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  1. Only 3 days left in their Vol. 2 campaign, and I still haven’t gotten a shipping notification for the first campaign’s rewards. There’s only two or three models I really want from Vol. 2 (to my knowledge, this is the first time a Gibberling miniature has ever been made), and NLM refuses to confirm whether or not mini's will be able to be purchased ala carte. If they’d acknowledge that, I’d back for $10 to access the PM…
  2. I went heavier on the swamps than either forests or Land of Giants (3 sets vs. 2 each), but that’s largely because I’m already heavily invested in Monster Fight Club scenery, which has similar rock formations, and trees. If I didn’t have a bunch of MFC, I would have gotten a lot more forest sets. As it is, I liked the little ship, and the hummocks of land to populate a swamp scene. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. In theory the pledge manager might be closing within the next few hours. Broken Anvil’s radio silence the last two months has not inspired a lot of confidence. It might even beat Reaper for lack of kickstarter communication.
  4. I wish they would answer how big those craters are.
  5. I’m not sure why, but I was expecting the Highland Hut to be bigger than the Renedra Viking House. The D&L one is just dry-fit, but I’m fairly certain it will be more “solid” than the Renedra model once it’s glued; for one thing, it’s made of more-rigid plastic. Even so, I like the Renedra one better. Finer detail, better seam-hiding (thatch ridge cap), better mould lines & clean up. I’ll end up with more of the High Huts, though. Painted up, they’ll make a nice village.
  6. FedEx misdelivered my first D&L4 package today. 😭 Delivery confirmation photo shows some other porch that I don’t recognize. 😭
  7. Not my photos, from a Facebook post. He included Reaper, Frostgrave, and Red Box Games miniatures for comparison. The Reaper mini on the left is from the Bones 5 Henchmen set. The metal mini’s are RBG.
  8. Someone in the KS comments mentioned posting pics to a NLM non-official fan page on Facebook. He made no effort to to take in-focus pictures or light things well, so I only cherry-picked photos that were decent. You can go find the page to see more photos. Teeny troll. I love trolls, of all sizes (yay Half-Troll template!), so I’ll find a great use for these, but it’s definitely not what I was expecting. Tiny ogre. Maybe his name is Ogre Dinklage. Bugbear looks serviceable. Are you kidding? A weird 5e PC-size Minotaur?
  9. I live in the same state as NLM, and haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet (not saying I should be further up the queue, just that international, if after domestic… well, domestic isn’t finished).
  10. Yeah, it sounds like a lot of the non-human races will work fine with other ranges. Have I seen a direct comparison pic of the NLM orc? It seems it will work well; at least seems much larger than the puny human mini’s. It’s the human mini's that are so obviously egregious, at least from what I’ve seen so far (I’m still waiting…)
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