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  1. This issue was brought up in the KS comments in the last few days. Here was a reply to that. Another replier noted that in January 2021, Blacklist sold off the excess stock of AltarQuest on their website. It sucks, but this is why it’s important to keep on top of updates from kickstarters (and I know how hard that can be, believe me). It’s important to address omissions like this ASAP, while there is still stock available to fix it.
  2. Dang. Just had to go order the last copy of a just-discontinued unit I’d been eyeing at pippd. Glad I saw this thread.
  3. According to the comments, this is not accurate. Yes, the page where you add another set shows $86 or $81 shipping, but once you add it and click to the next few pages, supposedly the added shipping cost for the extra set drops to $31.
  4. You're thinking of Fantasy Series 2. This isn’t that KS.
  5. Can’t wait to get this travesty finished. Shipping should start approximately 7 weeks from today. Do all your friends a solid, and if they backed this, double check that they have seen the update. The next 21 days is the only opportunity they’ll have to pay shipping and get these fulfilled.
  6. SKU 03718: Ghost Bride Please do this in the aqua colored translucent that works so great for the wraiths and ghosts, etc.
  7. Shouldn't be that long. Less than 2 days for me, earlier this week, twice. I would contact them again.
  8. Does anyone have a screenshot or other reference for the 5.5 prices of the Bones 4 products in the 5.5 PM? I found a listing of Bones 5 product pricing in 5.5 posted by one of the mods on page 873 of the Bones 5 thread, but it was posted before the Bones 4 stuff was added to the PM.
  9. So I’m broccoli outta luck. No ghost pirate ship for me. Reaper won’t be delivering 4 items I ordered, including the GitD pirate ship. That’s $188 of my money (plus shipping) that they used as an interest-free loan for over a year. “I can issue store credit in the amount you paid for our regular website or to go towards Bones 6.”
  10. Agreed. I mentally gave up on this a year ago. A longer wait doesn’t impact me much at all. It’ll come when/if it comes.
  11. I saw this explained well somewhere. I’m sure I’m not doing it justice in my relaying of the info. Basically, QML can’t just accept the product ownership and deliver it without opening themselves to massive potential legal and tax liabilities. Basically they would need to create a separate LLC to take ownership, and file some tax paperwork to avoid owing massive taxes on the value of the product. Doing all that takes time (I’m sure there are several types of lawyers involved, too; contract, tax, etc.) Lawyers mean more time.
  12. So, just as I feared, having received only one tracking number, Reaper failed to send my GitD pirate ship at the same time as the other items. Also, four other items were left out of the box I did receive. Already emailed the help email, but I fear the answers I’ll receive. There are folks on FB reporting being told ‘too bad’ as Reaper has run out of some items, including one of the items I didn’t receive.
  13. I got a notification yesterday; supposed to arrive today. I have a ship plus several other items, but only got one tracking number. Guess we’ll see later today. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  14. Someone on Facebook (?) reported getting their ship a few days ago.
  15. Fantastic. I’m painting up an army of these Beastmen currently. I’m curious what your color list was for the fur and skin tone?
  16. My mini's from the previous KS showed up, so I joined in on this one. Today's update had some shots of the metal masters.
  17. You would have been emailed each time you placed an order, with an order number and a list of what you ordered. Remember that you had to use a different email address for 5.5 than you did for Bones 5. Logging into the PM should also allow you to see your order history (though a few have been reporting glitches on the PM site earlier this week, which was preventing them from seeing their order history page).
  18. “Inspired by the need for casualty/field marker miniatures, particularly for Saga wargames, we have diverted a wee bit and thrown our energies into this 'Field of Battle' set.” Dark age casualties/fatigue markers We have, 16 dead or dying dark age miniatures. Ravens/Crows Next up is a set of 16 raven/crow fatigue markers/scenic scatter. Viking Helmet fatigue markers A set of 12 Dark age helmets including, Vendel, Coppergate, Gjermundbu, Olmutz, and Wenceslas types. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ragnarokminiatures/ragnarok-4-field-of-battle/description It seems to be a great deal. Only £39 shipped to the USA. It’s supposed to be their 4th KS, though it is only the second one listed on the creator’s account. (Upon looking further, it seems his daughter was technically the one running the other two campaigns, freeing him up to just work on the sculpting.) Anybody dealt with this creator before?
  19. I really want to support this, but I still have not received anything from his previous KS.
  20. My repainted Ice Wilds foliage showed up yesterday. They did touch up just about everything I sent back. Instead of touching up the one set of deciduous foliage I’d sent, they plucked out a set of three from a retail package and sent those to me instead (I can tell from a photo of what I’d sent that they are not the same); honestly the replacement ones are painted about the same as the ones I’d sent in. That’s disappointing, but they do all have all the expected paint steps, just not applied as well as I was expecting based on my previous purchases. Everything else is better-painted than it was when I sent it out. Maybe not always quite to the level of older product I own, but definitely better than it was, and overall to an acceptable standard. In a few instances, the coverage still isn’t that great, as they basically applied a 20% drybrush highlight over 25% overbrush coverage; I would have expected them to increase the lacking overbrush before doing the second layer drybrush on top, but oh well. Compare this to the before photo higher up this page: Repainted Ice Wilds product on left; old product on right: Repainted autumn bushes vs. autumn tree canopy. Touched up evergreen pines: I’m definitely still a fan of MFC, and will be purchasing from them again in the future.
  21. That’s why it’s always better to get what you want in the KS, and sell the parts you don’t want.
  22. The dollar and the euro are at parity today. I may have been weak and purchased a bunch of Kazumi Temple sets. And tanks/mammoth walkers.
  23. Yes. They are sorting now. Probably start sending out shipments end of next week.
  24. Same. Still a great deal at $105 + original shipping costs.
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