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  1. What about an Ink or maybe one of the RMS Clears? It would take the absolute smallest amount to mange to tint it without increasing opacity. On these ice cube trays you guys are talking about, has anyone seen ones that make shapes like rocks?
  2. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the WIP steps. This type of thread is a HUGE help to me as I can study the pictures between one step and the next to train my eye and gain conceptual understanding. Really cool looking too!
  3. For basing supplies, glues, palettes, rags and awkward shapped misc stuff I have a couple of 'Fellows' office boxes. They will fit in a 'gracery bag' style tote. They have a latched lid and handle, then a small tray sits right in the top. I think they were for organizing bills. The taller one can actually hold some hanging file folders and I use that one for the taller bottles of basing stuff and primers. The smaller one, holds WIP minis in the bottom and my nylon brushes and sponges in the tray. My nice brushes are in an Art-Bin brush holder that slips into the bag someplace. Paints are stored in shoe-box sized plastic containers that will also fit in the 'grocery bag' style of tote. Two totes gets me all the tools, basic basing and paints. If it's a big 'cleaning' party, then I have my un-primed minis to haul as well. My un-primed minis are sorted into flat double-lid trays (bigger comparments below a lid that has small compartments in; Akro-Mils Portable Craft Organizer) lined with felt, old pieces of t-shirt and foam. I pack them snug enough they can travel or handle being moved around the storeroom. Primed stuff and WIP are in the bottom of the smaller 'Fellows' box mentioned above. I mount them to wooden candle cups and place enough minis or filler to keep everything upright and steady.
  4. I have an older Model 395 variable speed that I primarily use for round-the-house stuff (polishing the brass and silver, jewelry cleaning, wood decorating, and general fix-up), but after reading the great info on this forum I've added it to my toolbox for miniatures. I already have a good selection of diamond burr bits (use with a lubiricant like Bursaver or machinest/sewing oil), rubber polishing tips, grinding points, engravers, cutting wheels and sanding bands. I've seen 'Polishing Points' and 'Flap Wheels' recommended, but I've not ever used them. There are many wonderful tips and ideas throughout this forum. I like the suggestion of making it a pinned topic as it seems to come up every couple months. Also, http://www.maximusinminimis.com/ has some tips on Dremel use. Don't skimp on the safety gear. Even a sliver of wood stick in your cheek isn't much fun. There are also many great resources of Dremel accessories. I really like www.widgetsupply.com as they are basically re-selling bulk stuff at very nice prices. Dremel.com has the manuals available in PDF that cover the basics of use and how to use the many Dremel attachements. Have fun!
  5. This boo-boo is on the store and could confuse would-be shoppers. The banner menu on the store shows 'Pro Paints' as an option, but generates a really lovely 404 error. It is trying to link to: http://www.reapermini.com/?nav=Pro%20Paints I see this banner menu has been changed on the main page to read 'Paints' and goes to http://www.reapermini.com/?nav=Paints I REALLY understand and appreciate the work that goes into a site of this complexity. I think you do a spectacular job. Thank you for making my daily visits navigationally delightful!
  6. I love the heiroglyphics idea, but have you considered decals? Check out this site: http://www.ginfritter.com/default.asp I haven't tried them, but I've seen many references to them.
  7. I prefer conditional as I find the thumbnails are so small I generally have to open them to see if I want to look at them. Sort of defeated the purpose of the thumbnail for me. I run 1024x768, so the size of a picture doesn't cause me problems very often.
  8. Huge, Heartfelt, SIGHHHHH.... I had no idea how much I looked forward to checking in. I was too anxious to paint! THANK YOU, KIT!! You rock!
  9. Here is my 2 cents: WiP forum = GREAT IDEA! I read this thread and the show off forum extensively, given that, I would prefer a seperate forum for WiP that I could also read extensively. It really helps to see minis in various stages of completion and to see them evolve. I would like to see just Reaper minis, including mods. I've never had a problem reading past page 1, so I'm not sure what the issue is here. I generally scan back to the last date or threads I recognize and read from there. A WiP forum would also be very convenient for searching for examples of a particular mini. I hope it works!
  10. A much less expensive alternative might for Reaper to create a PDF version of this list that could be downloaded rather than added to the printed CW.
  11. As a beginner level painter, well maybe a level 1.5 now, I'll toss in a couple of thoughts for you. GET BETTER BRUSHES!! I started with the some basic Taklon and 'sable' brushes of no particular brand. They fuzzed, they split, they curled. I now use them for base coating big areas, basing work and mixing paint. I picked up some DickBlick Master series Kolinsky Sable for about $5-6 each and WOW, what a world of difference. I could actually get the paint to go where I wanted it, more or less. Then, I had some extra money fall from heaven and bought a Winsor and Newton Series 7 Mini and a DaVinci series 10 - I can't believe how much EASIER and FUN the painting is! The other thing I do is read everything I can get my eyes on and I look at LOTS of well painted minis. I especially found value in articles on layering and similar techniques as they often showed the step by step stages and I could 'SEE' it happen. Check out these sites and there are tons others listed on these forums: http://www.jenova.dk/ http://www.minigrrrl.com/index.html http://www.brushthralls.com/ I also make lots of mistakes and then decide 'Hey, I kinda like that...'
  12. My MSP liners are dark, but pretty clearly the color specified. I really LOVE the brown liner for all my leather and wood looks! The grey has worked well for armor. I haven't used the blue much yet. Claymoore - what type of lights do you use? I've seen Ott, Day-Light, Reveal and a few odd balls. I really like the full spectrum to help with fighting the depression of way to much cloudy weather where I currently live, so I'm interested in the full spectrum aspects. It also makes painting and cross-stitch SO much easier. I have two different "full spectrum" lights and one of them is an Ott. I see what Anne means as I find the Ott just a tad blue biased myself compared to sunlight. The other one seems closer to sunlight for me, but I can't remember the brand. I mostly see these differences when I'm doing really light shading or washes.
  13. I looked at Hobby Lobby's website, but couldn't find anything pearlized that was a powder. Can you elaborate on what you found? Brand, size, part number... Thanks!
  14. Reaper pulled the subscription option temporarily. See this thread for details: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16808
  15. No wonder these paints flow so well! Anne, do you pre-dilute either the Slow-dri or Flow Improver before mixing the Gunk ratios?
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