. Here's the PDF link. http://www.questspecialty.com/sds/5981_SDS_QS.pdf EDIT: I found a cleaner/degreaser, that's probably what you're looking for. http://www1.mscdirect.com/MSDS/MSDS00014/97842033-20160113.PDF
  16. Just made a Reaper order (and I bought stuff on the Legions of Steel pledge manager). 08507 5/0 Brush - 5.99 x 15.99 08906 Learn To Paint Kit: Core Skills - 39.99 x 139.99 09061 Linen White - 3.69 x 13.69 09063 Ghost White - 3.69 x 13.69 09064 Brown Liner - 3.69 x 13.69 09066 Blue Liner - 3.69 x 13.69 09106 Flow Improver - 3.69 x 13.69 09107 Brush-on Sealer - 3.69 x 13.69 09108 MSP Core Colors: Brush-on White Primer - 3.69 x 13.69 09117 Cyan Blue - 3.69 x 13.69 09126 Gunmetal Blue - 3.69 x 13.69 09157 Olive Shadow - 3.69 x 13.69 09158 Olive Drab - 3.69 x 13.69 09159 Worn Olive - 3.69 x 13.69 09238 Regal Purple - 3.69 x 13.69 09280 Nightmare Black - 3.69 x 13.69 09410 Dragon Green - 3.69 x 13.69 09411 Wilderness Green - 3.69 x 13.69 09412 Ancient Oak - 3.69 x 13.69 72303 PILLAGER - 7.99 x 17.99 72611 Power Generator - 3.99 x 13.99 02430 Rictur Diehn, Assassin x 1FREE 02551 Monique Denoir x 1FREE 04007 Lashana Larkmoor, Wizard x 1FREE
  17. Those look great!!! I have a potentially silly sounding question. How many Reaper paints are the paint kits designed to hold? I can't find any pictures of the inside of one. My Google-Fu stopped failing, then the internet went out. Will it hold 36 Reaper paints?? Thanks, James
  18. Where does micro mark have them? [Don't actually put a link here, it's against forum rules] I have it set up to email me when they're back in stock. Just went there, still says they're out of stock when I tried to put it in my cart. I really want one of these.
  19. 70 hours to go! Ends at 3:00PM EST on Friday, 24 Apr 2020. $8,467USD pledged of $3,531USD. [I guess the US and Canadian bucks have adjusted.]
  20. Dang it, for some reason I did not think this was for 3D printing. I thought it was paper terrain for some reason. Probably wishful thinking.
  21. Do you mean in just the rulebook, or do you want both volumes of the Journal of Recognition as well?? Full disclosure, my books are in my sisters basement so I don't have access right now. But I'm sure that someone will be along SoonTM to help out.
  22. 4 days left! $8,269USD pledged of $3,571USD.
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