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  1. Wasn't suggesting otherwise. Had a parent die from cancer, trying to be empathetic.
  2. Thought I would try something new. Went with a weathered look to match the wastelands.
  3. I have no critique for such a wonderfully executed piece! I followed this one in progress and the final work is amazing. Cheers to you!
  4. Way to unleash the color palette! Crazy group but I would hang out with them. Nice work!
  5. Nice brushwork, details are very clean. Steady hands indeed!
  6. Sweet diorama, I know what I like and I like this! Congratulations on the award!
  7. Wonderful highlighting on the cape. Nice piece!
  8. Keeping up with goals and making the piece look great is quite the task. Nice work!
  9. Nice work! I like the hair. Great color choices and basing too!
  10. She'll love it because is was made with the hands of an artist!
  11. Sweet lighting, nice job!
  12. Another great job, you have a wonderful flare with a brush and the back stories!
  13. Outstanding detail work! Clean lines and nice colors, a piece to be proud of!
  14. What a cool piece! Your brushwork is fantastic as well as the color choices. Absolute Beast mode, great job!
  15. Oh, it's still juicy! I love it, great job!
  16. Great brushwork and color choices! Good, bad, when they're out on the town anything goes!
  17. Great job! Love the color choices and the addition of the rocks is a nice touch. Makes it a one of a kind!
  18. Amazing Job! Great brush work and detail. Bonus points for the Army of Darkness reference!
  19. I love pieces the bust out the colors right down to the saddle blankets! Fantastic job!
  20. Absolutely Sweet! Choice of colors is great and the rust effect is fantastic on the gauntlets!
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