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    Newbie paint selection - and some prep questions

    Cool! Super glad you told me about the KS, I didn't know they'd have paint sets as rewards! I'm going to be ordering the second LTPK direct from Reaper, since I'm having trouble finding it for a reasonable price in Canada, somehow. So I'll look into filling out those triads or grabbing a few figures that aren't at my FLGS. Actually, that reminds me of one more question I had; what's other Canadians' experience with the free shipping option? Is it still worth it, with the lack of tracking, or would it make more sense to order less and pay for shipping with tracking? Thanks again for all the great advice!
  2. So like a lot of you, I'm building my paint sets by starting with the wonderful Learn to Paint kits, and wanna figure out what others to get to have a good base set of paints to work from. I'm really liking the look of the dungeon dwellers monster set since I'm starting off on orcs and lizards and frogs and other fun swamp beasties. I've got AP washes in dark and strong tone, and Vallejo white brush-on primer and thinner medium, and was wondering if the clear triads would be a good idea to have, to mix colors I don't have? Or would there be specific paints that would serve better? The liner triad for that good good brown liner prime? A skin tone set? A metal or NMM triad? Or should I avoid MSP paints and get Bones paints instead? I want to avoid going overboard on paints I won't use. I've got a few other newbie questions that I've only managed to find semi answers for. The consensus is that a liner is the best prime for Bones? I've been brushing on Vallejo white prime, but I'm feeling it's coming on too chunky, and I know I can't water it down cause of the plastic's hydrophobic properties. I've read through the First Coat thread but figured it couldn't hurt to double check. The next big headache I've been having is with mold lines. I've been taking a knife to them but they show up again after I put that first layer of primer on. I've had to cut a bit into the plastic under the line to get rid of it entirely and that takes off detail in highly textured areas. These pics show both the line and the primer issues. (Sorry about the poor lighting, I need to get a better light set up for taking pics in) Thanks @Wren for the great kits and the forum as a whole for a whole lot of great info!