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  1. No this was one of the first I painted. About to order a gloss and matte varnish actually :) Thanks @Wren for the advice. I definitely watch other people too much. If there's one thing I learned from actually painting, it's that you can't replace practice with study. It certainly helps to watch others and research supplies etc, but you just never know what will happen until you try yourself. It's something many of the youtubers actually mention; the 90/10 rule according to Tabletop Minions channel. I'm starting to develop my own process, and learn what tools/techniques work for me. And thanks @Doug Sundseth. As a current college student in a STEM major, it was a very interesting read =D I guess, as with everything else, there is a deep science to this. The more you know the better.
  2. @ced1106 thanks. I'm still testing until I get the models I ordered. @Marineal that's what I've done up until now it took 2-3 unthinned coats to cover. I just figured i might as well use a primer since it's cheaper and people say they get good results. My (hopefully) final test will be painting three of the same model; one unprimed, one primed with Vallejo grey, one primed with cheap acrylic grey. I kinda like the way the grey shows through a bit in some places. I'm sure they can be covered in the later steps if I'm unhappy.
  3. Well its a good thing I nipped that in the bud after only a few minis =D I already noticed the Polished Silver on a sword coming off pretty badly. This is a figure that just sat in a case for three months mind you... But that shouldnt happen any more. Ive taken some advice (watched Black Magic Crafts video on priming reaper, which he also uses that forum thread as reference) and have started priming using cheap acrylics. So far it seems to be working really well. It doesnt go on very cleanly (very patchy and uneven) but i hear it doesnt matter. I’ll try the Vallejo primer next week and get the Brown Liner if I’m not satisfied, but i think i already am :) Thanks everyone
  4. Very helpful, thanks. I didn't realize you should wait an hour after the first coat, so that's something I'm going to do from now on. You're probably right that I shouldn't worry about the little variations. That's probably a product of my tests above being done in a metaphorical vacuum. I'm not really opposed to priming, I've just never done it before. I was going to just get Vallejo grey brush-on primer, but I'm interested in this Brown Liner you guys have mentioned. I looked it up and it seems to just be regular Reaper paint...? I've never heard of doing this, but I have read in these forums and many other places that Vallejo works well with bones. edit- It does seem people usually prime Bones anyway, so that may be the move here.
  5. Ah yes I have. I make sure to brush with a toothbrush and dish soap, though there are some spots i probably miss on certain models with nooks and crannies.
  6. Edit- Sorry this is a long post but I've been kinda frustrated and want to nail this basic stuff so I can feel more confident. Hello, I have just started painting and have finished both of the Reaper Learn to Paint kits. However, I feel like I still haven't nailed the basecoating. I've been reading and watching videos on it a lot, but I see many different opinions, methods, etc. From what I gather in these forums, you do not need to prime Bones, but you can't dilute the first layer too much. The Reaper paints are apparently already close to basecoat thickness, so what I've been doing is not priming and just one-two layers of unthinned paint. The results are not quite as good as what I see online. I won't compare my overall skill to those tutorial instructors, but the basecoat themselves seem very different. For example Midwinter Minis- he just does one coat of what appears to be a large amount of thinned paint, and it comes out looking amazing. Granted he hasnt done any Bones, so maybe this is something you can do on other primed minis. Goobertown Hobbies also seems to do it this way. So I started experimenting on my own. I don't own any primer, but I'm thinking of getting Vallejo Grey Surface Primer to test it out. For these tests I used the Reaper paint Harvest Brown. These are the wings to some vampire model i got for Christmas which I don't plan on painting. I did a few different things (all thins are 1:1 paint:water): Unthinned first layer, unthinned following layers until "opaque" Unthinned first layer, thinned following layers Thinned first, unthinned rest Thinned first, thinned rest Kinda did the tests randomly, not fully employing the scientific method here. My favorite result is that one circled in green, which is unthinned for the first layer and all subsequent layers. I believe it took 3 layers total. However the spots employing "unthinned first, then thinned" didn't turn out too bad either. You can see in the pictures they are the dark spots, so maybe for a darker shade of the color that's useful. Albeit they look slightly thicker, blotchier, and may obscure detail. Image 2: (Ignore the spots on the right half, they were Army Painter Leather Brown) However, here is an issue I have. I have circled in red an area where a bright spot was left; seemingly it got much less paint than the rest of the area. I added another layer of thinned paint to that specific area and it doesnt look bad but I can still tell it's there, though the picture doesnt do it justice. It's mainly an annoyance and eyesore, having to go back and fix it yet not even looking fully fixed. And yes there are lighter spots around the edges, but this is because I was not painting within a defined space, and just plainly didnt put every layer on the edges of some splotches. What I mainly look at is the interior of splotches where I know every layer hit. So, I would like some opinions. How do you do your basecoat? Which tests here look good to you? What do you suggest? etc. Thanks to anyone willing to help, or who read this entire thing.
  7. I would do that because Vallejo seems better overall based on reviews but everyone seems to recommend thinning Vallejo. Only reason they don't recommend that for Reaper is because it's pre-thinned apparently.
  8. Thank you for the replies. So what I understand is that they should all behave the same from the plastics section of the website. But Cyradis, what I have seen is that people who try other paints (Vallejo for example) have a very hard time without priming Bones. I have never seen or heard anyone have trouble using the Reaper paint on them. Though I have had trouble with the Blade Steel from the starter kit. I'm guessing there are just some colors from Reaper that aren't good. Edit- can't find this Base Boss stuff anywhere. How do I know if the plastic is of this type?
  9. I know it isn't "pre-primed", but I don't know what to call it. Just a quick question. I know Bones does not require priming if you use Reaper's own paints, but what about the rest of the plastic series? There are some from Pathfinder and others I like but need to know this beforehand and can't find the answer after googling it. Thanks
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