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  1. Nos4ah2

    Maledrakh's Bones 2 + 4 Scenery bits

    Amazing Job! Great brush work and detail. Bonus points for the Army of Darkness reference!
  2. I love pieces the bust out the colors right down to the saddle blankets! Fantastic job!
  3. Nos4ah2

    Dust Tactics: Axis Zombies

    Absolutely Sweet! Choice of colors is great and the rust effect is fantastic on the gauntlets!
  4. Nos4ah2

    Devil Girl

    Good job, I do love the coat and nice touch with the lava too!
  5. Nos4ah2

    Tirinha Fallowheart, Maggotcrown Deathlancer. 03914

    Nice job all around! I love the skull knee guards and the color choice for the blade and axe!
  6. Nos4ah2

    Trick or Treat Witch

    The eyes are fantastic and I like the choice of purple! I'll be following for the next steps!
  7. Nos4ah2

    “Run!” Dark Sword Diorama

    Fantastic piece!! Attention to detail is amazing as well as the colors and brushwork. You're a real Art Master, thanks for sharing this piece!
  8. Nos4ah2

    "Done and on to the next one" Diorama from Reapercon 2019

    Detail work is amazing, right down to the bottoms of the feet. Beautiful and award worthy work!
  9. Nos4ah2

    Hobgoblin Warriors 77476 & Hobgoblin Veterans 77477

    Nice work! War party of 4 the castle is ready to be stormed! Love the colors!
  10. Nos4ah2

    07017 - Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor

    It speaks to me. It says you are awesome and so do I! Nice job!
  11. Nos4ah2

    44017: Juliana, Herbalist

    That is a fantastic job. You created a mini and the mini world that goes with it. Love it!
  12. Nos4ah2

    Maow Miniatures Monstropot

    A completely sweeet piece. Outstanding job, I can't stop looking at it!
  13. Nos4ah2

    Cairn Wraith 07005 and Female Wraith 03799

    Nice job on the figures and the basing. Great couple of pieces!
  14. Nos4ah2

    77343- Goroloth

    Love it, you made cool color choices then made them work. Nice job!