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  1. IIRC the plastic pipettes we have at home are Testor's, and were found at the local Hobby Lobby or Michael's in the model section. I have some Tamiya acrylics that are pushing 20 years old that are still useable, and have been through most of those midwest summers without air conditioning. I know the Reaper paints are a different formulation, but I'm still figuring that our MSPs are going to be used up before dried up. Come to think of it, of all the paints (acrylic and enamel) that I've ever thrown away, I think only a couple have been (semi-) solidified. Most have been . . . funky. Growing paint is an ugly thing.
  2. Heh heh heh. You need to be infected: Project Gutenberg I don't know how many books I've got queued up on my PDA and in my list of bookmarks, and I don't want to. On the plus side, I can add another book or three and the PDA doesn't get any heavier. I've got those cataloged, too, in a spreadsheet - one page by author, one page by title, and then shorts in collections by both author and title. And where on my memory stick the files are located. I don't have as much unread paper, I think because they look at me and whisper how neglected they're feeling...
  3. Its a Guy Thing. Don't ask; just smile, nod, and back away slowly... (I'm not being snarky, my '92 Jeep Wrangler will probably be turned into a rock-crawler if/when I retire it)
  4. One of these days our house is going to implode under the mass of all the books in it. I think it would take us a week just to un-shelve, scan the barcodes, and re-shelve everything (and not much is sorted). I'm seriously thinking that Dracos and I need to overcome our packrat natures and send a bunch of books to the library, used book store, *somewhere*! Qwyk, you're experiencing exactly the phenomenon that led me to start listing some of our books in my PDA - paperback novels don't bother me much, but after buying the second copies of various O'Reilley computer books, we started keeping track. I also keep (or kept, some I don't any more) lists of cookbooks, my civil engineering references, and cartoon books. Books are an addiction. Those that don't have it don't understand it. Oh well, at least its a socially-acceptable addiction.
  5. I'm not familiar with DVD Aficianado, but we have this software: Readerware and really like it. Besides books, you can also use it to catalog DVDs and CDs. Being able to scan the barcodes in and have the program go out and fetch all the information on the book (or whatever) is *really* nice. Before we got Readerware I kept lists of certain classes books on my PDA, and we tried setting up a database of books on our own once, but the data entry thing killed it. And if there's no information on-line on a book, you can enter the information yourself, and edit entries that the program has pulled in from elsewhere. No affiliation, yadda yadda, just a happy owner. Which reminds me, I've gotten some new books I need to scan...
  6. I'm going to have to pay attention what happens to the Plaid Wraiths vs. the rest of the Rainbow Wraith brigade. If the Plaids don't count as bright, I dunno what does...
  7. I'm playing Necropolis. The only non-Deathrider cavalry I have are my generic sergeants. (my cavalry-heavy armies were designed with Dracos' [expletive] Lupine troop and Elven archers in mind. The Lupines are bad enough by themselves, but give them Elven archer support...)
  8. Erk! I don't remember seeing any discussion on this one, did I miss it? Do we have a reasoning behind it? Point me to a thread somewhere? I'm assuming its a game balance thing, but I figured the cost of cavalry in the cost/benefit consideration would be the actual point cost. I'm assuming the modifier to ranged attack directed at cavalry is similar to modifiers to ranged attacks against other larger-than-human things. Now I have to go re-work all my cavalry troops...
  9. Wouldn't totally Iliad be a large wooden Dust Bunny?
  10. Here's the thread with the news and updates: Off-Topic Rampancy, "Off to the hospital"
  11. Otter


    Pay no attention to the Dracos. He read "basing" for "facing" He needs more sleep...
  12. Someone needs to paint a little Pennsylvania-Dutch-style hex to go above the door - a froggy one, of course. Someone with better freehand skills than me, though.
  13. Otter


    Boy, they look a lot more snarly/vicious up-close than they do when looking at them on the table...no wonder they were whomping on everybody this weekend...
  14. Hadn't thought about it, but no reason not to. Off I go...
  15. I seem to have become Painter Of Non-Humanoid Things in our house (started Dracos' centaur over the weekend, and also have his giant eagle to do). Unfortunately, the head-on shot reveals the problem I had with the eyes. Either one looks good, but seeing both you can see they're not quite right. I was waffling on washing the body with a rust, but never got a Round Tuit before Dracos put him into service with his demo army. And now just the head, so I can show off the shading on the mane, which I'm particularly proud of. IIRC I mixed about 9 different red-browns by the time I was done. (Not all of them were used). I knew I had one spot to touch up on the mane, darn camera found me some more...
  16. Nothing really special about these guys. They're for play, so I didn't put as much fussing in on them as I could have, and painted the bases plain black (and I see I need to touch up at least one base). I was going for a mostly-statuary look on them, and wasn't sure about the green head-dresses at first, but after washing and having them around for a while I think they're growing on me. I am happy with the skirts/kilts/whatevers, and the blue trim.
  17. A Nonet of Colorful E-Vil A while back I posted my Golfing Wraiths, and made the comment that the next set would be something simpler...like red. Well, on the way home with set #2, I made the comment to Dracos that I couldn't decide between red and blue for them. Dracos: So do one red, one blue, and one yellow. Me: But then I'd have to do the third set in the primary colors. Dracos: Yeah, so... ...and that was it. Rainbow Wraiths. And yes, I have done a color wheel with the 6 solids.
  18. This brings to mind something I've seen in paints produced for plastic modellers - use of Federal Standard (FS) Numbers. A number of the manufacturers include the FS number on their paint, if it corresponds to one of the colors in the list, and many of the model kits include the FS number for the suggested colors. Very useful when the instructions list, for instance, Gunze Sangyo paints, and you live in a Testor's/Tamiya house. Why yes, I am speaking from personal experience. I expect there's plenty of colors in the Reaper, GW, Vallejo, etc. lines that aren't FS matches, but it would be nice if any that were included that information. OTOH, military models are a slightly different market - although there are companies that make both paint and models, there are others that don't. Here's a couple web pages that I've found useful about FS colors and paint conversions in general. http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/s...orcharts_fs.htm http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/colorcharts.asp One more possibly useful bit before I quit rambling (threadjacking?), the new Master Series Mahogany/Chestnut/Rust brown triad, #9070-9072 have finally gotten me to relenquish my death grip in my Tamiya Hull Red.
  19. Looks successful to me. I love her the colors and shading on her clothing. Great mini, her body language and facial expression are great. She looks scary/dangerous, without screaming "I'm a vampire with big sharp nasty pointy teeth". Think I'm going to have to file her away on my wish list.
  20. Yeah, I'm not liking the wings, either, although I do like her hair and clothes. I seem to have become Painter of Wings in our house, so I keep going through our field guide to birds for coloration ideas, and those just aren't a very natural-looking wing shape to me. I know minis are fantasy, but personally, I prefer feathered wings that have the same structure as Earth-birds. I also like wings on human-ish figures that have a good wing-span, but I expect there's size/expense/structure issues that come into play.
  21. My sympathies to you and your wife. Been there, done that with the clueless thing. Fortunately, there are still good doctors and nurses to be had, when Dracos had his 2-week hospital stay a few years ago, the good far outweighed the clueless. Glad the [email protected] is still happy and healthy.
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