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  1. Adventurers Inn set with interior. Preferably as its own box set similiar to Graveyard expansion, but with most effort on the building.
  2. Hello. New poster but old collector. I have used Bones for a while now, backed Bones 3 and Bones 4 and been mostly happy. I am fully aware that bonesium has issues with regards to rigidity but never has this been a problem before. All the models I have bought before have stood up well. Until Bones 4 skeleton dragon. I pinned the wing stubs, but both entire wings droop horribly. I tried laying the dragon on its side but that doesn't help, it just droops differently and very quickly, it had reposed itself in under a week when left on its side so both wings were flat above each other.. Something is very wrong with this miniature, the rest of the dragon does not droop, in fact the model was designed based on earlier mistakes with dragons. Thing is Marthrangul, the largest other dragon I own has no droop issues. Though I know Reaper makes much bigger dragons than that. I don't know what to do. The only way I could pin it now it to chop it into little pieces and pin each one. The alternate is to ask for Bones to ship me new wings of newer bonesium, or grant me permission to home case replacement wings for my own use out of resin. Which is not ideal as it would be an amateur job. If I heated it and remolded it, is there any special paint or coating that would give the model rigidity. What about a heavy varnish or glue undercoat or something similar.
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