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  1. Very nicely done. I have one of these to assemble and paint. I would be ecstatic if mine turned out this well.
  2. The Mantic Kings of War Giant figure comes with an optional human that could be hung from his belt, etc. From the positioning of his arms and hair, pretty sure he is supposed to hang upside down. Obviously not cost effective to buy tons of that set, but if you contacted Kings of War players (maybe there’s a message board for it run by Mantic?) you might be able to buy spare bits from others who didn’t use them on their models.
  3. I’m excited, just not much new to talk about at the moment (the bi-weekly updates have been sparse on new info, but that’s just the nature of the beast right now). I've been unfortunate enough to be a “COVID Long-Hauler,” and have developed chronic fatigue syndrome, so my ability to do much of anything has been severely curtailed. Bones 5 will be a lifetime of painting fodder in my current state (won’t stop me from backing Bones 6, though). But, that’s why I’m setting up an airbrush (last piece, the compressor, is on order and in the mail). The paint jobs may end up simpler than I had originally imagined, but I’ll be able to at least get them on the table with some color. We paused live gaming last spring, and at points over the summer when some of us had been exposed (we actually never spread it amongst ourselves), but have been gaming in-person since August, as my preparedness and energy levels allowed. I did eventually come to terms with the fact I couldn’t handle running a high level game at the moment, so we had to put our long-running Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign on hiatus while I continue to recover; we had just started the final installment of the adventure path, too. Started a new short-term campaign at first level, running The Sunless Citadel for now, as that’s about what I can handle at the moment. I’ve run it before, so there’s almost zero prep work required. Over the next two months or so, I’m hoping to get my airbrush up and running, and practice with it a fair bit with models I don’t much care about (Bonesylvania Chibi mini’s sent in my 2019 Christmas paints pistol case, etc.), so I’m ready to hit the ground running once Bones 5 arrives. Slow and steady, and a few good days, will win the race.
  4. I’m very much looking forward to this KS. I love Viking stuff. I went hard in on the Conan KS last year, getting a King pledge, and all the big box expansions, plus several other add-ons. I’m not at all put off that they haven’t delivered yet; it is the age of Covid, after all. I know stuff is in production; it’ll get here when it gets here. Thanks for the heads up on it’s start date.
  5. Excellent. I only hope mine turn out that good.
  6. As I bought mini’s primarily for playing D&D, I will be keeping to the traditional colors, but as I got three of each of those (save the white; only 2 of him), I will play around with different hues and skin patterns. For example, I plan to paint up one of the Aganzarax models using a lot of Coal Black, rather than in flat blacks and dark grays. One shadow dragon will be washed/inked & drybrushed, one probably just washed, and one I’ll attempt a transition to solid, like others have mentioned.
  7. There was a great one in the Bones 5 Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen encounter. Should hit retail sometime around 2023.
  8. Was able to swing upping to the next pledge tier. Lots of glacial pieces and pine trees. I was planning to get the ruins set, but then I read the details that they are mostly hardboard. Mantic Terrain Crate has similar, but smaller pieces that are plastic, and I’d rather have that level of durability. So I just got an extra pine tree set instead. The Pledge Manager closes in 8 days.
  9. Placed my final order in the PM. Bases and paint sets. I have a large number of Heroclix mini’s to rebase for D&D, so I got a sizable number of the bases, but didn’t max any of them out.
  10. Vatanis is such a great miniature. My cousin currently uses one for his Hellbred character. I’ve not noticed him toppling over much, but ours is the Bones version, not pewter. The washer is a good option, I think. I’m curious to see what sculpting you do on the base. Maybe put some basing details on it? A skull from a Citadel Skulls box or something?
  11. Awesome paint job. I’ve not ever gotten this one because the pics on the website make it extremely difficult to see the details of his face. Your paint job displays it very well.
  12. Enough to “dampen” the whole amount of baking soda with the cyanoacrylate. I usually sprinkle the soda on the glue; IIRC, the glue doesn’t flow into the soda at all, because as soon as the liquid surface touches the soda, it hardens. Basically just put on your glue, place the piece, then sprinkle on the baking soda. Just dump it on, and the cyanoacrylate will be the limiting reagent. After the reaction stops (it does take ~15 seconds to fully cure all the way through), you can just brush off the unreacted baking soda with a makeup brush or whatever. Both ingredients are cheap enough, it would be easy to experiment a bit with popsicle sticks, or something similar, to get a better idea of amounts to shoot for. The compound it creates is workable with files and sanding sticks, so if you end up with a glob of crusted CA glue, you can remove it or refine it easily.
  13. Same, and same. Boat means sea campaign. The boat even got me to buy the magazines to run the Savage Tide AP.
  14. Dark Depths is turned off in the pledge manager.
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