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  1. This looks amazing. I bought an extra Shavynra in 5.5 to turn into a wingless drake, and I may just have to keep this paint scheme in mind...
  2. It appears Reaper doesn’t make 20mm slotta bases. This would be a nice addition for metal mini’s of goblins and halflings, etc. I will fully admit that this next base desire has limited retail marketability, but I’d love some 12mm RPG (straight edged) round bases. These equate to D&D Tiny size. The old DDM line had mini’s that came on bases this size (such as the Angelfire imp), and I’d like to rebase a few things on similarly-sized bases. But it seems no one really makes any.
  3. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Put the arcane circle in the boiling water for 60 seconds or so (make sure it heats all the way through; it’s relatively thin, so shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes at most). Have a large container that will fit a small cutting board, and fill it with ice water. Remove the mini from the boiling water, lay flat on a stiff cutting board large enough to accommodate its size, and dunk the mini and cutting board in the ice water while holding the arcane circle flat against the cutting board. Let it sit in the ice water for several minutes. Boiling wat
  4. Well, I’m now $93 poorer. Future Merry Christmas to me, I guess. 😜
  5. Pretty sure someone found pictures and pasted them to the appropriate thread at minisgallery.com
  6. Got the bulk of my shipment today. Three mini’s weren’t in there (2 models; 2 of one and 1 of another), but were noted on the packing slip that they’d be sent once they arrive in house. There was a tracking number on the package, but I got no notification of the package having been shipped. It was just a nice surprise in my mailbox today. The mini’s look great. I need to get some metal painting under my belt before I attempt to tackle any of these now-irreplaceable sculpts. 😁
  7. There’s the Landlubber’s Guide to Brinewind, which was a 48-page book for 2020 ReaperCon. It has been sold out for a year. You’ll basically have to search eBay and the like, because it was a one-time print run for the 2020 “convention”.
  8. I’ve wanted sitting mini’s for a while. I’ll check this out when it launches. I've never purchased an dwarven forge products. Are these likely to be some sort of plastic? Or will these be resin?
  9. Me too. Definitely sliding toward dropping my pledge, entirely because of the base size issue.
  10. Nicely done. I had no idea this guy was so out of scale; I had been thinking of picking him up. Your conversion and added bits look great.
  11. A week ago Reaper announced that the Base Boss KS would be happening in October. No exact date has been given, but it should launch sometime this month.
  12. Nice! Where is the model from?
  13. Gulp, Bonesylvanian; SKU: 01576 Deep One baby. Need those in droves...
  14. I’m not a fan of chibi mini’s, but in the case of Gulp, it looks appropriate (for a baby Deep One). I’m tempted to get a few of that one. Bummer they are as expensive as they are.
  15. No, and they stated at the time they added the Bones 4 items that they wouldn’t be adding anything else.
  16. It sounds like you backed one of their previous KS? If so, take note of the lower-cost pledge options for previous backers, where you don’t get (or get less?) duplicates of things you’ve already gotten from previous campaigns.
  17. I’ll back it tomorrow to get in on the 72-hour early bird pledge, then decide in the coming weeks if I’ll stick with it or not.
  18. Edit: Drat, I’m blind. I looked to see if there was already a thread on this, but I’m blind, apparently. Mods, feel free to lock or delete. Just saw this newly launched (about 8 hours ago) KS pop up as a recommended campaign at the bottom of the page of another campaign. It does have a 72-hour early bird mini (early bird pledge has 64 hours to go at the time of posting). I don’t know much about it yet (what type of plastic?), aside from it being a Spanish company, who have created 7 campaigns; from the reduced-cost tiers (only available to backers of previous campaigns) it seems
  19. Yeah, I can’t remember exactly what that sculpt was supposed to be. I think a wolf cub? It is oddly sort of in between a wolf cub and a... lion cub? For whatever reason, this one never registers as to what it’s supposed to be, for me.
  20. How else are you going to perform ship-to-ship boarding actions?
  21. Possibly a demolding agent. I recommend washing your mini’s before assembly/painting. Official advice is to not use any spray primer on any version of Bones. Some people have had luck, primarily with Citadel or Army Painter spray. The variables are too numerous to really pin down why it works for some and not others, but temperature and humidity are possibly part of it. The chemical accelerants have a chemical reaction with the hardeners in the PVC plastic. My two instances of using spray varnish on Bones mini’s resulted in them ending up sticky. Now I have an airbrush.
  22. Yep, still waiting. Based on last week’s update, I think every region has finished shipping out, except North America. They’re still waiting on 4 containers to be delivered to QLM.
  23. Got my shipment today. Everything looks great. I can’t wait to paint the mine & cavern terrain. Now to figure out a storage solution for all those awesome washes.
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