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  1. Skeletons and Hellhounds and Procrastination, Oh My! Been trying to work out a good way to do weathered bone. Tried a couple of variations here, but can't seem to get the dry brush technique to come out right. The bone white plus dark wash combo works pretty nice on these small fry, but I'm worried that it won't work well on the big boy looming in the back. Does anyone have advice on getting dry brushing to not look so chalky? Or should I do the big one with more traditional layering for shading and highlights? I'm excited to do a WIP step by step for it, as I learn new
  2. They really are really awesome. I placed my order on the last day of October and the ghoulie bag wasn't available any more; but I put a note on the order asking if they were still available and they dug one up and left me a very nice note.
  3. - Aarakokra/Birdfolk - Varying ethnicities Would love love love love aarakokra/bird ppl that aren't kenku/ravens. This is a race I haven't been able to find, apart from tons of ravens and maybe one eagle somewhere. Would also love more variation in the Hero minis. Differing hair types or facial structures would be delightful. While I'd love to see, say, hijabi paladins or dwarves in turbans, I get that wouldn't have enough of a market to justify. But cornrows or textured hair seems innocuous enough, or something along those lines?
  4. I used Army Painter's Strong/Dark Tones on those, are those known to be shiny? I didn't know that about the finishes. I'm trying brush-on for primers and finishes, so got the Vallejo bottle. I'll look around for flat brush on finishes. And I'll try not to use floor varnish on my minis, I guess.
  5. Oh man, this is FANTASTIC. I adore the very hyperreal colourfulness; it makes me think of pet turtles and fancy lizards. I wanna put him in a terrarium and feed him crickets.
  6. Hey! So I've been putting paint to minis for about two months, and I've yet to finish one up satisfactorily. So I thought I'd come here and ask y'all for some C&C for a struggling newbie. The Tiefling is an NPC baddie for my DM, and I'm struggling trying to get more detail on his face. I tried adding highlights to his t-zone to make it less flat but getting detail in such a tiny space is driving me mad. I'm also not happy with the highlights on the tail. How do ppl do faces on minis without much detail to the sculpt? I've been struggling with transition
  7. Cool! Super glad you told me about the KS, I didn't know they'd have paint sets as rewards! I'm going to be ordering the second LTPK direct from Reaper, since I'm having trouble finding it for a reasonable price in Canada, somehow. So I'll look into filling out those triads or grabbing a few figures that aren't at my FLGS. Actually, that reminds me of one more question I had; what's other Canadians' experience with the free shipping option? Is it still worth it, with the lack of tracking, or would it make more sense to order less and pay for shipping with tracking? Thank
  8. So like a lot of you, I'm building my paint sets by starting with the wonderful Learn to Paint kits, and wanna figure out what others to get to have a good base set of paints to work from. I'm really liking the look of the dungeon dwellers monster set since I'm starting off on orcs and lizards and frogs and other fun swamp beasties. I've got AP washes in dark and strong tone, and Vallejo white brush-on primer and thinner medium, and was wondering if the clear triads would be a good idea to have, to mix colors I don't have? Or would there be specific paints that would serve better?
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