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  1. Unfortunately this thread from https://paizo.com/threads/rzs42p9n?Is-reaper-still-producing-PF-minis may contradict that, but that was some months ago so if things have changed then ah well. I am not trying to be confrontational or antagonistic as I am really impressed with the quality of Reapers metal miniatures, and the bones is dependent on the figure with the PF Red Dragon being awesome. Just I would really like some solid information and a goal to aim for with future purchases. Many Thanks View.
  2. Okay as far as I can tell its entirely up to reaper as to which PF characters they want to do. I so badly want to see Reapers take on the Kingmaker CRPG player companions, NPC's and villans. Ah well hopefully at some point we get an official word from a staffer on whats going on with the PF line.
  3. Still no official word. Ah well I tried. Maybe i was to abrupt, too confrontational or there busy. Who knows. Hopefully there will be some official post soon about the PF line.
  4. When do you plan to add more to the Pathfinder line? Also will you be doing miniatures based off the Kingmaker PC game? Finally what happened to the Beginner Box Black Dragon that you previewed but haven't released.
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