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  1. I'm at about 8,000 words now, just shy of my total target, and getting kicked in the Life right now. Hopefull I can find time after I pull two days of 14 hour shifts in a row....
  2. Life hits pretty hard sometimes. I've got a second job now, and I'm pulling a 14 hour day today on zero sleep last night due to anxiety. Haven't been able to TOUCH my Youtube channel in a few days, and the lack of movement on that front isn't helping.
  3. This thread is sufficiently marked as a parody, and it's not my circus and elephant team, but some things get ingrained. I to this day do not even joke about potential releases...
  4. I'm right on track today, but I'm so afraid that I cut today's Planet prematurely short. It really needed to consume about 10,000 of the 50,000 words, as will each of the next 2 planets our heroes visit. Tomorrow and the next 3 days, I will expand this particular planet.
  5. My vacation to Montreal, PQ, Canada at 2814 km from Denton was pretty far, and the only time so far I have left the US. A journey to Dracut, MA to visit Ladystorm was farther, though, at 2911 km. Many many trips to Seattle, WA were even farther though, at 3287 km, with at least one trip going another 3-40 miles north to visit CuteButPsycho. But when I was a child, my father was stationed at a Naval Base that officially qualifies as the farthest I have ever been from Denton: Honolulu, HI 6060km, although AT THAT TIME that was "home" so that journey was, according to the phrasing of the question, 0km. :/
  6. Just understanding what information is being asked for, and what the correct way to present it is can be daunting I'm always stunned by stories like this. Growing up my best friend was a Leftie and I never saw any of this (nor did he), and I grew up in a rural town in a Conservative Southern State. It boggles my mind to think people actually did this in the latter half of the twentieth century and beyond.
  7. I'd also add basic "how to vote" and maybe also super basic "how to fill out a form" not kidding, these are skills I've really had to work with on my own kids because forms look so daunting and they don't always understand
  8. So National Novel Writing Month (NANoWriMo) is coming up in just one week, and I'm wondering who else will be trying it out, and who wants to talk novel ideas and also maybe be my friend on the NaNo site? My Novel this year will be something I've never tried - something silly. I've tried fantasy and horror and drama, but now I'm going to write a silly novel that's a cheesy sci-fi story that doesn't have to make any sense. I want my heroes to be trope-laden awfulness that have stupid adventures they solve with technobabble solutions that either just never make sense or are dumb. Inspired by low-budget sci-fi movies of the 70's and 80's, I want the reader to picture cardboard sets and aliens with rubber foreheads (or just green makeup and a wig!) and weep as my heroes battle monsters by reversing the polarity or karate chopping a robot! Implausible planets, Ridiculous aliens, and Technology that works with stupid or no explanations! The idea being that I don't have to care. In previous efforts I have stalled out when my characters ended up in jams they couldn't resolve, or I lost the ability to move the plot forward because I couldn't figure out how to challenge them enough (and in one case, I finished my 30,000 word story well before I hit the 50,000 word goal). If I stall out, Blow something up or introduce a stupid plot twist. If my characters can't escape, The Alien crewmembers manifest Deus Ex Machina powers that magically resolve the dilemma (Disarmed and Captive, it turns out the alien has eye lasers!) and I can get them back on course to the next planet as they hunt for the McGuffin! Anyway, I'm hoping that having that kind of freedom really lets me finish. I have so many good ideas that I really want to write, but I get stalled. Anybody else have a strategy, plan, idea, interest at all??
  9. I've been excused form every Jury I was ever called in for, and have never been required to be a witness or (thankfully) a defendant.
  10. THEY SAID: They just put up a video of the render for Chamberlain as a bust. hMMMMMmmmmm
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