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  1. Ok...giant sea monsters,pirates and ships... Not exactly my cuppa but all in all I'm in... I suposse the whole roster will be "confirmed" when the KS goes live right? And with the slight pushback on the date... Muhahaha... Thanks for the head up with the onis will look into them....
  2. Hummmm as an Oni fanboy myself, would you share your sources? There is always room for another one in my shelf (even as it groans)...thank you.... Remember remember the fifth of september... Wait, wrong month....
  3. Thank you all for your welcome, i apologize for the burden. ...So.Much.Plastic... .................. My god.... I bet for a unherard of aberration, or terror, or however we call a monster with more tentacles that a whole seafood buffet and more agressive than my ex. Brrrr
  4. Hi there Oki-doki, first, English is not my first lenguaje, so if I come across as daft or crass, I do apologize. Second this is my first foray into the whole KS so, if I sound perplexed, or oblivious, is because I am. Now please, hear my theory: Say, that when the Ks goes live I throw in $5, that will "buy" me time to claw my way to a bigger amount ($200 perhaps?) trough 4 months and pick the core box+some or another extra+shipp but! I cannot pick my "wave" thing, whereas if I could manage to load the whole $101 even in the last day I can pick a wave and then get some time to scram the other 100 for extras and fees? Is that right? On a slight tangent how many minis are we talking here, just a single core box no paid extras? The pic of the 4th gives me like 80, but a pair of vids make it up to 100 or maybe I lost count... So.Much.Plástico... Thank you all