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  1. IIRC, the turtle was stated as filling a 2” base. Yep, the turtle fits on a 2” base. https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusUnusualReindeerDatBoi-MprYMQikikFMvMQ9
  2. Isn't there already a Barbarian sculpt in Nolzur’s that everyone assumed was Bobby all grown up? Though I guess Bobby would have a club, wouldn’t he?
  3. Kit is working on the Pledge Managers for both Base Boss 2 and Bones 6. There’s a glitch with PayPal functionality that he’s having to fix. There WILL be Power-Ups in the pledge manager: https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousMildWallabyUnSane-ZzBxdUVopxP-8x0H Here are a few items previewed on last night’s Reaper Live. Some may make it into the PM as power ups, others might appear as Bones USA releases. From the teased Deep Ones encounter, with Deep Gnome protagonists. A giant snapping turtle that thematically fits with Rotstump Bog, but would have been somewhere else in the KS (Core?) had it funded better. An NPC from the Dungeon Dwellers RPG play test that was streamed: The other dragon that @Rainbow Sculptor was working on (was previously shown in blurry form). More of a diorama piece, but looks great. That last is a turnaround of the female merrow in Rotstump Bog.
  4. Despite the graphics on the campaign page not getting updated (the owner is ill with Covid at the moment, and stuck at home), every stretch goal shown has been unlocked.
  5. New palisade tower unveiled. Unpainted, it’s just $10 per level. Sounds like you’ll be able to mix and match, and just buy the level arrangements you want. Less than 60 hours to go.
  6. Pretty sure there’s a third one in the graphic. He doesn’t have a pillar; he’s on the ground.
  7. Looks like they removed the nipples on the muscle cuirass armor.
  8. What’s a bonesnapper? I don’t recognize the reference.
  9. Gotta get to more Legendary Tales encounter sets. Sure seems those are in the Feast of the Slaughterwaulers one that Reaper Jon mentioned.
  10. They showed a close-up and behind view of the Hakir archway and walls, but my hands were full at the time, and I didn’t get a screenshot. Here are some shots of the Wyverns.
  11. I’m down with that. Do something more tied into the Seelie and Unseelie Courts? I’d eat that up.
  12. One might comment that they really seem to be phoning it in, but that might be too negative for some with delicate sensibilities…
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