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  1. Yes we will be. We're working on specific Reapercon 2021 designs but are open to suggestions. We have access to the Reapercon logo and the Reaper logo. The additional art for Brinewind/etc. will not be included.
  2. What are some of the checklist items for Reapercon 2021? Ideas I've had so far: See the 'Ron'ning Man Get some Drow Nipple Pink Bones 6 Confirmation Reaper Factory Tour We'll be collecting the best/funniest/etc. of these onto a shirt to sell at our booth at the convention. For those interested, booth is Southpaw Crafts
  3. Does the post office take a tremendously long time where you are? For me, I walk in, use the kiosk, and am done in about 2 minutes. I'm not in this exchange, but I'd be pretty annoyed if I was and you were holding up the line. Especially when one of the 'rules' is to not keep the box.
  4. So you're keeping the box for two weeks? Very busy schedule you must have...
  5. The two pictured above are part of the core set for $120. I'm certain there will be run like bones 4.
  6. the merfolk I missed from earlier. Also a pic of the background, where you can see core set minis from the kickstarter. The one on the right has already been released, so I'm not sure if these are all already released?
  7. Price of core set has been announced at $120. There is one merfolk I missed getting a snip of. also, all of the minis int he background of the display are part of the core set, didn't get a snip of those.
  8. For those that don't have a local Torchy's, for next year's event, try and order something off the secret menu. https://torchystacos.com/menu/secret-menu/
  9. They also have a pretty tasty frozen margarita.
  10. I apologize in advance for any repeats. Those that I knew had already been posted I didn't include. These were all posted over on Facebook as well.
  11. @ironman1231 and I planned a little bit. I worked really hard and got lots of reaper bucks, he showed up to the auction and got free paints out of it. Win/win?
  12. That's me! I really enjoyed the miniature combining. @Ludo is actually also in this picture... hidden.
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