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  1. I think my favorite Lovecraft is "The Dunwich Horror". It, and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" are good places to start, IMO. You don't have to have a really strong mythos background to follow what's going on. Don't get discouraged by the density of the language, give several stories a try, the quality of what's been published really varies - some of his very early stuff (initially rejected by publishers?) is pretty weak, IMO.
  2. Normally, I like mounted figures. Lady Denova, though . . . unless I can convince myself that she's in the process of jumping off, she's not doing it for me. I'm guessing she's supposed to be riding sidesaddle, but it looks like she's sliding off and is about to end up on her kiester on the ground. Thoth, however, I like. He'll be on my wish list when he comes out. The specter and the sorceress are nice, too.
  3. Why yes, that was us, and my wraiths.
  4. Dracos picked up Garr, Word Dog Alpha the other day, and we noticed that he has the Cavalry SA. As described, the Cavalry SA says that the mini with the SA actually counts as two when counting how many minis you have in a troop. When applied to one critter riding on another, that makes sense. However, Garr is essentially a self-guided cavalry unit. Does Garr still count as two minis, or will he be an exception and only count as one? (My personal opinion is that Garr is not Garr-on-a-well-trained-horse, or smart-monkey-riding-Garr, so that that Garr should only count one.) Is there an official ruling on this? I did a search of the forum and didn't see anything. Other opinions?
  5. So far I've also been going by the "what I like" criteria, and was originally working on a theme army, of mixed factions. I haven't quite abandoned that idea, but I think I'm moving toward it being a subset of my total available forces. I've got lots of armies on paper, the trick is getting them painted...
  6. Two words: Crate Training. Done right, and the dog will trot happily off to their crate when told, and you don't have to worry about what they're up to when you're not home. (unless, of course, you do something silly like forgetting to *latch* the crate, or a sock within paw-range of the crate starts calling to the dog... )
  7. You can also highlight black fur with a red-brown or brown. Many black animals look brown when you get them out in the sun.
  8. Or, to go a different direction, look at the colors you use a lot and which ones you don't - if you don't like, say, orange, then you may want to hold off on the oranges. If you're a blue fiend, get one or more of the blue triads. Fro instance, I was doing a happy dance when we got the red-brown triad - I forget which one of them is a darn close match to my favorite (Tamiya) Hull Red.
  9. I think you're thinking Verlinden. I thought their website used to be something with Verlinden or VLS as the main part of the name, now it appears to be VLS Corporation's Model Mecca. I'll second the recommendation for Pegaso. Here's a link to the Pegaso Home Page in English, even. Dracos and I got some Pegaso minis for Christmas . . . and have been intimidated by them and haven't started painting.
  10. And how can we forget G-Force/Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman?!?! Frighteningly, Dracos and I are seriously considering ADV Films' New English Dub of Gatchaman . . .
  11. And just to stir/confuse the soup a little more, the term "dye" is often commonly used to refer to the combination of said said color particles in a dissolved state in the solvent. In my house, dyes are usually used for leather, and generally have an unpleasantly toxic base, particularly the petroleum-based black. (for me, dyes are the things that soak into my skin and leave me speckled for 2+ days, everything washes off or otherwise disappears within 24 hours...)
  12. Civil Engineer, reviewing new/revised floodplain maps/studies. Oooh. Dream Job. So many choices. No particular order: Reviewing books - but the ones I pick. Working at a quiet homey bookstore (not sure I want the management hassles of actually running one!), the kind where the customers are likely to be bibliophiles like me. Now, the real farmers please don't burst my bubble this is *dreaming* after all: moving out to the boonies and have a farm. Sheep, dairy goats, several other possible critter types. Hitting the lotto first or having the mythical rich uncle leave me a heap is something of a prerequisite. Open a workshop/gallery selling all the hobby/craft things Dracos and I do - leatherworking, knitting, weaving, spinning, mini painting, model-building, etc. Hmm. Need that lotto thing again.
  13. Looks good, although not quite the Techno-Trousers I was expecting. I really like the metallic colors. I'm quite happy to use metallic paints for metals, myself. Whoops! Let's edit that and not quote all the pictures...
  14. Evil (combination Necropolis/Nefsokar/Overlords force), because E-Vil always has the spiffy uniforms! Or something like that . . . I guess I just liked the look of the evil factions' minis the best.
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