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  1. oh by the way ( this is more on topic than i've been lately...bare with me.)


    they've got a new trailer for the Serenity movie on












    can't stop the signal



    join the browncoats

  2. silly peoples, i am a Keeper of the Art of The Cardinal's Holy Brotherhood (usually just refered to as The Brotherhood).


    It is MY job to burn the heretics !!!




    we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

    But nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. :ph34r:

    the inquisition is the " other " Directorate.







    Mortificators online and enroute.


    prepare to be purified.










    all are cleverly disguised as something other than Mortificators. neener.

  3. Sorry for the way off topic here



    Brother Jim

    According to our avatars we are great enemies.  :grr:

    yes we are !!!!!


    Crenshaw is on his way.


    he doesn't like it, but he has somewhere between 1 and 20 Mishima Death Bringers backing him up.



















    and if that doesn't work........we'll just nuke the place from orbit.......it's the only way to be sure.


























  4. i just want to point out that the original BSG was a TV show, not a religion ::D:



    but i'm very happy with the bestbuy DVD season 1 set i bought (we don't have cable yet)



    and yes, buy the firefly DVD set !! that way you can watch an episode whenever you want to. and whichever episode you want to. and you can show your friends...and get them hooked too. :ph34r:

  5. mj12 has sold out of the $1.00 US copies of the "Starmada Compendium". they sold out about 5 days after the sale started.



    Starmada X is the current version of the rules, but if you bought the compendium you can get a free download of the "X" rules as an update for the compendium.

  6. actually that's for the physical book. the compendium is the older version of the rules. when you get the book go to their website, click on the starmada link in their games list and then click on the UPDATE.PDF. you need the book, because there's a password that's in the book. the update brings the compendium up to starmada X(the latest version).


    it's $1.00US per book and $5.00US for shipping (i ordered 5 copies and paid $10.00US total). i've got some friends that spend stupid amounts of money on SFB and can't play even a small fleet engagement in a few hours. so their getting new games.

  7. don't collect them by buying boosters. do what i do and either buy them online (ebay, etc. so you can buy what you want) or at cons.


    i've gotten LOTS of stormtroopers and clone troopers that way.



    i could run a 40K I-Guard army with storm and clone troopers. :blink::unsure:

  8. COOOOOOOL !!!!!


    thanks for the info, i'll keep an eye out for it.



    my VHS copy of a copy had died years ago.



    debby harry is hot as an anthropomorphic animal chick...........



    wait, that did not come out right :blush:

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