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  1. Ron and Dave had talked about it on Reaper Live before Reapercon and said she was a half giant.
  2. She is a half giant figure.
  3. I took 5 sculpting classes this year, and I really absorbed a lot. Taking a crash course seemed to help reinforce some of the skills and seemed to help me progress. Intro to Sculpting Miniatures with Tom Mason - This was a fantastic class, Tom was very clear with his instruction, and made sure to make time for everyone to demonstrate the techniques he was teaching. He was also very kind to spend some time after the class explaining the questions I had about sculpting, tools, and other items. A++ for this class. Sculpting Faces with Derek Schubert - Wonderful class. This was a pure green stuff class, where the previous class used Green stuff and Fimo. It really gave me a different perspective on materials and techniques. Derek was awesome with demonstrating, and our class was only about 6 people, so we had a little more hands on time. I left this class feeling like I could do some practice sculpts and really improve with these techniques. Derek was also very supportive and generous with his time to revisit some of my other projects throughout the con. A++ for this class. How not to suck: Sculpting Edition with Andy Pieper - This class was very eye opening, and a must take class for anyone who is really looking for an in depth education on making miniatures. This class was very informative, came with a very high quality handout, and Andy was very welcoming of questions and information that you usually cannot get elsewhere. He also gives a crash course on thinking of your hobby as a business if you wish to pursue that path. This was a great class, well worth the money A++. Sculpting Armor with Julie Guthrie - I was not prepared for this class. When I showed up Julie was very clear it was an advanced sculpting class, and warned anyone who was not advanced would probably not get much out of it. I fumbled my way through it, she provided a prepped miniature, some tools, and showed off some of the techniques that she used to add armor to a figure. I honestly struggled to keep up, since she was very quick with her examples, and would often show the figure after she had finished her portion of it. She was however very nice, and spent time walking around the class offering help where she could. I however did not get much out of this class, other than a little understanding on how some of the techniques are done. I would suggest next year reaper advertises levels for classes, as one of my friends also took a painting class that was a bit more advanced than he was comfortable with. Perhaps a beginner, intermediate, and advanced class level? Either way, I would still give this class a solid A grade. Sculpting Mini Faces with Tom Mason - This class was awesome. Tom provided some prepped pins with green stuff and Fimo, and we were able to dive right in. Having built upon the other skills I had learned throughout the week, I felt a lot of confidence in working with the tools and putty, and I ended up with a face that didnt look like a lumpy potato. Tom was very gracious once again with his time, and it seemed like every where through out the con I would run into him, and he was sure to spend some time speaking with me and answering my questions. Combined with Derek Schubert's class, and this class it provided me two different methods to come to the same result, and really gave me a solid foundation to build upon. I would highly recommend this class. A++
  4. The good: Seeing all my Reapercon friends, meeting the ReaperLive Team (Collins and Justin were awesome!) Getting some time to speak to several of the guest artists and instructors. Learning new techniques, and enjoying all 5 of my classes. All the minis I BOUGHT! Wuahahah. Oh and the EPIC Karaoke night, was so much fun and Derek Schubert and Mocha can REALLY sing! The Bad: No contest entry this year. Eating Hoolihan's 4 days in a row for lunch and dinner, not getting to take the Reaper factory tour, only getting to game for one night, and didn't get to collect as many ribbons as I wanted. All in All I had a wonderful time, and got to meet a few of my twitch buddies, I just wish I had a few more days off from work to recover from the convention.
  5. Dreadmere looked amazing, I really wanted to play but the class schedule I had didnt let me. =(
  6. Id Really like to go, but I have to rush my buddy to the Airport on Sunday after the auction. =(
  7. I will be running game of D&D Friday and Saturday evening, and if I can get some players together probably Thursday night as well. Nothing official on Growtix, but last year we seemed to find an empty table and play into the late hours of the night. Just let me know if you're interested, or find me at the Con ;D
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