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  1. Hi all! There is now another Kickstarter for new crews at http://kck.st/3g6NISs
  2. Hi Brian - thanks for backing our Kickstarter! Your painted minis look fabulous! For anyone else - they are now available to buy at www.deadearth.co.uk
  3. Yep! Thanks for all the help everyone. Now to deliver!
  4. The Kcikstarter ends on Friday! Don't miss out - pledge now! Pirates of the Dread Sea, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chappellm/pirates-of-the-dread-sea
  5. 77% now thanks to all the support and shares. Fingers crossed.
  6. Yeah, this is the first time we've done one this short for a higher target. The last one (the dwarves which you backed - thanks!) didn't seem to be a problem at all. Oh well, you live and learn. As I've said, I'm still going to be pushing this one day in and day out until the end to hopefully get it over the line. Thanks for all the ideas. Some of those sites have carried a story now, will look into Paizo. Frothers seemed quite negative when I looked there a few years ago, but still worth checking out of course
  7. Mmm. That's a good point, as slippage is common in Kickstarters and it would be wrong to promise that we'll deliver on time, because as much as I'm confident we will, unforeseen things happen.
  8. Hi. I'll be adding a video with some explanation of game play this weekend and changing the main page around a bit with some more gameplay focus, for sure. We have now been mentioned by tabletopnews and I think Wargameterrain are in the process of putting something together. Will contact geekandsundry. Thanks for the tips!
  9. The mermaids are actually already available from www.deadearth.co.uk
  10. I realised it was Grump who noticed, just messed up my quoting (was on a phone at the time). So I thank him for sharing. We only have 1 week left, but we're also only 4 days in...we're just about on track to hit target but if it looks like it's not going to happen then absolutely we'll pull and relaunch. But if we did, I'm not sure how much more we can do to get the word out to more people. I know about this forum now, so that's a help, but if anyone has ideas, I'm open to them! We already had news items featured on OnTabletop/Beasts of War, Bell of Lost Souls, Tabletop Gaming News
  11. I have to say we are very pleased and proud of the quality of the product. Thanks for the best wishes! And yes, this is very much a passion project, but I hope to take it as far as we can assuming we manage to get over the minor hurdle of fundung!
  12. Thanks for starting this thread and sharing our campaign, whilst I would naturally like it to be doing better, it has only been running for 3 days and I may not have given it as much time to run as I should (the decision was ,made based on previous campaigns where nothing much happens for a long middle period). Hi - thanks so much for backing the first wave. Just in case I haven't made it clear elsewhere, whilst the humans and skeletons are bigger than the dwarves, they are NOT as tall as the elf and orc from wave 1. They are 35mm from base to top of the head. If you're dwar
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