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  1. 12 hours ago, PammyD2 said:

    This is very exciting, and I plan to pick some up at ReaperCon!! Any discount if we wear previously purchased SouthPaw shirts? Ha ha!


    I know we're looking forward to it.  We plan on having more designs this year than last, and plan on doubling the size of our booth for better shopping experience.

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  2. 2 hours ago, OneBoot said:

    It's a lovely idea, and I would love to purchase one! However, as a con attendee, I (and anyone else who has to fly) will be considering luggage space while shopping. Be prepared to hand out lots of business cards for people who want to buy one but can't do it in person, depending on how big and/or fragile your beautiful calendar is. 🙂 


    (as an aside, using mini boxes to plan your calendar layout is brilliant!)



    --OneBoot 😄


    The 12X12 layout was intentional to fit in the box we're going to be using for shipping.  We'll figure out a shipping cost and you'll be able to buy on site and have it shipped to you if you choose.   Extra will end up on my wife's Etsy store.

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  3. Here's the layout of the Advent Calendar.  We've figured out what will be put into each box (will come in a larger 12x12 box for shipping/purchase.  There will also be an envelope for one of the days, making for 24 items total.


    Prices will be $60 for the regular version (prepainted minis, etc.)  $75 for the premium version (reaper unpainted minis)


    12 total minis in each version, with 12 other gifts, most of which have something personalized from us.  


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  4. Another question.. Would it matter if the minis inside were Reaper vs. Prepainted minis from Wizkids or similar?

    6 minutes ago, tpugmire said:

    Would these be available outside of reapercon?  


    The intention is to make them available for sale on my wife's Etsy storefront, as well as taking orders for delivery at Reapercon.

    1 minute ago, TripleH said:

    Would the calendars all have the same items, or would there be a variety?


    No two would be identical.  they would have the same quantity of each type of thing, but what's inside would be random.   I.E. everyone would get dice, some might get red, some get blue, etc.  The minis inside would also be a random assortment.

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  5. I'll be running a booth again this year (Southpaw Crafts) and we were considering selling Advent Calendars, with a theme of D&D.  They would contain D&D trinket items (think keychain, stickers, etc.), and around a dozen miniatures.  24 days, each day will have its own box to open.  Cost is still being considered, but we were thinking $40-$45 most likely.   The items inside would be kid appropriate (or kid at heart appropriate). 


    So, my question is, would you be interested in such a product?  


    We're trying to determine how many we would pre-make to bring.  We'd also take orders for them to be delivered before Dec 1st.  

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  6. 2 hours ago, Inarah said:


    Any possibility you can arrange with Reaper to sell Reapercon shirts as well?  The art and logo is already done, you'd only need permission. 




    Yes we will be.  We're working on specific Reapercon 2021 designs but are open to suggestions.  We have access to the Reapercon logo and the Reaper logo.   The additional art for Brinewind/etc. will not be included.

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  7. What are some of the checklist items for Reapercon 2021?   

    Ideas I've had so far:

    See the 'Ron'ning Man

    Get some Drow Nipple Pink

    Bones 6 Confirmation

    Reaper Factory Tour


    We'll be collecting the best/funniest/etc. of these onto a shirt to sell at our booth at the convention.  For those interested, booth is Southpaw Crafts  

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  8. 13 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

    ah man Cheddars has some great stuff, you just have to find it. My husband absolutely loves their broccoli cheese casserole side and their buffalo chicken wrapper meal, their wisconsin cheese bite appetizer is really good, and i really like their salmon


    They also have a pretty tasty frozen margarita.

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