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  1. True, but my transportation situation is kind of sucky right now, so I'm OK with the shipping.


    Plus I was actually ordering a few of the tundra heroscape sets, which are also on sale.


    So 1 Dragonhawk, 4 tundra sets and 1 "devourers and minutemen" expansion was 74.94 + 15.04 S&H + 6.97 tax.


    96.95 total (everything I bought was on sale).

  2. Horned Devil to continue covering Monster Manual bases. Don't make me pay $30 for a plastic DDM version.





    YES !!!!!! I want one of these in metal too !!!!! Even if I did manage to get a DDM version for "only" $18. :blink:


    And more Battle Nuns like Marie, Catherine and Candice please !!!!! :wub:

    One with a bow and another with a crossbow would be outstanding.

    Is it wrong of me that I like cheesecake nuns ??? :devil:

  3. Those still look like the Pre-production models from msprange's initial post on the Mongoose forums...where he states that there will be more details on the finished models...which have not been shown yet.


    Unless you have a link to share ???

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