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  1. I'm about to undertake my first large (gargantuan...) mini painting exercise, and I'm wondering if anyone else put weights of some sort in Goremaw the Purple Worm's base? My Goremaw's base is warped just enough (despite boiling water and ice bath) that I'm going to have to attach the base on a 100mm black plastic base, just to ensure that he stays flat. But I'm just at the assembly stage at the moment, and have yet to glue the worm down to the bones base. I note that the male end of the connection (in the base) is hollow, and large enough for US Quarters and similarly-sized objects to fit inside. I don't think that Goremaw is going to be overly top-heavy when completed, but I'm wondering if it is worth my time to glue a stack of quarters together with some E6000, and glue them into Goremaw's base before I attach the worm. Also, the male end of the base seems vastly smaller than the female end of the worm, and I'm wondering if there are any special precautions I should take to ensure I get a good bond at that junction (I'm using cyanoacrylate I got from HobbyTown USA). Thoughts? Not my photo, but it shows the hollow male end in the center of the base, so you know what I'm talking about:
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    Logos, could you give a run-down of the colors and layers that you used for this paint job? I just ordered a Goremaw miniature, and will need to paint it up as a fire-elemental-infused purple worm for my Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign. Your take on Goremaw is the best paint scheme I've seen for Cindermaw from the adventure A History of Ashes. Here's the adventure cover artwork: However, I'm hoping to go more for the magma-creature effect you see trailing off to the right of the above image. I'm planning to base Goremaw in Citadel Abaddon Black, then Eshin Grey, followed by basing the undersides of his scales with Citadel Jokaero Orange, and work up to Troll Slayer Orange and then a Yriel Yellow/Troll Slayer Orange mix at the deepest portion of the underscale crevice. After that I'll wash him in Aggrax Earthshade, touch up under the scales with Troll Slayer Orange dry brush (and possibly the yellow/orange mix), then dry brush Eshin Grey on the exterior "ends" of the scales (about halfway out from the scale crevices), then top it off with a dry brush of Dawnbreaker on the "cooler" ends of the scales. His teeth and spikes will be bone shades, similar to your own. Hopefully it will end up giving him a grey, ashy color on the bulk of his exterior, with the visual sense of an inner heat. Pray for me... I'm still relatively new at mini painting (I have only completed terrain pieces like barrels and such), but I'm going to need this for my game sooner than I would like to admit.