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  1. To look at where people feel this KS is at, and to look at where past Kickstarters have trended, we are in the early slump about when the early slump happens. I know it doesn't feel great to have bigger gaps between reveals but this has happened before. The Core Set is fleshed out pretty heavy early on (I would guess we are about 2/3rds of the way through its reveal) and an early expansion with solid fan support is nearly fleshed out (the Green Gryphon Tavern) and another 1-2 making solid progress. With that I would expect to see Reaper holding some really big stuff for the 1/3, 1/2, and 2/3 marks for days left ahead, they have in the past and those are good benchmarks for helping pick up as we hit the slowdown after the initial rapid gain opening. It should traditionally pick back up that pace in the last few days just the same. I fully understand that the slow downs don't feel good, the old hurry up and wait. People have had issue with not finding what they are looking for 'yet' in the past KS, feeling that things should have been reorder. Those feelings are fully valid, and the possibility that you don't find what you are looking for in this KS from cradle to grave may be a thing as well. Folks could also be waiting for that next paycheck or their tax return to hit. Too many variables to really know, but I do feel that Reaper has learned a lot, has done a lot of listening, and has some incredible offers already revealed this go around. A full Chronoscope expansion being off the docket I can understand. I am in the camp of 'if it was broken into separate pieces I would have bought the encounter packs for what I want in previous KS. The full Chronoscope boxes haven't hit my >60% of models I want to justify buying now vs waiting for retail' criteria. But a focused 'Pulp Heroes' stand alone, or And I feel it is safe to say that there will be dragon reveals that will drive numbers up when they do. 23 days to go, which is still a long road ahead on this marathon, I do hope that folks find their 'must haves' and I do believe that Reaper has some solid stuff ahead ( at least 2 more expansions, quite a few encounters, dragons, we tend to get a Lovecraftian god/monster in each KS, more dragons.)
  2. I have my village worth of villagers, my blacksmiths, a few magistrates and bailiffs, barkeeps, but would love entertainers.
  3. Agreed fully. Really looking forward to seeing all 5 parts of each.
  4. https://www.reapermini.com/search/Nefsokar Egypt/Desert themed set from their metal Warlords line (miniature game with different factions.)
  5. I still go back to all the previous Bones Kickstarter pages to reminisce and remind myself of what I picked up from each... and the dreaded 'Still regret not getting at that price' pieces.
  6. Really excited for Tavern offerings, patrons, terrain setting pieces, maybe an actual tavern building. With the incredible dragons of Bones 5, I really want to see some new metallic dragons in the offering. Also, more Dreadmere, that was my favorite expansion in Bones 4.
  7. Less than an hour!! Hoping for any terrain offerings this go around, Reaper has put out some amazing terrain so far and I hope they expand that hobby realm. Remember folks, it is a marathon ahead, enjoy the ride and keep the positivity going for Reaper.
  8. Got everything inventoried and assembled, only missing the head of the (not a warforged) construct mage. Got that emailed to Reaper and know there will be a wait as they process everything coming in. The Dragons are incredible and I can't wait to get paint on them. The Brinewind Inn Keeper and Brinewind Orc doxie are amazing models and I really love the body shapes and details. As a dad of three young ladies, having representation of so many body types, races, classes, and looks means a lot. I feel Reaper and the sculptors are doing great on this front overall, so thank you. Getting the ship together and already mapped out the gun deck to have cannon ball racks and the likes. Wanting to do magnetized rigging for display and removable for gaming as needed. Overall the quality is solid with only the minor issues here and there which are the same as others in the thread, but definitely seeing the detail and improvements between the kickstarters getting better. I even don't mind having to hot water reshape things knowing they had to sit in the heat of sitting containers during the logistical nightmare scape of the past year.
  9. Glad to finally have a shipping notice. It hit really late last night, updated on both the PM and emails from UPS. From what I am seeing, it looks like Wave 1 and 2 got moved through pretty solid yesterday, so here is to hoping that any others in early waves get the good news today as well. Looks like tomorrow afternoon I should have 30lbs of new awesome to inventory and put on the shelves.
  10. I have the "Your Pledge Manager is locked in anticipation of shipping your selections." screen, and have verified on the PM, money spent via bank statement, and emails on orders that all should be good on my end. And have been locked down for a long time on that front. I know it will get here, I trust Reaper on that front, just frustrated on getting a 'good wave position' to be stuck at the end of the line after a long series of circumstances where many were far outside of anyone control.
  11. I have had that feeling as well, like a filter got left on and it hasn't been caught yet. Staying hopeful amongst the wait, some news soon would be nice though.
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