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  1. Someone did ask early in the campaign (day 1?), and I’m pretty sure they confirmed it is SioCast.
  2. It would be interesting to collect all the “future project” renders they’ve showed off. I remember a Nightmare, and vaguely recall some humanoids of some sort that have been shown off on Reaper Live, maybe six months ago.
  3. Yes, that is the implication with the dragon. The lighthouse is just messing with the twitch commenters (they have been pushing some ludicrous request for Bones 6, of a model of a whale with a lighthouse on its head.)
  4. Bones 6 was officially announced on Reaper Live tonight. Sometime in 2022. https://clips.twitch.tv/KindRespectfulBottleFutureMan-BsZqbnQJyerclNY2
  5. Got my shipping notification on Monday. Tracking hasn’t updated at all, though, matching reports from others that it can take several days to move once you get the tracking number.
  6. I think the 10 hour figure was purely for the sake of experiment/comparison. Miniac often does busts and 75mm display pieces, so spending hours on a single figure is within his wheelhouse (though I think even he acknowledged the ridiculousness of spending 10 hours on a 28mm figure).
  7. I believe so. I’m only personally familiar with them from the recent retail side, though.
  8. The creator has stated in the comments that the various miniatures will be available ala cart in the PM. Possibly single, possibly in small groups (3? 5?), and hopefully for ~$1-$2 per mini; the details have not yet been solidified.
  9. They look great! I’m so happy GF9 started selling these models on their own. I got my Alien Queen, but I’m still waiting on my preordered Alien warriors to show up.
  10. I’ve been rewatching Fringe on Prime/iMDB. Man, I’d forgotten how good that show was. The Wheel of Time teaser dropped a few days ago. It looked pretty good; I’m cautiously optimistic that Prime will do a decent job with it. Can’t wait for November 19th.
  11. This doesn’t directly answer your question, as the Bones 5 dragons are all larger than what you are looking for in this instance, but this post on the Reaper Facebook elicited a lot of comparison shots between Reaper and WizKids/D&D dragon mini’s. https://m.facebook.com/groups/40821538884/permalink/10159867607928885/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment_mention
  12. I’ve contemplated doing something similar, for the same reason. Just wish there was an easy way of giving them some oversized weapons (a trait they often have in D&D). Don’t want to waste my limited Bones 3 weapon sprues on them.
  13. This is fantastic. I love the classic color scheme for your paint job. It really pulls off the look of an amalgamation of bull and human skin.
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