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  1. OTOH, I think her hair looks good as-is - but based on seeing the mini, not the picture. Might just be this monitor, but the hair looks much flatter in coloration in the picture than it does live. Now he needs to get pictures of the mini I got in the mini exchange, my Anubis Guards, and the last of the wraiths. Dana gets *her* picture taken ASAP, but *my* minis have to lay around, languishing un-loved and un-photographed....
  2. Sounds suspiciously familiar - I started painting minis with Testor's enamels myself, while in High School to use for playing D&D. Eventually I started moving away from enamels to craft acrylics because I could use water for cleanup, and the wider range of colors. I recently dug some of my old minis out, and y'know, some of them aren't too bad. With a little washing and/or highlighting, and a shot of dullcote, they'd look even better. And there's 3 or 4 that I'll be leaving shiny. A lot of it is just practice. The old minis of mine that I'm not emberassed at now are the later ones I did, to the best of my memory. And don't be afraid to strip a mini and start over. I think that was one of my big breakthroughs (although I don't claim to be anywhere near the best here! ) Every so often the colors or something are just *wrong*, and starting over is the way to go.
  3. I agree, that color scheme is a keeper. There's just something about the pose, the look on her face, and everything, I really like this mini.
  4. Also, take a look at row markers for knitting - I just threw my package of them into my mini case for use gaming this weekend. Big hobby/craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's probably have them. (I get mine at the FLYS - Friendly Local Yarn Store).
  5. I think it may be the caused by it being the busy time of year for the USPS, too. We're in the Chicago area. I placed an order with a company that was supposed to ship out Monday, not sure how, from NY State, and my husband got something from not-sure-where that shipped USPS Monday. My packgage is still MIA, as of last night my husband's was *still* showing that the shipping info had been received by the USPS, but nothing else. Normally I would have expected to received anything from the E. coast by Wednesday, and the W. coast by today. IIRC I got a book shipped book rate from somewhere around the Rockies or west of there in less than a week. (of course, either package could still show up today, our normal delivery is in the afternoon) And IIRC, First Class/Priority/Whatever they're calling it any more gets priority over parcel post, etc.
  6. I gave my first three Anubis Guards gold eyes the other night. Seems to be a Nefsokar trend developing...
  7. Nice touch making the base bright colors. Gives the impression of a fancy carpet. I usually chicken out and make bases something bland and hope nobody notices them.
  8. I like the eyes on the Mummy consort and the horde-o-mummies. Nice evilness there. The familiar is neat, is it from one of the familiar packs?
  9. Those are gorgeous! I can see where more red in the purple would also look good, but there's not too much white in it, IMO.
  10. Acting as Speaker-For-Dracos, since I type faster. SaintRigger: I've got a Nivar, and a DHL succubus that we can use for Syphrilla as a test run to see how juggling things that way works. On the other suggestions, I think Dracos is also trying to let the brand-shiny-new players do their thing without too much "do this now" interference from him, and without bogging things down too much time/speed-wise. So let me expand the discussion a bit: When the players in a demo game are both new to Warlords, what's your opinion on how much tactical suggestions/help a person running a demo should be giving? Help with the rules and let them work out their tactics, apart from preventing outright slaughter of one side? Be pretty involved strategy and tactics-wise? Some happy medium?
  11. I don't think it's a huge issue (he hasn't been stomping around the house ranting and raving, anyway), but if you have somebody watching more than one demo game, they're could pick up on it, and think that the game is skewed, when it appers to be just these particular army setups and/or a new player effect. I do have other Necropolis minis that could be added in a balancing attempt, but Dracos is also trying to show that Warlords is playable and fun straight out of the starter boxes. Consulting the family army list, when magic is used: The Templars are getting 1 bandage, 1 bless, 1 cure, 1 hold, and 1 holy light. Necropolis gets 1 ice shards, 1 fireball, and 1 scare Both sides get a familiar, Total points including spells are 668 for Templars and 662 for Necropolis. Maybe just the magic needs to be tweaked for the with-magic armies?
  12. The base looks really good . . . and so does the scenery around her. And the Maiden herself, of course.
  13. That is really cool, count me as another one really impressed with the tatoos. I bought this mini mostly for the fund-raising, the sculpt was kinda "meh", now I'm re-thinking it...
  14. It probably will, and should be one of those "can't hurt to try" things. If my husband has only found Square Tuits today, I'll try it with my Anubis Guards tonight - they're stuck to popsicle sticks for painting with hot glue - well, actually the lower-temp-melt hot glue, which is what I was planning on using for the old minis, too.
  15. Arrived yesterday and is really neat! I'll nudge Dracos to get pictures for me, he's the photographer of the family. I like the dice bag, as padding too.
  16. Thanks for all the opinions. I've got a package of bases and will be hot-gluing the old minis down tonight or tomorrow. (using hot glue on the theory that it will be easier to separate the minis from the bases when I re-retire them). I'm married to one of the Black Lightning members running Reaper games at the con, so I know his opinions on proxying. I'll talk to the other guy again - last time we were all yakking about it was in general terms. In any case, I also have a couple tables in the con's dealer's area, so even if I don't use the proxy cavalry on the regular gaming tables, if business is slow I can play my husband and son there with wierd terrain. Provided I can pry my son away from whatever 40K action is ongoing, that is... Frosch said: > If you're doing stuff as a Black Lightnig rep, I'd at least try to use Reaper figures. Which is why I'll save the nifty Rackham zombie cavalry for relatively private games. Don't want to embarass the husband, after all.
  17. Yep, you're right, sign me up for a case of foot-in-mouth disease, I misread/misremembered. I got my husband (at home at the moment) to check the book for me. Mandatory for armies where the target is 1001 points or more, even if the end total is under 1K, from page 51. I'll go back to lurking now...
  18. For an army with a target point value of 1K or more you need a Warlord. This bit a couple armies that Dracos and I were building on paper just last week.
  19. Oooohhhh...I like them! How about a heraldicly-done human for insignia? We humans like to use critters for that type of thing, turnabout seems fair. The Da-Vinci person in a circle image, maybe - should be able to find an image of that on-line somewhere, though it might not shrink to a size to print on a decal and still be legible.
  20. OK, I know that: The Official-with-a-capital-O Reaper tournaments that don't allow proxies (outside of the 90-day rule) are currentl ReaperCon, GenCon, and Origins. The 90-Day rule allows us to use proxies for minis for 90 days after a mini is released, to allow time to get the mini(s) and get them painted. At Official-With-An-O Reaper events, 90-day rule proxies must be Reaper minis. BL events may allow proxies or not, at the discretion of the BL member running the event. Finally, proxies must also be OK with all players. The situation I'm looking for feedback on is regarding what is socially nice and is, I think, fairly limited in scope. The Necropolis Deathriders just hit my FLGS a week or two ago. I like the idea of cavalry and I've come up with some armies that use up to 10 or 12 undead cavalry, but I don't have that many of the Deathriders, yet and no other Reaper cavalry-like minis. This weekend is a local gaming convention where I'd like to try out my undead cavalry units/armies, for fun (not tournament). I do have a small boatload of 15-20-year-old mounted figures and centaurs that would make reasonable proxies with the quick addition of the proper size bases. Should I go ahead and dust off the old tackle/mini boxes and try out my pseudo-undead-cavalry at the convention, or wait until I get The Real Thing to play with undead cavalry in public? (BL, opponents, etc., willing, of course). I suppose I could also poster-tack non-horse-ish Reaper minis to cavalry bases as proxies, but I think that would look even sillier than my old scary-paint-job cavalrythings. (There's the fact that I was seduced by a three-pack of zombie-ish Rackham undead cavalry, BUT I'll save them for games at home or other non-public settings)
  21. Dark Heaven DHL 2623, Sheya, Shieldmaiden Warlords, Necropolis 14033, Nivar the Wraith 14090, Wraith Harvesters (3) More Wraith Harvesters 14133, Celestial Lion 14138 Anubis Guards (3)
  22. I admit it, I stole it, it's sitting in our box of paints by my right knee...
  23. I don't know about the actual playing - I've only played 3 or 4 times - but I'm having the most fun with assembling on paper/spreadsheet 500-point armies. I think I started a littel backwards, though - did a couple 750-point, a 1500-point designed specifically with Dracos' elf/lupin army in mind, *then* went and played with 500-point setups. The second 1500-point army went a lot easier with the 500-point varieties to pull from. I'd probably have even more fun if I wasn't mostly limiting myself to minis that we have in the house in a playable condition (ie: assembled, even if unpainted). And then there's my descriptive titles like: "500-point Undead Awfulness" The whole family is off to CoD Con the 15th through 17th, figure we'll be trying out various scenarios there . . . hmm . . . leather belt pouches, etc. on my vendor's table as terrain, could be...amusing. I figure that some of my armies are going to be failures, but I think that's going to be part of the fun, finding out what works and doesn't.
  24. I'll throw my 2 cents in: pick a variety of shades of brown for the leather - leather comes in just about any shade from un-tanned caucasian flesh to almost black. Red-browns, golden browns, its all good. The Reaper Master Series "Leather Brown" is a middle-of-the-road to light leather color. Black leather is easy to make by medieval methods - throw some iron in the tanning vat, so black isn't a problem, either. Often UV exposure makes leather darker, sometimes UV and weather can fade it (particularly dyed leather). I'd be inclined on the colossal skeleton to stay on the darker side of the browns for the leather to imply age. Leather will support the growth of mold and mildew, so you can also have fun with little spots/haze of that, too. A light grey to white haze for mildew, with darker grey and/or greyish-green spots. I dunno what natural fiber ropes do, but most of the synthetics I've seen tend to weather to grey. Fresh manila rope is a, well...manila color. :)
  25. Procure a bottle of enamel paint for plastic models. Put the rings on loops of thread, dunk, and hang to dry. Just an idea, haven't tried it. If you know someone who knits, see if they have a source for "Pricilla's Rubber Rings" or something like that. IIRC they're red. Sized to go over knitting needles as row/stitch markers.
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