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  1. Per tonight’s Reaper Live, turns out Reaper is waiting on 2 containers in the USA. One should be in the hands of their agent (in Texas?) on Saturday. The other is still in LA, snagged for inspection. This type of snag, on previous shipments, has gone as fast as 2 days, or in the case of Bones 4, as long as 3 weeks (it happened to the last Bones 4 container). I might have backwards which container is snagged. I vaguely recall something being said that they may be able to get “deep enough” on the inspection with the first container, so the second won’t get held up, too. That makes me thin
  2. You cannot swap room sets for more miniatures. The swap is only one way; swapping away the starter mini’s for an extra room. If you ONLY want miniatures, then the €34 Townsfolk set is the pledge for you. The €99 dragons add-on would be a good option as well. However, if you want ALL the mini’s offered, then the €85 Village pledge is where you want to put your money. Because you’ll get the townsfolk, the stretch goal mini’s, including the big one-per-backer miniatures (Pepe the Giant, the Un’gry Troll, and the Ghost Dragon) that aren’t included in the stretch goal add-on (€2
  3. Moments ago, Reaper Jon stated on discord that the UK container has arrived in port. That still leaves delivery, sorting, etc., which could still take some time.
  4. I don’t know if your proposed 25x32mm oval base would work like I’m thinking, but an oval sized so that it can fit inside a 1” square (long axis of the oval lining up with the corner-to-corner diagonal of the 1” square). That way you can base the overly-wide-stanced mini’s, but they will still fit in 1” squares. A 25x32mm oval should work for that; the diagonal is slightly longer than 35mm. (Granted, basing such mini’s on square bases gets a similar result.)
  5. Granted, you may have some specific need for 50mm vs 2 inches, but Reaper does already make that base, as a 2” RPG base. SKU 74036. I fully agree on the 20mm base in that style. Currently they only offer one with an angled edge. I definitely want one with a flat, right angled edge. I wouldn’t mind them making a round 4” RPG base in the otherwise same specs as SKU 74035, but the existing round 100mm base with the lipped, angled edge works fine. What I’d REALLY love, is a round 6” RPG base (preferably right angled edge, like 74035). D&D Colossal monsters are
  6. You would be incorrect. You are thinking of the half-orc doxie, who was depicted sitting on the bed in the concept art, then made into a standing model once they 3D rendered her. The sitting elven geisha was a wholly new sculpt they didn’t reveal until well after the KS was over.
  7. Looks great. Is he on a 2” base or 3” base?
  8. It appears it was clear water texture paste he used in the rat man diorama, but I know he’s used the UV resin trick before, too. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1MxD1g1ajZ4&t=1096s
  9. Strip of clear plastic packaging (such as from a reaper mini) with a few bends* put in it to get the arc you need for the water spill, then add UV-cured resin, and cure with a UV flashlight. I’ve seen the Black Magic Craft YouTube channel do this several times. One was on a sewer ratling diorama he made sometime in the last 6 months. *You might be able to get a better curl to it with the blade of some scissors, much like you’d do to curl some plastic ribbon on a birthday present.
  10. I vaguely recall seeing some of those older models in an unboxing that Blandco did on YouTube. The elephant was severely undersized, IIRC (undersized elephants seem to be a common problem? *cough* Bones 4 *cough*) That book dragon, and the wyrmlings (clearly inspired by D&D Blues) are the only ones that truly catch my eye. The tiefling outlander seems fine, but most of the rest of the sculpts are definitely not up my alley. Given the book dragon is $19, but shipping would easily be another $15 on top of that, I highly doubt I’ll end up backing this.
  11. There was a mention in a Reaper Live episode two months back or so, that they have decided to wait until 2022 for the next KS. I didn’t see the episode, but someone mentioned it on the Discord server. I think I took a screenshot for the Bones 5 thread; let me see if I can find it.
  12. I was watching a Reaper Live from a few weeks ago (episode...123? Just got uploaded to YT today) and they mentioned that, sadly, the sitting elven geisha sculpt they added to the Brinewind expansion after the KS ended, did not end up going through production. No details on why, just that it didn’t end up getting produced.
  13. I was unaware of this company, but looking at it now, I love the Norse human miniatures he has. Wow. How does the scale compare? Smaller than Reaper’s typical figures?
  14. Watching last night’s Reaper Live right now. Apparently the production company saw the last KS update, and contacted Reaper to clarify that they had caught the boat sagging issue before full-scale production, and thus the issue is already fixed in the production copies. This had been communicated to Reaper, but apparently got lost in the shuffle; reaper also didn’t realize the boat they had on hand wasn’t a 100% final production copy. Reaper was trying to be proactive to resolve the issue before delivery, and didn’t realize the issue had already been identified and solved. All that t
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