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  1. i have two guesses on how it was done


    they could both be completely wrong


    1) brushed on gloss coat


    2) enamel paint

    You're kidding, right? That's all NMM, I just know it. :;):

    no offense intended, i kinda based my post off of my painting skill, not someone's that's way better than i am.


    i think i grammatically messed the above up...........oh well ::D:

  2. i prefer them to be lithe and yet curvy (but not too curvy), after all they are supposed to be attractive (yet still alien) to human males.


    not that i have anything against the walking wet dream female elf either.....after all if plastic surgery doesn't exist that would be a pretty rare and alien look.

  3. but does making them true N-scale mean there's only going to be one in the blister??


    assuming the price stays the same-ish. :blink:

  4. could someone please tell me what the size of a hex is and how much time a turn represents ????? thanks, i currently have my rulebook hiding from me, so i can't look it up myself.




    thanks again,

    jim a.

  5. www.mj12games.com


    there's a list of games on the left side of the screen. Defiance is the second from the top


    click on it, the Defiance section of the website comes up (the address in the address bar doesn't change).


    on the right hand side of the screen there's "USSDEMO.PDF" and "ARMYDEMOS.PDF".

    download those, grab some D10's, a deck of playing cards, some mini's and a tape measure........actually-read the demo pdf after downloading, then do the rest.


    the "USSDEMO.PDF" is the actual, same as the rulebook, rules for playing the game. it just doesn't include sample armies or the army builder formulas.


    if you're familiar with the old Global Games "legions of steel" and "planetside" games you pretty much already know how to play.




  6. or you could just go to www.mj12games.com and purchase the rules for Dominion:Vital Ground. it has 4 book armies and a custom force generator that is the exact same formula used for the book armies. then go to their yahoo group, sign up and get 4 more armies from the downloads section.


    not sure you'd like the rules ??? there's a FREE pdf of the rules on the website. no army lists and no custom force generator in the pdf though.

  7. just got it. played starslayer before and HAD to get this !!!!!!!!!


    armies i'll be writing up:

    imperial stormtroopers(with darth even)






    aliens (banana-headed,acid-blooded variety)

    spiders (kind of a cross between aliens and growlers from vor)

    firstborn (from chronopia)

    space marines

    adeptus arbites

    sisters of battle

    grey knights



    and probably a few others that i'll think of later. :huh::rolleyes:


    ya ya ya, its been fixed.


    Mad Pat

    but what if it wanted to have puppies ?????? or kittens ??????? or whatever it's young are called ??????????????







    stage 3 sarcasm alert is in effect. :huh:<_<

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