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  1. A cavalry-based group. I just put together a couple 500-point all-cavalry armies to try out against my son and husband. Yeah, I never completely outgrew that girl-horse thing. :D But in my defense, my cavaly armies are undead.
  2. Hmm, looking at the pictures I don't think the cloat is bland so much as a bit washed-out/over-exposed. But with the inner clothing in dark colors and the coat a lighter one, it's a hard setup to photograph. I like it, particularly the little fussy detail bits and the basing. Is the trim on the tunic metallic-looking in real life?
  3. I did some nice blue armor in three or four stages: A dark silver base coat, Reaper MSP shadowed steel, IIRC I may have then done one coat of highlight A coat of Testor's clear blue A light coat/wash/dry-brush of the lightest MSP silver. I'll have a picture up in Show-Off eventually. I tried the same procedure with clear red, and it wasn't as successful. I'm not exactly sure why, have to play with it some more.
  4. I would try a coat or two of clear spray over the base material before you try painting it. I would think that should prevent the water in your paints from loosening up the glue. Its been a while since I read any books on model RR scenery, but IIRC any painting in those done after putting down sand/rock/ballast was mostly spray-painting, which would get around the problem.
  5. IIRC, it didn't too badly on Dracos' CAV in the snow. If it does, you could put another very thin/light coat of snow down over the dullcoat.
  6. I'm doing something like that - I was going to do an all-female evil army, but its expanded a bit to include androgynous and/or non-human minis. So I have my wraith harvesters, Anubis Guards, and at least one gargoyle. When it comes time to choosing a Warlord, if there's not a female I like, I'll see who I like visually, and proxy them for the official mini (vampire for vampire, demon-ish for demon-ish, etc.). Although I think I may have a Warlord already, have to check when I get home. Hmmm...that gives me an idea for a store suggestion...
  7. Mine, too! I didn't realize that the details hadn't been sculpted in, they look really good. I think the hat impresses me the most - it doesn't look like it was just plopped on. I also really like the coloring on the skirt and wings/cape/whatchamacallits.
  8. I have to agree, the sculpting of the face under-whelmes me, but the painting is great.
  9. I like the wings on both of them, but especially the wings, and the overall color scheme, on the blue faery. She looks really good.
  10. I'm going to give you the dreaded "it depends" answer. I prefer to have assembly done before painting, so that shading, etc. will be consistent across the joint. OTOH, if assembling is going to make an area difficult to impossible to paint, then I paint first. It also depends on if I'm going for a really spiffy paint job, or "for play" painting, in which case I'm a little less fussy. I'm working on Batna the Succubus at the moment. In order to get to parts of her back, and the inside of her wings, I'm painting her wings and body seperately. As her hair extends onto the wing piece, I'm waiting until after the wings are on to do her hair so that the coloring and shading will help (hopefully) hide the joint. I also have a Winged Tiger that is getting the wings painted seperately. I could do it all assembled, but having the wings seperate made it easier to do the little fiddly detailing on the underside of the wings and striping the tiger's body. My Wraith Harvesters, Nivar the Wraith, and some others, however, I've done completely assembled. Also, assembly after painting can result in the need for touch-up, so the best method in some cases may be basecoating, some shading, assembly, then final highlighting and detail bits. YYMV, of course...
  11. Not picking on Nameless, his was just the closest post with this general thought to quote from. How about this: Think of the figure names as their titles in each groups' own native language, and their sculpt represents the uniform for that level of the faction. Easier to do with the more exotic names (than, say, "Naomi"), admittedly, but it may be less of a mental stretch than the idea of the same character being resurrected over and over. Having done a lot of RPGs, I can understand that the same mini being used by different players and endlessly being "killed" and "ressurected" seems Just Wrong. I look at Warlords not as a continuing RPG campaign so much as a series of scenarios that we're playing out - if X vs Y, the answer is Z. I think the fluff tends to reflect this, as it sets up the various factions and sub-factions in relation to each other, and generally points out the major rivalries, then leaves it open enough that any faction can reasonably fight it out with any other (or itself). Also, I find the Named Mini question analogous to the re-use of actors in wildly different roles on the original Star Trek series - in an ideal (assume a spherical cow at STP) situation, everyone/thing could be uniquely depicted; but since we're only watching/playing a representation, actor/mini re-use happens. I don't have the patience or resources (time, money) to replace named minis every time one is killed in a game, so I'd be re-using the same ones no matter what the naming situation would be. And, in the end, it is just a game...
  12. Very nice. Who/what mini is it? He may be looking blue because of the red surrounding the pictures, as a guess.
  13. I meant to ask about that, too. I had two guesses - either that they were "pure" colors, or that they were translucent. I'm thinking that they're probably my second guess - translucent colors - so if you put, say, clear blue over a yellow, the end result is a green. I have some of the Tamiya acrylics clears, Dracos has used either the red or orange over silver for a CAV cockpit, I just used the clear blue over silver with another light coat of silver on top to get a blue metallic effect.
  14. I particularly like her hair and the leaves, etc. in it
  15. She looks really good to me. I palticularly like your shading/highlighting, its there without being overdone. I don't think the picture looks fuzzy - Not as sharp as some pictures, but not really a soft focus, IMO, either.
  16. Snort. Someone needs to explain that to one of our huskies. He claims to function best "sharing" the couch with me - generally sprawled across my lap. OTOH, Eowyn only minds cold if its also wet. Probably all the solar energy she sucks up laying in the middle of the yard on 90-degree-plus summer days for hours on end...
  17. I *really* like your color choice. I've been trying to avoid cliche figure/color combinations myself, but sometimes its hard to think outside of the box and come up with something that works.
  18. Funny, I think one sheet is one too many. In our house there are 2 categories of stuff for the washer, light and dark, everything short of filthy gets warm or cold wash and cold rinse, depending on the whim of the person starting the load. Also two categories for the dryer, in on high, or hung up on the line. And dog blankets get washed and dried by themselves.
  19. I'm not sure how much highlighting the walls need - from the picture it appears that they are smooth walls, there are already some slight variations in the wall color. If that's only in the photo, I'd go *very* lightly over the walls dry-brushing with a lighter shade. A wall probably doesn't need as much highlighting as you might do for a figure. For a rock or brick wall I would either basecoat in the mortar color and dry-brush the brick color and some highlights, or basecoat and highlight the bricks and then do a wash to get the mortar. For stucco, I'd basecoat and then highlight by drybrushing. These are just my top-of-the-head ideas, I haven't done a lot of buildings. Also try books on scenery for model railroading and military models and dioramas.
  20. I got another good chunk done on mine yesterday morning, a lot more than I figured on, in fact. I'm about half done. Some more color/effect experiments to try tonight on spare bits and pieces since my first one turned out really well, then on to the next major section. Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for basing, though...
  21. Definitely definitely looking good. I really like the colors and overal look.
  22. I also think you did the right thing. My husband and I have a leatherworking business, and we do the occasional custom order. In most cases I ask for some percentage up front before starting work. The exceptions are for people I know, or if the piece is something that I have a reasonable expectation of selling if the person backs out (color/style combination I don't have on hand, for instance). By not cashing the check yet, you're saving yourself a possible headache if there is/was any misunderstanding on what you'd agreed on before. I probably would have waited a little longer to delete his mail, but I'm admitted pack-rat.
  23. Looks like the experiment was a success to me!
  24. Oh, I dunno, I like her skin, er, fur-tones - nice to see a spotty/splotchy furry critter. Even if it wasn't intentional, it's a nice job of creating markings that are soft-edged. I also really like her dress, nice job on the leopard spots.
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