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  1. Lovely! Excellent work and thank you so much for the write-up and especially for the shopping list of magnets. 🙂 Coming up with a name is hard. Here's an idea: Damocles.
  2. Hi, my apologies if this is not the correct forum for this question, and for asking it again in case it has been asked before (though I didn't find anything similar). Is there any "canonical" info with respect to general color schemes for the various Dreadmere factions? Thanks, ~Michael
  3. Sorry to necro this thread, but I am looking at apps for paint selection and inventory on iOS. I found one called Paint Picker that purports to help with selection of color schemes, but sadly it is missing Reaper's line of paints. The author says if one has RGB codes for lines of paints his app doesn't have, to drop him a line. Any idea if and where I could find such information? Is this the right place? And is there an updated version of the PDF linked a few pages back? It's been a couple years...
  4. Y'all are so helpful - the nose grease tip was a trip, I LOL'd even though I know it's totally a thing. Army Painter sculpting tools ordered, but won't be here until Saturday. Luckily I have other minis to satisfy my addiction paint until they arrive! ;-b
  5. @Gadgetman! Thanks so much for your reply, the pic, and the tip re: Vaseline! I'll give it a shot and see how it goes.
  6. I purchased three sets of #77477. This SKU comes with two different models - the one I'm interested in is the plastic version of #08319 Hobgoblin Captain. In each set I bought, the Hobgoblin Captain model has a definite gap at the right shoulder - no big deal there, Green Stuff to the rescue. The problem is the sword - in one model, the sword was detached from the model's lower, center piece of armor, leaving a significant divot. I ended up detaching the others - a mistake I should have avoided, in retrospect - and they all that the divots too, although the arms on the model are at the correct angle to cover it whereas the original problem hobgobby's arm is at a different angle. I've attached a pic, hopefully you can see the problem there. But now that they're detached, I kind of like the idea of re-posing them to make it easier to paint the model. I still have the divot problem, though, and I'm wondering how I should proceed. Has anyone else encountered this problem with this model, or similar, and if so how was the problem resolved? OR, maybe this is a defective model and I should contact Reaper customer service? I'm guessing I could either reposition the arms and put the swords back with super glue. But I suppose I could also trim the rough edges of the swords and fill the gap with green stuff. I have neither tools nor experience with that kind of fix, so recommendations on tools/techniques/tutorials are appreciated. About me - I consider myself a beginning-to-intermediate painter. I know of an understand some higher level techniques but I haven't had a lot of practice with them. I have no experience with basing models other than glueing them to plain plastic bases. I have very very little experience working with green stuff, etc. - I've just filled gaps (crudely) on some models using my fingers and a toothpick. :) Thanks in advance for your help! ~nzv Also, sorry in advance if this isn't in the right forum - I'm new here and I wasn't sure if this was the best place for this post or not. Happy to be corrected if so. :)
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