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    I started into the wonderful world of tabletop gaming via Chronopia.  I loved the game!  Unfortunately, everyone knows GW and I just get blank stares whenever I mention the game.

    :devil: probably gonna get in trouble for this, but oh well??!!?!?!



    chronopia is back in production and has been revised, as has warzone.




    enjoy !!!!!!! and wouldn't the stygians be neat as a warlord faction?????


    and how about a blackblood troll for reven ??!?!?!?!? for those who don't know, the blackblood troll is a four armed warrior/philosopher. !!!!!! ::o:

  2. cool reaper sci-fi minis.............




    but the guy with the rifle is holding it wrong !!!!!!!!!! and i didn't see a shoulder stock. the hand rail thing next to his faceplate should be in front of the faceplate.


    of course if it's a laser it may not have recoil issues like a slug thrower would(note that gauss/rail weapons are slug throwers, they're just more advanced than chemical slug throwers are).


    any way, add something to the weapon to represent an advanced "smartlink" type of sight and it won't matter that he's not aiming it right. call it a laser and it won't matter that he'd break/sprain his shoulder shooting a slug thrower that way.


    by the way, this is a common mistake by mini companies. ral partha did it to the union mini's and to shadowrun mini's. GW has done it to their I-Guard mini's. Target/excelsior has done it to warzone mini's.

    this is the first opportunity i've had to contact a company BEFORE the mini went into production.

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