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  1. I was particularly impressed by the train - something about it was gripping/disturbing. I was kind of hoping for "Oooh-laaah" noise like in Jeff Wayne's audio/musical adaptation, but the booming/howling/whatever noise they did make was good. I was happy to see that they didn't have Cruise's character fight the tripods with his cargo container crane. I had awful visions of that as the movie started... It was a great Summer Movie.
  2. I'm thinking that Skeletal Warrior is going to find a home as a proxy for *somebody* in my Warlords army.
  3. I think your dipped minis look great. I struggle with not getting carried away on my tabletop paint jobs, I should try making a dip for my next batch of grunts.
  4. I sent mine and Dracos' out at the same trip to the post office last week. Has it been received? I'm a little paranoid since the post awful lost a bunch of the DucKon dealer's room confirmations a couple months ago. (should have gotten tracking on the minis).
  5. Thanks for fixing the link Ladystorm. I was far from awake yesterday.
  6. IIRC in the past few years (decade?) there has been a problem with some disease of cork trees, which has caused particular problems with corks for wine bottles - nasty smells, flavor impacts, yadda yadda - such that even some better vintages are going to man-made stoppers. May be a related phenomenon . . . May be m. babbling incoherently pre-caffeine . . .
  7. I got Dracos a bunch of little-bitty bits for pinning here, less than $1/each (pre-shipping): Shore International - Twist Drill Bits Page I forget what size I got to use with straight pins, and they're currently on walkabout. 72, maybe? When I called and asked about the different brands, the person I talked to said he didn't feel that there was much difference between the Mascot and European, it was mostly a personal preference thing. I don't think I asked about the Dormer, as they worked out to about the same price as what we were paying at the local model shop. looking at the ordering information page, they base their shipping/handling charge on the shipping cost, (when I ordered Dracos' bits, I also ordered another item that faaar outweighed them). And I see that they also have a $25 minimum order. OTOH, they have lots of cool goodies... **EDIT: Fixed link**
  8. Aaaawwww, but Frosch is such a fun-gi...
  9. Blood-drinking Necros and the Nefsokar reborn Undead kicking tail A ghostly horseman drifts through your living body Non-corporeal hurts dull is the work day on feeder, red-winged blackbirds a paint scheme comes to mind
  10. Well, I wasn't actually shooting for haiku, though now I wish I'd pulled it off. Maybe a limerick? I'm waiting for my faction book I'll get it by hook or by crook The Peeps they say soon May's gone now I'm hoping for June this last line has me saying "OOK!" I never said it was a *good* limerick!
  11. Soonsish Soonly Soonerish Spoonlier Swoonsy Schoonsy Snoozly Squoonzlly Or did I mean to post that in a modern free-verse poetry forum? I'm so confused...
  12. Reaper doesn't seem to have a problem with players using house rules. If everyone involved in a game wants to stick with lots-o-elven archers, then play that way. How many of us regularly play most of our games in a setting where house rules aren't allowed? I'm thinking that most of us usually play with a set of "usual suspects", and those people are probably going to be open to discussing house rules. Yes, I realize that in tournaments or other games with people that want to stick to the rules as written, archers will still be a limited quantity on the battlefield, and some will have to stay in the army boxes. I'd have a lot of cavalry still in the transports in those situations, myself (that thread was a few weeks ago). Maybe part of my attitude is from being married to a software/hardware tester. I expect a few bugs in v1.1 of anything...
  13. CAV II is in open beta testing, you might also look at the CAV section of the board and see if there's a description of how that works. I get the impression that its as many people as want to download and try out the beta rules -- but I only very lightly skim the CAV section, so consider this only a half-cent's worth of idea.
  14. Well, as said in another thread or two, .pdf files of the corrections or changes to the rulebook will be available at Reaper Games, and I'm thinking Bryan et. al. will get it up reasonably quick. As for data cards, images of all cards were made available not that long ago, so I expect that changed point costs may be dealt with that way. Alternatively, you can get something like 5 data cards for one Proochase, so once updated cards are printed, we could get new ones that way. Personally, I think .pdf corrections/changes are fine, and very good of Reaper to provide. I don't think that Reaper made changes to published rules and stats lightly, so they really must think that they really were necessary for game balance (I don't play enough to have a useful opinion, myself). Reaper is still, in the end, a business that has to make money if we want them to stay in business, and asking them to exchange all the previous books and data cards is simply ridiculous. I think back to all my old D&D books and errors they contain, and all the different versions TSR went through (and since, I haven't tried to keep up in 10-plus years). If I wanted to keep up, I could buy Dragon magazines and new books, or copy from friends who had. Now, maybe other games publishers are making information available, but from what I've read here, only Reaper makes it easy to download information freely.
  15. Dracos and I have ours done, just to get out for more clearcoat...
  16. Allergies can be cumulative - I have a couple books about beekeeping, and one author had to give up after having a really bad reaction from a sting - same kind of bee as many many other stings, but all of a sudden his immune system had become super-sensitive. An over-the-counter anti-histimine like Benadryl may help. (Cue Dr. "Bones" McCoy voice) But darn it, Jim, I'm a Civil Engineer, not a Doctor! so take that for what its worth. I was at my local acute care center last Friday night for an...annoying reaction to an over-the-counter medication myself. I didn't think it was anything like life-threatening, but I wasn't going to be a sane person if I didn't do *something* about it. Hope it gets better quick, or sooner!
  17. sad in this space/time continuum too...trying to be patient.
  18. Bare cleavage + hot metal & sparks. I'd be pretty sad-looking about that idea, too! (speaking as someone who has had a pretty-darn-warm .22 shell casing find its way down the neck of her shirt to said cleavage . . . Yee-ARGH!"
  19. The Dark Maiden. And Finari's concept art/rulebook portrait. The mini of Finari is great, but her art and picture in the rulebook are awsome.
  20. They're a domestic breed, they don't have to. International Fainting Goat Association Breed Information Page Why "Fainting" goats do what they do
  21. My birthday was . . . interesting. Dracos got a couple holes in his hand, and Robin crashed his bicycle, so we spent the evening running around to various flavors of doctor's office/acute care center/ERs. No serious damages, but it wasn't exactly a quiet evening at home. And somehow Dracos got me to promise to finish painting his Centaur and Giant Eagle for his Warlords armies before I start the Viridius, Griffin, and other goodies he got me for my army... Man, Viridius is one big beastie. I think we'll find something a little heftier than straight pins for assembly!
  22. Must . . . have . . . mounted . . . Crimson . . . Knight!!! Can't . . . wait . . . Losing . . . conjunctions. . .
  23. They're all gorgeous, but I think the Saint Celestine is my favorite. She's got . . . something about her.
  24. Unless your mini is going to be absolutely for display only, or you're willing to do a lot of touching up, then yes, you do. If you know anybody that's had minis that have been in use for a while, or there's gaming with minis at your FLGS, you can probably see some examples of what happens when the paint starts to wear. Everybody has different favorite clear coats and combinations. If you can, look at other painter's minis and see which ones seem to have a finish that you like and ask what was used. Most painters will probably also let you use a mini's worth from their supply if you ask nicely and explain why you want to "borrow" some. My minis get whatever flat or semi-gloss that Dracos buys (usually Testor's), as long as it isn't super-shiny I'm happy.
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