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  1. The overall best would be HERO System as it allows the construction of ANY type of character without a whole lot of hand waving by the GM.


    The problem with it (and any other system with Disadvantages and power Limitations) is that the GM has to enforce them. Otherwise they become "free" points, but that's more of a weakness of the GM than the system.

  2. Actually you could modify Mordheim to use an initiative card system. Every "unit" simply gets its own card that is placed in a draw pile.

    You could just use regular playing cards and assign each unit that will be on the table its own card.


    You could also look into mj12games "ARES". I haven't read it, but they have a free download of the gamerules on their website. I own Defiance and Starmada X and like them both.

    The free download probably won't have the "points calculator" in it, for that you would need to at least purchase the full PDF. But you can at least look at the rules, they are free after all, to see if it might interest you.


    But I don't know if the game covers your #4 at all as I haven't read it..yet.


    Edit: it doesn't look like the free PDF has anything for experience, but I might have missed it. It does have six types of human soldiers as samples with point costs, but does not have the point calculator. That's actually standard for their free PDFs though.

  3. I guess I'm not avid, then.


    Because I MIGHT think about accepting the skinnies if someone paid me to take them


    Paid me A lot.


    And somehow convinced Adriana Lima that it was in humanities best interests that she should fall in love with me, marry me and be my devoted, faithful, loving wife of a sugar momma.


    Who's OK with occasionally inviting over other babes to share me with. :devil:



    In other words it ain't gonna happen.


    Not even after the hot place cools off, pigs fly without the use of siege engines and the Creator and His Adversary reconcile their differences.



    Wow !!! I feel much better now....thanks for "listening" everyone !!!!!!

  4. I still think #1 and #3 need to have shoulder stocks on their rifles, even if they're just folding/collapsing stocks.


    And #3 isn't holding the rifle right, although it would work for an untrained conscript that's just been given his uniform and weapon and sent out to fight.


    Like the girl. Dismounted CAV crew maybe ??


    Like #4 as well.

  5. Giant Jumping Spiders !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!


    Sized so that they would fit properly on a 40mm square base without looking unnatural--because a spider with a body the size of a large dog's is already pretty unnatural looking....;)


    By "unnatural" I mean having the legs "scrunched" to fit on the base, so that it looks like it's on "tippy-toes".

  6. I might pick up some of the figs if I think they look cool, but I won't be buying the game....I'm not even sure I'm gonna pick up CAV2....I really do not like the rage engine.


    And I wanna be able to design my own units so I can use figs I already have.

  7. Beauty Eh!! I really need to get one o' these fellahs painted up as an orc... he'd fit my character "Grog" perfectly... although I should probably make it a double-sided axe...




    you do realize that that's not a 25mm base, right ?? it's probably a 40mm base. this guy is big enough to be a full-blooded ogre.....which is why i bought one. ::D:


    unfortunately, the game i bought him for died, and i haven't even put him together. or even converted the axe into a honkin' big hammer like i was going to.

  8. Mine is not painted yet (not even cleaned of flash and assembled, for that matter), but I'd be glad to share a pic of it. I'm not going to violate the rules of the forum to do so, nor will I post a direct link to her here.


    However, the enterprising person could probably find their way to my website, into the Reality Bytes section, and then to the Miniatures area. You'd find a pic of her there... :B):





    Which link and where is this "Reality Bytes" section ?? Because I looked at both and could not find it (probably didn't fumble my skill roll as my laptop hasn't caught on fire, but definately failed it).



  9. 3 ?? Wow, that is slow. Especially compared to an Infranite Scout Warriors move of 6 S (short for Sprint, it means they can run 18 instead of 12).


    and yeah, that explaination was more for those unfamiliar with Defiance.

    by the way, normal human move is 4 in Defiance (for those that don't know).

  10. I don't know...I was watching a show on either Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel about a "chiken-eating spider" in South America.


    Then there's the Goliath Bird Eating spider that would use an 11 inch dinner plate as a base.

  11. Yeah, and there's none of that malarky about how the "book" or "official" armies can do things that custom armies either can't do or pay 2 to 3 times the point cost for!! (Yes, this upset me about Vor enough that I wrote an "expansion" to that army design ruleset..and got the group to ok it....but it still had problems because of the inherent inbalance in the base design system.) (I have not been able to find any massive loopholes in Defiance, which makes me happy.)


    All the "book" armies are constructed with the same rules used for custom armies.


    To try the game just download the free rules and the sample army lists. There's 4 sample lists that are "loosely" based on 40K armies. ::D: .


    If you like the game system and how it plays, buy the full rulebook. That includes the army construction system, the official universe background and 4 army lists for it.



    MJ12 also has a great starship game called "Starmada", also with a free ruleset. There's also the XL based ship design program on their website.



    :devil: okay, I'm done pimping.......for now :blink: .

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