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  1. cornucopia

    Bonesylvanians - Jack

    Wonderful job! Nice additions to the base too!
  2. cornucopia


    Such a great job! The eyes are so cool. Love the color scheme, really funky!!
  3. cornucopia

    Reaper Black - Owlbear

    Thank you for the kind words. I hope to be able to contribute to the forum! Already a lot of info I still need to go through, a real treasure trove!
  4. cornucopia

    03953 - Anuminar Winterbeard, Wizard

    Amazing work! Congrats.
  5. cornucopia

    Barrell Williams (Galladoria Games - Barrel Mimic)

    Those eyes! Wonderful result!
  6. cornucopia

    Reaper Black - Owlbear

    Thank you very much, I have added 2 extra photographs from other angles.
  7. cornucopia

    Reaper Black - Owlbear

    Hello everyone, So I finally took the plunge to post here, so please accept my take on the Owlbear from the Reaper Black series. All comments or remarks are welcome! Many greetings, Philip *EDIT : added additional photographs.