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  1. envyem

    Safe arrivals!

    Back home in good ol' Seattle, but totally having the post-con blues
  2. + @Bane Of Humanity @Darsc Zacal Wait, fellow PNW'ers? Hi from a fellow Seattle-ite :)
  3. On the product info on the GrowTix site, it looks like it's at 6 PM
  4. Weird ask but my searching on here didn't yield anything definite. Is it possible to get badges now? And when is the earliest we can submit entries to the painting contest? Sorry for all the questions.
  5. I've just made it to the Embassy Suites after a half day of travel. Extremely early morning in Seattle, but crazy happy to finally be here and looking forward to the con! :)
  6. Well, having only heard about ReaperCon ~4 weeks ago, I feel like I'm scrambling to pack! Is there anything that I absolutely must bring with me from good ol' Seattle that would make things better/easier/more enjoyable while there? Of course I'll be bringing brushes for classes, but anything else folks recommend? Looking forward to see everyone this week! -n
  7. envyem

    Names and Faces

    Insanity works for me. Thank you for the welcome! :)
  8. envyem

    Names and Faces

    Oh! I'm literally new to everything this year, so I'm looking forward to meeting new folks! Prefered name: Nicole Pronoun of Choice: She / Her Huggability: Ask me first, but I'll likely oblige. :)
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