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  1. The dark color looks good, I'm thinking that maybe your highlight color(s) were a little too light, so it looks more like almost-spots? Also, it doesn't look like there was much in the way of (fine) fur texture, which IMO makes it harder.
  2. I'm just going to go nip off and cry now, after looking at that banner...
  3. Check with your state's sales tax agency (usually part of Dept. of Revenue), the exact rules will vary state-to-state. They may be on-line. Probably the rules say something along the lines that any person making sales is supposed to collect sales tax, whether you are incorporated, have a sales tax license/id/number, or are otherwise officially organized as a business - the act of selling is what makes sales tax kick in. Now, obviously, their agents aren't after every Tom, Dick, and Larry that sell a couple minis to each other once in a while for munchie money, or Mrs. Smith that has a gar(b)age sale every few years. I mention the garage-sale example, because there are people who run flea markets trying to masquerade as multiple garage sales/summer, then try to claim that "they're not a business" when the authorities ask where the business license, income reporting, and taxes are; Mr. & Mrs. Garage-Flea-Market are losing that argument. If selling on E-bay or wherever is something you're going to be doing regularly, IMO you should go through the process of getting a sales tax license, and claiming the income on your taxes. I have a leather business, and IIRC even my best year so far hasn't significantly affected the end number. In Illinois the tax ID number application was a reasonably simple one-page form, and free. This also happens to be a current topic on the Yahoo! SCA-Merchants list, and it sounds as if most states also make it simple. In some places, you can even report sales tax under your SSN, which may be for a limited number of transactions/year. My 2 cents, and it all depends on your comfort level, in the end.
  4. Ooooh, the Necropolis *neeeeeeds* stats for the Colossal Skeletal Warrior!
  5. If Dracos doesn't do his with autumn colors, I may have to get one for myself and do it. Just what we need, two Mossbeards in the house, and only one planned Elven army...
  6. I got my husband, Dracos, some of the Liquitex to use in his Paasche fine-detail airbrush. He liked it, but it is *very* thick. You *will* be thinning it. Here's the CAV he painted with the airbrush and the Liquitex: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...11869&hl=dracos The Liquitex acrylics in the jars are thinner than in the tubes.
  7. Oh yeah, there are *lots* of grays available, if not in your FLGS, then in the local hobby/model shop. Looking at my list in my PDA, we've got something like 9 different grays in Tamiya acrylics and 6 or 7 in Testors MM enamels, not counting metallic grays, the MM acrylics, and any and all shades of those lines that we don't have. Green-grays, blue-grays, brown-grays, gray-grays, millitary modelling is rife with, dare I say it, shades of gray.
  8. Eeeeewwww...looks like I wouldn't want to touch him...
  9. Looks good, and she's show up even better with a different background - she's getting kinda lost as she's the same basic colors as the stonework.
  10. At least from the picture it looks like you're not quite getting coverage - looks like little spots of metal or light-colored primer peeking through here and there. Also, on the human half it looks like some dry-brushing to bring out the highs and lows would could help. Eyes and lips will make a difference, too. (maybe because I learned it long ago, I find dry-brushing easier than washing)
  11. I'll second the opinion that Warlords is easy to pick up. Before Christmas I played a couple quick games with a Black Lightning member and my husband, with no magic. I got my husband the starter set for Christmas, and yesterday we put up a table in the living room, and played again, once with my 11-year-old, no magic, and once with my husband, using magic. We looked up a couple things in the book that we couldn't remember. I skimmed the background information at about 2 AM the other morning (I was AWAKE all of a sudden), and it seemed decent. I thought the presentation (a newcomer to Taltos talking to various locals) was a touch cheesy, *but* I find that the case with almost every FRPG book I have, also, so YMMV.
  12. As an addition, yesterday we were at the local Hobby Lobby, and saw mini-size hot glue and cool glue guns for $1.99 each at the checkouts. We picked up one of the cool glue ones, and a bag of extra sticks for a whopping 77 cents, to give it a try. Works, and fits in the toolbox more politely than the big glue gun. In the back of my head I had the idea that cool glue is a little more flexible and weaker than the hot glue, we'll see when it comes time to get a plastic base off of a stick. The trick is to hold the glue gun point on the underside of the mini for a few seconds so that it warms up, and the glue doesn't cool and set instantly or contact with the cold metal.
  13. Root through the linen closet/clean laundry pile/whatever for solid-color sheets, or if you know someone who sews, ask what they've got in their fabric stash - you probably don't need pieces bigger than a pillowcase (at least we don't). When trying to get pictures of Nivar for me and his Finari, Dracos got very different results with blue and dark grey/slightly faded black colored paper, so try different things. I think the photos we posted in the end were on off-white canvas (from my stash) as white was too bright. Or: Newsprint (plain) spray-painted cardboard colored paper posterboard I like cheap.
  14. The armor is the two darkest Master Series silvers (not handy to look up the names), as I was going for a steel look (as opposed to shiny silver). Also the matte coat and underlighting downplay the silver. The blue highlighting is a lighting artifact, I think from the Ott light that was the top source. 3 desk lamps and the Ott, all at close range - I was starting to wonder what the melting point of white metal is - and still the pictures were somewhat underlit. I'm waiting for Dracos to start campaigning for new lights.
  15. We hot-glue them to wooden paddle-spoon things (like come with single-serve cups of ice cream), from the local Hobby Lobby. Their web site (URL below) shows them as $2 for 75, I thought they were about half that in the store, shrug. http://www.craftsetc.com/Store/ShowProduct.aspx?p=160960 The metal-based minis remove from the hot glue pretty well, the plastic bases not as easily. Blue poster tack didn't work so well for us for bigger (CAV, monster) minis, I should try it again with human-sized.
  16. I'm being dragged back (kicking and screaming, yeah, right) into painting miniatures after 15 years by GhostRider and my husband, Dracos. I warmed up on Nivar before taking on Monique and some others: I decided that black was just too overdone, so I went with the purple. I'm thinking that my Necropolis army may have purple as their default color instead of black. I have to admit, in the last couple years I've done a 1/16 scale WWII German officer, a couple 1/35 military things, and a pack of 1/35 velociraptors for my son. I need to get pictures of them, they'd be fun munching on Dracos' crusaders...
  17. I can't help with recipes, but I can put in my 2 cents worth on leather colors (one of my other hobbies is leatherworking) - non-dyed leathers tend to darken with age and exposure to sunlight, and if getting dry, will crack. Dyed leathers will tend to fade. Black, it depends on how it was colored. If vegetable-tanned and stained/dyed by adding iron to the tanning solution (the medieval method), IIRC is fairly lightfast. Blacks can also fade. Brand-new undyed leather can be as pale as lightly-tanned caucasian flesh (about the color of my hands, I'm a generic mutt, and don't try to suntan), including pinkish tones. From there exposure to light will start moving it through tanned flesh tones toward what most people think of as "leather" colored. Actually, leather comes in about any shade of the brown family you can think of. Browsing through all the various types of leather here: www.siegelofca.com illustrates that to some extent, although it certainly isn't complete as far as the possibilities go. (edited for dratted typo in URL)
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