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  1. Anybody know if that 31mm measurement is from the tabletop, or from the top of their base?
  2. Awesome. Thank you! Sorry for the strong phrasing. In the moment I was a touch hot under the collar. My apologies. I know several folks who will be quite happy about the 3” Goroloth, myself included. Thanks again. You guys really are awesome.
  3. @Reaper_Jon when you get a chance, can we get a picture of the new Bones 5 Goroloth on a 1" gridded cutting mat or something? I was hunting down pics to show someone on another forum the scale of the new Goroloth (which was advertised as being on a 3" base) and now I have concerns that there has been a bait-and-switch on the size of this mini. There is a picture in the Pledge Manager that has Sir Forscale, but the image has been manipulated to remove the background, and I'm not 100% sure that Garrick the bold was actually in the picture, showing scale, or was photoshopped in later (and thus the apparent scale is off). Here is the Kickstarter stretch goal listing, clearly labeling the Goroloth as being on a 3" base... But here is the picture from the pledge manager, overlaid on my own picture of Garrick the Bold on a 1" gridded play mat. I scaled the Garricks to the same size as best I could. Has the Bones 5 Goroloth been shrunk to a 2" base? I really hope you haven't deceived us on its size. I was just about to put in an order for several more, now that the new D&D set's is only on a 2" base.
  4. Ah, my eye was looking for “Blood & Plunder,” and not seeing it, I made a thread. Thank you SamuraiJack for merging me to the right place.
  5. This 28mm pirate miniatures board game looks like a great deal, and a nice compliment to Reaper’s Brinewind stuff. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/firelockgames/blood-and-plunder-raise-the-black The $119 base game pledge level gets a 3’ x 3’ double sided game mat (I assume neoprene), one side with water, and the other a land motif, 26 plastic miniatures with weapon & head options, and two plastic pirate ships!! Plus several other game play bits (cards, dice, etc). Extra sloop sets are each a $39 add-on. I haven’t seen any official numbers on the size of the ships, but going off the picture of the game laid out on the 3’ x 3’ game mat, I’d estimate 10” - 12”? Edit: Skimmed through a video on the KS page interviewing the creators, and though things were still being finalized at the time of the interview, they stated that not counting the head rails or the bowsprit, the sloop is 10” long. i just learned of this KS, so don’t know a ton about it yet, but wanted to share the info. Right now it has 18 days to go in the campaign.
  6. Real rocks are more likely to scratch my vinyl game mat, and mar my wooden floor when one of my players inevitably drops one. And rocks the size of the large hill are too heavy for ease of use, and aren’t flat on the bottom. I haven’t fully made my mind up yet, but I am leaning toward more standing trees.
  7. I ended up backing this at the $180 level (plus a bit more, for planned add-on purchases). They also had a nice bundle going on in their retail site during the KS. A three-pack of terrain sets from their first KS (1 stony hills, one broken ground, 1 tree set [green foliage]) for $100 (normal retail $40 per set), plus they had free US shipping at $100 spent. The bundle is no longer listed in the site, but at last check (yesterday) the free shipping deal was still up. Getting it was a bit of an impulse purchase, but whatever, it’s here now. I plan to get frosted ice hills and broken ground ice boulders from this new KS, since I can’t make transparent ice hills from XPS foam. Also one or two sets of green (non-snowy) pine trees. I was planning to get a full set of the fallen pines (note the free one with every shipment is half as many pieces, and generally unpainted), so I could have lots of fallen tree terrain, but someone on another message board reminded me there is a whole world of free sticks outside... Some care in choosing the right type of stick should keep it from shedding on my game table, etc. Could also coat them in Mod Podge. So, yeah, mostly going for stuff I couldn’t replicate well on my own (transparent terrain, and trees that don’t shed flock all over my table).
  8. Finally pictures of the trebuchet, with Sir Garrick the Bold. Ron noted that the trebuchet comes with 5 shields (you see them mounted on the side, there). The shields are separate pieces, and you can mount them anywhere you wish. Those would be interesting to mount with neodymium magnets, so you could swap out heraldic shield designs that you paint on them. The shields seem a bit too large in comparison to Sir Forscale, but I know he runs a little small in comparison to many of Reaper’s human figures. Could be fodder for kit-bashing a shield onto another mini. I do have to say that the render did not do the trebuchet justice. I had curtailed my planned trebuchet purchases in favor of more ballistae. I will have to order a few more trebuchets, now.
  9. Subject to availability of reagents, canceled product numbers of Reaper paints can now be special ordered in a small batch, 10 bottles for $50. Discussed tonight on Reaper Live: https://clips.twitch.tv/GleamingCulturedLapwingTF2John I'm sure Reaper will have more official info posted somewhere, but I thought some might find this interesting.
  10. Stumbling around mumbling to yourself, but getting things right, regardless?
  11. Wow, those are tiny. I realize D&D mini’s haven’t ever been consistent in their scales, even among the same product line, but those would have a hard time fitting in.
  12. Blandco (YouTube channel) just posted about the Mantic Kings of War Vanguard Northern Alliance war band packs. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4E-IoMHQ-9c He got a set with some Yetis and Huscarls, as well as the clansmen. His set can be found on Amazon right now for $38. I just ordered the 20 clansmen unit for $28 from Amazon. (Both prices from US Amazon; if you are in Britain, you can order straight from Mantic without insane shipping costs). Here are a couple screenshots from Blandco’s video, showing scale. He appears to have based the humans on something slightly larger than 25mm bases. D&D mini’s, both pre-painted and Nolzur’s (I think). Reaper, Paizo/WizKids, Mantic, WotC/WizKids x2. This is next to a Free Folk Raider mini from the CMON Song of Ice and Fire game, which is another option you could look into (though it’s 13 mini’s vs. 20, which either set is $28). The Victrix Vikings intrigue me. Could you post a picture with one next to a WizKids D&D mini, or Reaper’s Garrick the Bold?
  13. My cousin came over to paint a Bones mini I had laying around to be his new (temporary?) character, as he was slain at the end of the last session. I decided to pull out the Nolzur’s Grick pack to paint something easy while half entertaining him. I just used two colors so far, Vallejo Green Brown for the belly and sucker “underside” of its face tentacles, and Reaper Troll Hide, both thinned 1:1 with Vallejo Thinner Medium, and a damp brush. Both colors went onto the smaller Grick like butter, and produced a wonderfully highlighted and shaded effect on their own. Sadly I got interrupted by life, and the paint was drying well out by the time I got back (I had put my palette in a ziplock bag, but still...) so I just used the VMC Green Brown that remained to touch up the smaller one, and start on the large one. I also mixed up a small bit of the Troll Hide again, to touch up a few remaining spots on the smaller aberration. But I’m beat, so enough painting for tonight. Going forward I plan to do the beak with Reaper Coal Black, which I’ve not had opportunity to make use of, yet. Plus I’ll put some Citadel Screamer Pink in for the mucosa of the mouth. Since the paint was acting so wonderfully as a wash, any spots I had to touch back up that resulted in darker splotches, I just mirrored on the opposite side, making that part of his skin pattern. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out, and it was ridiculously easy for a great tabletop standard. I need to do more monsters like this.
  14. I was going to give you a YouTube link, but it appears they forgot to upload episode 33. In fact, I can’t find it on Twitch, either.
  15. I ended up having to use the color blocked mini in my game last week. Even unfinished, my players thought it was disgusting. We had to call it for the night just a couple rounds into the fight, so he will still make an appearance next week. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to give layering a try. Though it is a fairly basic technique, this is the first time I’ve really purposefully used it. And I used it a lot. I’m a relatively slow painter, so this represents about 5 hours of work (though admittedly the last hour of it was me trying to fix a problem I introduced by trying to layer a flesh shade over the transition point of the lower back). First I used Vallejo Model Color Green Brown, Khaki, Flat Green, and a bit of Ochre Brown to do the transition from the tail to the Ochre Brown torso. Happy with that, I pretty much covered the whole Ochre Brown torso with VMC Medium Flesh Tone. Then I started layering on the protruding muscles and edges of skin flaps, first with two different ratio mixes of Medium Flesh Tone and VMC Dark Flesh, and then with a mix of Dark Flesh and VMC Basic Skin Tone. The muscles have really started to pop, but unfortunately it doesn’t show up very well on camera. I’m pretty happy with my progress thus far. He’s still not up to the level of Caucasian flesh tone I want, so I’ve still got more layering to do. First with straight Vallejo Model Color Basic Flesh Tone, then I’ll probably take it further with one of my Reaper triads, either Tanned Skin or Fair Skin. I’m terrible at thinning my paint to a good workable amount; I always end up too watery, etc. So today I decided to try something new. Rather than just thinning with water, I thinned with both water and Vallejo Thinner Medium, basically at a 1:1:1 ratio (paint:thinner:water). It worked pretty well. Definitely going to use that crutch more in the future.
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