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  1. Just great... Now they're dropping the squads... There goes my budget... Well, at least they're GORGEOUS
  2. That is a really BIG creepy crawler... My wallet!....argh!
  3. In the unlikely evento that somebody read this: Happy New year y'all!!
  4. Looking good... Got mail from the reapers, the landsknetch,comes with swapy heads (I hope that don't change) Cheers
  5. Greek-Yephima, nuff said (and them big monsters...grrroar!) Dwellers- This and Favorites go mano-a-mano, with the more bang for your buck shtick, gotta love that, plus, some of these sculpts are awe-inspiring to me Brinewind- Im not that sold in the pirates thing, but they have so much charm combined.... Chrono- Robots and mutants and mad scientists oh my!...but i don't know if I can afford it... Daimyo- Hmmm... Love some, others, Not so much... Depths- The giant is cool...otherwise....erm no thanks? Oy, can I drop here the Channel Pit and Ravenhomme? I know they're not full fledged X-Packs, but imho they are a good deal, and those two are my favorites(the King's Crypt comes third)
  6. Well technically... Yes... Also yes, so your dire hireling will be a ogre/troll with a great bag straped, a club and a spiky skullcap... And a kitten in a pouch or somesuch...
  7. @Darsc Zacal why, thank you, those SAN points were cluttering my inventory.... @Glitterwolf erm... I think you're talking with the wrong end of the deal... But hey, im just going with by-the-book numbers, at 3-4 bucks by mini ten of them will be in the range @Corsair is ballparking, the fact that are already thematically akin could help... Or no, again fleabay....
  8. Well, yes that is true on both fronts, I myself rarely played "by the book" sizes if any (dm just said "you find a bloke the size of -random landmark/object- and it wants trouble" it's just that the whole size/scale thing has been in my mind as of recently
  9. Oookeiii.... That's a big guy.... Sigh... Ok, I think im digging me'own grave here but... Will not(if we keep a consistent scale) that guy being just about right to be a Titan? I admit that im hazzy on the details (size, new editions, all that jazz) but the giants IIRC were roughly the height of 3 tall guys stacked and that guy is More or less four guys so.... Edit: just checked, nope, im dead wrong a Titan will be at least 10 guys stacked.... Or the somesuch.... Daaaamnnnn...
  10. 17 looks like a gargoyle-kind of deal, cerberus got oficial stats in "gods & demigods" IIRC... Yog soghoth...erm there is Cuhtlhu d20 wich maaaaybe have compatible stats with older editions, or simply take some demonic prince and borrow his stats.....
  11. Oh well, a happy coincidence I guess, haven't that name been already pitched?... Too many posts ago?...
  12. "Sophie's Fortune"?... Im bad with names...just like the pirates...
  13. @strawhat right in the money dude! But boy, those minis sure have to put Pain into Paint...
  14. Sigh... Do tell, that lovely assasin is also OOP isn't it...?
  15. Works for me, hirelings there at 12 a pop, no artwork thoug ,are you trying from PC? Im in the movile ver. Maybe that have something to do about it.
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